Dream Rave: Sleep and dreams in the system Design Human

Continuing the theme of Human Design, which we began in the article "System Design of a Person as the art of being Yourself", today disclosed the concept of the dream rave Design person.

Dream Rave mechanics of sleep, which is a separate area of knowledge in the system of Human Design. Here we do a deep dive into understanding the mechanics of sleep, which sheds light on the chaos that humanity has amassed about what is SLEEP and DREAMS. This information is not just interesting, but also practical. To understand the Map, the dream of Rave is to understand why You sleep well or bad, why You have nightmares, or, on the contrary why you have such beautiful dreams that I Wake up, You don't want to go back to reality.

When someone's energy fills in any open place, whether it's a center, whether it's channel, whether it is gates, this someone energy immediately creates a chemical process in your body, since it receives information from another person, and in this moment you stand in your open places what is the other person. You live your whole life, moving from person to person. And if you don't know its mechanics, I don't know how to move correctly in accordance with the laws of your body, then you have no choice – you will move beacause under the influence of the information, which came from the bodies of other people.

We know that such a thing exists when we are awake, and universal is the result of conditioning, but at the moment when we fall asleep, is the most important thing.

When we fall asleep, begins to work is "special" programming on that, waking up, we walked (like a rabbit in the jaws of a boa constrictor) in dependence and homogenization.

How this program works, how deep the rabbit hole goes.

His knowledge about what happens during sleep, we are obliged to Hans Berger. This famous German neurosurgeon and neurophysiologist who was a pioneer of the so-called alpha rhythm in the electrical activity of the brain in the waking state. Hans Berger was the first to prove that the human brain emits electric waves, and created the first electroencephalograph, which was able to register a real view of the electrical activity of the brain.

Nathaniel Clayton in the mid 50‐ies has revealed two main phases of sleep. His discovery was the result of two things. On the one hand, he explored the brain and its electrical activity, on the other hand, observations of sleeping people suddenly interested in the fact that they are in the sleep phase of rapid eye movements under closed eyelids.

Human design considering the mechanism of sleep and what, in fact, there is a dream.

As we have seen, science has a certain, rather limited tools for the study of dreams, but still don't have the slightest idea about what dreams are. Of course, it is obvious that sleep is necessary for recuperation.

And as if the scholars interpreted what it is to dream, anyway, but everything in nature is asleep. Even plants sleep, and when night comes, all sleep. When we are dealing with people, it's a completely different phenomenon. We differ from the rest of nature by the presence of semireflective of consciousness, presence of mind, so the mechanism of sleep in humans is quite different.

Of course, in mammals, scientists found brain activity, which suggests that higher animals do have dreams. There is speculation that they can't see color dreams. But all this remains at the level of speculation. But people sleep is a very special purpose.

Dream rave dream connects with the phenomenon of programming people with the neutrino fluxes and the fact that in the dream, we returned to our mammal (animal) condition.

Programming streams of neutrinos is performed in the waking state, and when the working mechanics of our waking Rave.

In the dream Bodygraph (programming) also remains, but it is changing.

This is our ordinary Human design. What distinguishes us from the rest of nature, – there are nine centers. Our Bodygraph describes a very complex power structure, where energy is moving in different directions. And in the waking state we are programmed by the neutrino fluxes at the top. Vertically. The Head centre is the so-called Crystal Personality that filters the neutrino fluxes as follows: one neutrino at a time. With breakneck speed, but, nevertheless, only one neutrino is ignored for once. The specific orientation is that in the waking state we are programmed vertically, i.e. from top to bottom.

Other life forms too are programmed the neutrino fluxes, but in a very different way.

Mammals are different from us in that they are programmed by the neutrino fluxes from the right side, that is, it is happening horizontally. People, vertical, mammals horizontally.

