Dreams - an unprecedented combination of real events?

Our dream - a fairy tales, adventures, ridiculous situations, thrillers and westerns. Dreams seem to us something otherworldly, arouses curiosity, sometimes superstitious fear. Only in dreams in a short time we can experience the bliss and fear, love and fall, to visit unknown lands and fly ... The most unusual that we are the creators of their own dreams and waking up, trying to solve, "What was that?" Very often we We can not do that.
What happens when we dream?
Usually, we start to look "movie night" about an hour after falling asleep. A dream may last up to ten minutes. During the night we can see 4 to 6 dreams. Very often, waking up, people do not remember what he had seen in a dream. In his mind he sweeps some scraps of vision that does not add up to a coherent whole. Dreams come in black and white and color. Scientists believe that the colorful dreams see only about 20% of people. They see people emotional, those who have imagination and creative nature. You will see a colored dream or black and white, also depends on your mood and well being. After a busy and exhausting day of work in a dream, you can see only "black-and-white film».

Black and white dreams are connected with our fellow men unconscious. They are well remembered. For example, a person can remember a dream 2-3 weeks. It is believed that people only see black and white dreams, they are in their lives count only on his mind.

Color Dreams fully reflect our emotions and affect the "deeper layers" of the human psyche. They produce a strong impression on the sleeper. At the same time, see "color film" better man resting in a dream. Influence of sleep paint can last up to three months. Scientists, psychologists believe that the brighter and clearer the color selected in the dream, the more important it is for a man.

What are dreams?
Dreams are very diverse. Some are connected with our past, present or future, while others reflect our psychological state. Consider the main types of dreams.

Compensatory dreams
In these people can survive the same situation and the problem that happens to him in real life. Sometimes the dream repeats the situation is exactly the opposite.

Creative Dreams
From ancient times people used this type of dreams to solve creative problems. Often such dreams have to see poets, writers, artists. Even ordinary people can learn from them useful information.

Actual dreams
This dream-memories, which repeats the event has already occurred. They relate to the direct influence of the objects of the world that are perceived unconsciously during sleep. For example, the noise of cars outside the window, the clock ticking, the sound of water pouring from the tap. These dreams do not carry any meaning.

Recurring dreams
Such dreams suggest that we need to revise their thoughts or actions, as painful problem is far from being resolved. Our subconscious sends us a signal that more attentive to the situation. Psychologists especially emphasize that the dream draws our attention to a very important issue in our lives.

Dreams are the continuation
Typically, these dreams saying that your point of view is changing, and there is hope that your main problem will be finally solved.

Warning dreams
Such dreams are an indication that we need to change something in their lives to prevent the unpleasant event. In dreams of this type you can see that you fall into the abyss, the cracks in the rocks, broken furniture, catastrophes, earthquakes and the like. This is a serious warning about the destruction of your hopes and plans.

Prophetic dreams
The name itself suggests that the sleeper sees the unfolding events and actions, which he could not find another way. Such dreams eventful, colorful, bright, they can easily remember. It should be noted that such dreams do not always come true in reality. But if in a dream, you'll be too surprised by some detail or event, it means that this dream foretells future unexpected changes in your life.


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