So, as promised the second part of the article. The first part Dreams: what they can tell You

Before proceeding to the interpretation of the dream, you should determine what kind of sleep you dream: the payment, sign, prophetic, or repetitive.

Dreams of compensation.

A dream requires little interpretation. These types of dream dream, in life when something is missing, and the like. When you have accumulated certain emotions and feelings and release them in real life, when you just want something, but it is impossible to achieve, receive and so on. Thus our subconscious mind compensates for the imbalance of real life in the dream to please us and to correct psychological and mental health.

For example, in the first case, the person is lacking in the life of adrenaline, I'm sure he will dream extreme dreams or dreams where he does some act which excites all nerve endings at once.

In the second case, the man inside where there is anger or hurt is to dream, where he throws these emotions, dreams, come then quite aggressive. In the third case, take the example of my dreams. I love horses and dream to learn to ride Bareback. But I don't have the possibility not to ride Bareback, but ride. And so throughout the year I periodically have dreams about how to ride Bareback.

Dreams and recurring dreams.

Very similar to recurrent dreams and, in principle, they could not share. But making the separation in order to understand the essence of these two types.

Common recurring dreams with dreams-signs - both kinds of claim about some important issue, problem and task in human life, which is pretty much disbalansiruet (is conscious or unconscious pain) both the person and the life and requires a solution that is aware of it or not.

For example, in dreams of one lady, as soon as it came to trouble, until the risk to die, she's cute, has not only saved themselves, but those who were next to her and running away unharmed from the epicenter of the tragic events that save his life and was in reality very proud of that fact. Saying what she done and what a resourceful time is always in these dreams, she manages to get away. Alas, the focus here was set incorrectly and be proud of here is nothing. Dreams of her kept saying that as soon as her real life's trouble brewing, she cut bait and run from it, instead of to solve it. That is, she considered the dream as a “saving”, and actually it was “escape”. In life her motto was: “I'm problem not going, I will bypass the problem”.

Or even one of my friend dreamed periodically that he is naked in the middle of the crowd and experiencing this horrible discomfort. In General, the sleep, among other things, says that he feels very insecure people... but always or in some situations — that I did not specify. It is, of course, it would be evident in the fabric of a dream.


On these two dreams, signs can work in the dream, in real life this does not happen again. How? More on that below.

If the sleep or sleep element is repeated quite often is recurring dreams and mean it, in addition to the above, what's coming kind of important event, which will change the lives of\will greatly affect the life or person \ it is impossible to miss and it requires special attention. Unfortunately, this is not a prophetic dream are dreams in need of decoding and proper interpretation.

I, for instance, for half a year before the appearance of my future foreign husband, the man who changed my life, and not just because he began it every week and dreamed that the moon (feminine planet) is approaching the red planet. And when she came very close, it turned out that it is inhabited: there were people who spoke another language, etc. etc.

Prophetic dreams.

Prophetic dreams can be quite easy to interpret and decipher them is not necessary(!). The story they almost completely coincide with what they “predict”. These types of dreams are vivid and well remembered. Phrases in them have a meaning in real life (when you Wake up, I mean) and it is true.

If any of the above can not be attributed to your sleep, I suggest you start much doubt that it is prophetic and it is better to analyze the dream as I wrote in the first part of the article.

That is, for example, if you dream that someone in your family leaves this life under strange circumstances, while being in a strange environment or situation, which can not exist in reality... well, the whole dream has a rather dubious surroundings, it is not necessary to immediately panic. The probability is that it was a dream-an illusion or just one of the dreams which can be subjected to decoding, if desired. And he, of course, will not indicate the presence of risk to life and even, perhaps, will not touch the person of your loved one. The example is quite exaggerated, it is important here that you understand the General meaning of the “prophetic dream”.

The ordering of dream.

If you want to solve a question, you need to find the answer, it is quite possible to do through a dream, BUT there are a few rules:


You have to believe in the reality of receiving a response via Sonnino be able to work with dreams at least a little bit. You have to be in the subject. You need to be able to turn off thoughts to the max once you have formed the question and went to sleep with him. Instead of answering, otherwise you risk to sleep with repetition, what were you thinking, falling asleep or something else. If you can't shut off thoughts, but want to get the answer, the question you should really be concerned, to occupy your whole being, so to speak, even if the head is yet other thoughts. To get a clear answer, need to know how to form questions. The General principle here is almost the same as the technology on goal-setting. Periodically need to practice your technique order of sleep, You (your consciousness) is accustomed to the fact that the answers now, you can get through the sleep. So to say “fill the hand”.