When we fall asleep, we return to our design mammals, as in our DNA recorded this information. Human DNA contains information about the design of all living forms. During sleep we fall into a very ancient condition, in a very ancient consciousness and essentially become mammals. It is also associated with the fact that we sleep in a horizontal position, i.e., we begin to get across – like animals. Not for nothing that the kings of France were obliged to sleep sitting, as most of the higher caste, and thus do not fall under a horizontal(animal) programming in my sleep.

Sleep is intended for programming.

Sleep is designed for conditioning, because in dreams we are deprived of Strategy and Authority.

In sleep we are unconscious. In the dream, we have a mind that might have something to monitor and sift through information: it fits me, it is not suitable.

If you try to anthropomorphisizing the program, all of these forces, which are simply mechanical and do not have the consciousness that people have, we can say that the program has no problems with the programming of all life forms except man.

Therefore, the program needed a dream when you can turn off your mind and this unconscious lay in all of us that she wants to lay. Moreover, when we Wake up, the program gives us such "toys" in the form of trying to interpret these dreams. Whether the so-called esoteric methods or modern scientific methods of interpretation of dreams, psychoanalysis, in any case, it serves the purposes of the program.

Dream Rave analysis is based, primarily, on understanding the mechanics of how it affects the waking Rave, as it determines our behavior in the waking state.

Human design focuses not on the mystical things, which, of course, inherent in the nature of sleep.

Human design does not deny the possibility of obtaining really valuable and true information through dreams. But the focus completely shifted to the importance of considering this information in the context of the impact that it has on us when we are awake.

What impact does this have on our mind?

Regardless of what you are going through a dream, do you see vivid dreams, remember them or don't remember (there are people who claim they don't dream at all), all this does not matter. Through the matrix we can see that the program gives you in this unconscious state, and what impact this will have when you Wake up, because these programs remain.

RA gave a hint that the program is particularly concerned to determine in the dream it is those people, in the design of the sleep which a lot of activations, because they have the potential of awakening.

Those who have a lot of activations, so confusing in this life, that they she can not particularly worry.

There is a certain hierarchy of conditioning the mind — the False self, but a matrix of sleep can shift the focus to an unexpected area, which most analysts are just not paying attention.

Especially when there is a new certainty in my sleep or, conversely, disappear something in your waking Rave.

In our waking Rave there are 64 codons, and only 15 in the matrix of the dream. This means that everything that happens to us in a dream, everything we experience can only happen here in those 15 gates.

In addition, there is also a transit program that is having an impact, it is also interesting to track. You get information through what is activated in your matrix sleep is an individual predisposition in the dream to rave you can learn accounting from a specialist Design Person your personal Design.

Whenever we Wake up, in the moment of awakening in a fraction of a second our mind rekonstruiruet Maya, that is, it recovers the world of illusion in which we live. Because sleep and wakefulness is a completely different condition.

In the dream, we are experiencing a very ancient form, rooted in the millennial past. No, millions, hundreds of millions of years ago when mammals appeared, because we have in mind that this program is mammals. It's such a deep connection with the first mammals at the dawn of time. And when we Wake up, we have the illusion of civility, education, advancement, though under the surface there are all these deep programs.

Our mind tries to interpret what we saw in the dream, though, in fact, a huge amount of information is lost. And a huge amount of information our mind can interpret.

When we will pass on areas, you will meet with such things, where there are no opportunities for direct interpretation. Only the Earth plane can be interpreted one by one. And then only in a sense. This is because the information we receive in dreams, has to pass by Kononovym relations, because the gate 15 of our matrix of dream bound by Kononovym groups with other gates of Bodygraph who are not involved in programming during sleep.

It is known that in the waking state we are caused by two ways. One way – transit of planets, transit program, which is constantly changing. This planetary weather, which affects all of humanity. Another, the conditioning occurs on the auric level, that is, of auras of other people

or auras transpersonal forms.

In the Wake there are two kinds of conditioning.

In the dream, we are dictated by three different regions, with the exception of those cases when we sleep with someone in a shared aura. Because that's where things become more complicated.

In addition, we get a program that then will condition our mind in the waking state, even from the person who sleeps next to us.

These two programs overlap, and then upon awakening us doubly difficult to live our design. Because, in addition to its programme, we programmed the program of our neighbor or our partner or our child or our Pets.

This is also a very important point, because the animals bring their own aspects and activation. Most of the animals – Reflectors, but they certainly have some specific goal. When the cat comes and lays with you in bed or next to the bed, he can make you a Generator and you can very badly to sleep.

Transit is such an important moment. In the Wake of transits field is experienced consciously only.

As for the gate unconscious, they always experienced unconsciously, if the gate be harmonious in transit. But the transits always experienced consciously in the waking state and in sleep state, it always is experienced unconsciously.

We think we dream when we sleep. But in sleep we do not experience because of our mind. At the moment when we Wake up, go chemical reactions that bring us back from the dream to the waking Rave the Rave.

This does not mean that we adopt a vertical position immediately, because our mind is switched on before we get up. We exit the stage of sleep, and our Crystal of the Individual begins in a completely different way to filter information field of the neutrino. And very fast transfer of chemicals, which we experienced in a dream.

That is, the body was allocated a certain chemistry that is associated with the fact that we have experienced in the dream. And this chemistry very quickly gets into our mind, which begins to see some pictures. First, he sees these pictures, and then trying to interpret them.

Because Maya is very quickly restored, we have the illusion that we were sleeping and in a dream saw these dreams. Yes and no – because the mind was not, was not aware of. And our semireflective consciousness sits right in the mind.

Moreover. Some of the aspects that are conscious in your dream, come from the program of the Individual. Our fundamental difference from mammals is that we are completely different get basic imprinting, basic program. People the program Identity and the program Design involve a rigid correlation 88°solar arc.

We get a Design program at a time when the Personality Crystal enters the body when the Sun is exactly over the arc of 88° to its position at birth. Is there a connection between these two programs is determined by the solar arc.

Mammals are a mixed type – not solar, and solar‐ lunar. The program of the Individual, they receive the same, as we, at the moment of birth, and this solar program. But the Design program they get a count of 88°, solar arc, lunar. A much smaller gap in time and space between these two States of space and, consequently, the resulting programs.

Therefore, by waking the Rave it is impossible to imagine what sleep Rave.

You can absolutely know that all aspects of the Personality will remain the same, but you absolutely cannot know what will come in the unconscious part, because there is a completely different calculation.

This means that there are aspects of our nature (because that's our nature, but our nature during sleep), which have nothing to do with our waking state. And there may be aspects (in most designs they are), when a part of the Personality remains in my sleep. But it's not a Person, it is only part of it.

This is the part of us that we are in the design called the Person.

That is, it is he who will experience a dream. When we Wake up, we are experiencing that here, I was somewhere, I saw something, I heard some information, I was hurt, I was beaten, I was being chased, I was flying – this is what I am Person.

People who do not have certain aspects of the Individual, will have a very unstable experience of the Person depending on transit programs. Those people, in whose design there are no more activations will totally depend on the program. That is, they are totally receptive to all that now are in the program.


Proper sleep

A very important practical point – proper sleep and proper training for it. Those are the basic things you know.

Proper sleep is sleep in his aura. A correct bedtime routine will be different in different Types.

Types open Sakralen have to leave early to relax and take a horizontal position, gradually to enter a state of dormancy so that their Sacral "calmed down", and then go to sleep. This is especially important for open Sacram, which in the dream, he becomes certain (there are such phenomena).

For Generators it is important to go to bed exhausted, that is, to develop their energy.

Manifest for Generators, the important point is to not fall asleep immediately, but some time is also lie. They need to modify the energy lying down. These are basic things that, in fact, have a drastic impact on the quality of our sleep. A little further we will speak also about the importance of proper nutrition, because nutrition affects sleep.