The fact that our subconscious usually has all the answers. On the scientific view of the subconscious mind is about 80% mental, 20% is consciousness. We can access the subconscious mind through various techniques including the techniques of the dream. In the latter case, the consciousness that prevent to see the answer, is disconnected and the person is immersed in the subconscious. The signal (generated question) from the consciousness had been put to sleep, it gets so also the subconscious during sleep. On awakening, the dream must be decoded. Although, according to my experience, based on the General picture of the dream scene in General, and so everything is clear.

For example, once my friend was puzzled by the question of which activity to choose. Basic details of booked her dream: it was night, she rushed through the station in search of the right train, knowing that's about the last. In the end, found the right train in the morning (something like that, Yes) and got in with joy. On the way from the window she opened types, clearly indicate one of the areas of its activities referred to in the question.

Night and throwing — indicated the severity and time duration of its dilemma. Morning, the sunrise is archetypes, indicating the beginning of a new, joyful, pleasant things, in her case, etc. etc. As you can see, in the interpretation of the involved associations. Dream interpretation is not needed.

Management dreams (Wasps).

In my opinion, it is better not to joke and without special needs not to delve into the study. Again notice that here only share my experience, and can be wrong in the arguments about OS-Ah.

Let me remind you that dreams are an ordinary person, if it is not developed spiritually and is not a clairvoyant or someone of this Opera, a greater degree come from a bright, festive, exciting the astral plane, where everything is sharpened to cause more emotions, not less exciting pictures. This is what I wrote in the first part of the article.

Accordingly, you will have to spend a huge part of your personal time allocated to you for a healthy(!) sleep on experiments with leaving the body and life control, and all in order to experience these strong emotions and to think that have some important, useful information (as in my experience sleep tracking with God, for example), and maybe later go to a new level of dreams and to make journeys out of the body.... friend's apartment while he is asleep. Why do you need it?

In any case, remember that controlling the sleep you disrupt the natural processes of the subconscious.

I want to cite here examples from personal experience. There are times when in my dream I know that it's possible to control it. In these cases, I usually start to play all on his own script. Overall, the picture is similar to that as if from the audience on stage with the actors during the performance got drunk audience and began to actively Express themselves. As clearly nothing good or useful will come of it. I have not received answers to their basic questions or have received in response to the lie. When I use control was where the plot of the dream was not to be, that I either threw out of sleep, I included a “white noise”, etc. etc.

Of course, if you get wisdom and knowledge, you can not go ahead as I do, but to work carefully in tandem with an already running in the dream plot.

Work with dreams.

Finally, a small useful bonuses. In passing the order of dream, in dreams you can solve the psychological problems of life (if they are not the mega-global, and do not require serious psychological work in life).

If you had a dream-a sign that is repeated from time to time or elements, it is possible to work with him.

As did my lady in the dream had fled from the tsunami, rapists, murderers and other dangers. She set a goal next time she'll dream another dream in whatever was to stand against the threats and can't escape. That is enough to firmly establish in your mind the purpose of intent: “next time if I dream such a dream, I must survive and do everything in my power to solve, but not to escape” and repeat it from time to time. The subconscious received the signal team, believe me. Maybe not the first time, but later the problem will be solved in the dream itself. Soon her character in the dream, something was taking care of things that a tsunami was spreading in a puddle at her feet, murderers and rapists, too, somewhere to go, and she stood still, and continued to stand there. Dreams with such stories quite gone. And life proved that it can successfully confront the problems.

Also, if you had a nightmare or a dream, the result of which you totally satisfied, it is possible to beat. This is done to:

Your mental tranquility Replay of you suggested sleep implementation of events in real life. Immediately upon awakening, without opening eyes, need to get back to the point of sleep from which you do not like it.... it is possible to start to return. Being in a semi sleep you will lose the positive picture that you want. Finally Wake up and go to do their business. Psychologists recognize the effectiveness of this method, which actually uses elements of the technique of “positive thinking” and programming the subconscious mind for a more favorable course of events from a dream into real life.

To learn to interpret dreams is not so difficult as you think. With experience you learn everything, believe me. The main desire. And here are a few Golden rules that you must remember. Write them specifically at the end:

Better than you your sleep no one will explain! Even the most experienced interpreter will only be able to offer guidance on which direction you look. You learn these guidelines and then continue on their own. Because your dream is YOU YOURSELF and YOUR LIFE ( from birth until this day, with all the details, events, moods). Only you have this information.

Be very careful what you dream! Whether it's a dream with a sad or happy story. Remember that mostly what he saw in the dream has a completely different meaning, and is not exactly right in the story from a dream. Use only Sony people that you trust, but better make your own.

The more you think about the science of dreams, the more your desire to make your dreams the most useful for yourself, the more the dream turns to you: becomes more vibrant, long-lasting, holistic and acquires more sense, and easier to work with him.

Author: Leah Shatush

Source: liashatush.livejournal.com/


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