Night force

Night forces – those forces that we are programmed.

There are three different forces that we call the Earth plane, the Field of Light and the Realm of Demons.

It is interesting that programming forces are only the Field of Light and the Realm of Demons.

The earth plane is an element of homogenization, we received some programs.

Earth-Esoteric call it the astral plane. This information about what is happening in the world, which is stored in the noosphere. In fact, this information about those who are not asleep. Always one half of the planet is asleep, and the other is not. When the flow of neutrinos go through not sleeping half the planet and fly to the opposite side, at this point, information from not sleeping people is with the help of material particles of neutrinos through the bodies of sleeping people. And since sleeping is horizontal, in the condition mammals, it's programming them accordingly, the design of mammals.

The Light field — As mentioned, this programming on top, from Yang of Bundles of Crystals of the Individual. This is the principle of light, the principle of the spirit, the consciousness, the principle of Yang. This sixteen Individuals sixteen of the gods, and during sleep we literally come into contact with these gods, which, as discussed, are not in harmony with each other. In the Field of Light presents different perspectives of Personality development, development of consciousness, and here we get a programming task, which will be played in the minds of people. Here we are with the field of consciousness of the Individual. Consciousness of Personality is the source of mystical love, universal love, love of God – all that is connected with love.

The realm of Demons, it reflects more our ideas about what is a demonic world, and as we think of dark, scary, violent, alien to human nature of the story. It sits in our minds and is related to the phenomenon that the Light Field is always fighting with the Kingdom of Demons. And it is a struggle that occurs in our lives: our minds are constantly struggling with our body trying to dominate.

The Kingdom of Demons is a Bundle of Crystals Design who programs our form. The sole interest of the Kingdom of the Demons lies in the well-being of our forms.

That, in fact, interesting to the Realm of Demons – that we were healthy first and foremost.

This Bundle wants us to have healthy and the best shape. And that these forms lived for a long time. Themes of longevity, health, well-being our bodies are programmed here.

But we are dealing with a false peace, it also has its own propaganda from the 19‐x portal gate. This is propaganda against a Field of Light. Because the Kingdom of Demons is linked with the form, with the body, it is a program that is largely connected with food. The Kingdom of Demons, in the literal sense of the word, is ruled by food.


Body of people with activations in the Realm of the Demons are deeply vulnerable. These people can experience deeply disturbing dreams.

Of course, the influence of the Kingdom of Demons can be strongly distorted due to improper nutrition. If a person has strong activation in the Kingdom of the Demons and while he's not eating, he may have serious problems with sleep: insomnia, difficulty waking up, nightmares during sleep, lack of energy after waking up or, conversely, hyperactivity, unable to sleep. This program is linked with nutrition. Improper diet indicates a bad dream that eventually leads to discomfort, exhaustion, anxiety, lack of appetite, energy, disease.

If I'm sleeping, and next a person is awake, that means I get him his program.

It is impossible to sleep among people, and we all suffer when you have to sleep on the plane or in the train.

Also included is the warning that people living high-rise buildings that receive programming during sleep from all those people that live on the floors above. Therefore, it is considered very unfavourable to the health of the person living in multi-storey buildings. The best option is accommodation in a private house. This way you can avoid multiple foreign programming during your sleep.

Below are transcripts available gate programming in dream Rave.

Night force

Field Of Light

62 Gate: Love

20 Gate: Look

57 Gate: Attuning

8th Gate: Dark

1st Gate: Joy

The Earth Plane

12 Gate: Mutation

Channel 50/27

27 Gate: Lust

50th Gate: Sex

5th Gate: Time

Gate 15: Chaos

The Kingdom Of Demons

19 Gate: Space

53 Gate: Flight

42 Gate: Dying

38 Gate: Aggression

28 Gate: Fear

Portal Gates

62 Gate

The 12th Gate

19 Gate

To know personal gate through which you get your program during sleep can be obtained from Design professional of a Person.

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