15 interesting facts about our dreams

Regardless of whether you believe in the power of dreams to come true or not, you probably remember a couple of dreams that are very much impressed by you. Why do we have dreams and why sometimes they are so memorable? On the nature of dreams is known not so little. The site publishes the most interesting facts about dreams.

1. People are increasingly flying dreams h2> The number of people who dream of flying has increased from 1954 to 2000. Researchers believe that we increasingly began to fly in a dream with the advent of aircraft and due to the frequent hops.

2. Insecure people often have dreams h2> Dreams insecure people differ from those who are more confident. Insecure people often have dreams, and those dreams are more full of strong emotions.

3. Change position stops the dream h2> If you want to stay in my sleep a few minutes after waking up, stay in the same position where you were, being in a dream. If you move or stretches, your body activates the muscles and "turn off" a dream.

This can help in the case of a nightmare: to get rid of it, change your position.

4. Dreams help you make decisions h2> When we dream, our brain encodes information for short-term and long-term memory. If you are struggling to remember something, take a nap or rest.

5. We all remember our dreams worse h2> Our ability to remember dreams begins to deteriorate when we reach maturity and continues to decline with age, especially in men.

6. We can see the day-dreams h2> The dream while awake - a technique which is to use our imagination to play a recent dream.

After you recall a dream, let him develop further and note what happens. Waking dream can be used for relaxation and to analyze complex or confusing dreams.

7. Our thoughts while awake affect dreams h2> So, what we think about before going to sleep, can have a significant impact on the contents of our dreams. If we actively concentrate on something, it is most likely, and will manifest, but if we let the mind wander, the dream may emerge problems that we are deeply concerned.

8. Dreams make us smarter h2> When we dream, our brain is actively working to solve the problems. So if you prepare for the exam, you better go early to secure the information that you learn, you try to midnight study material.

9. Pregnant woman dreaming differently h2> Since we dream about what happens in our lives, it is not surprising that pregnant women often dream of pregnancy and childbirth. Dreams of birth popping up in the last third semester of pregnancy, and pregnant women often dream darkest dreams.

10. Recurring dreams happen by chance h2> If the same dream or nightmare continues to repeat - do not ignore it. Our brain uses dreams as a way to process what is happening in the real world. If the dream appears over and over again, it is associated with some unresolved issues in your life that you need to pay attention.

12. Television influences dreams h2> In our dreams affects what we looked transmission in black and white or rose color television. The study showed that 80% of those under the age of 30 years have seen colored dreams than 20% of people over 60.

13. Men and women see different dreams h2> For women with equal frequency dreams of men and women, and men dream about men in 2 times more often than women.

14. The brain erases dreams ever since we saw them h2> Also, as we clean the hard drive of the computer, our brain erases the memories of the dreams that we saw, except when we woke up during sleep. Although the whole night we have dreams, we remember only those from which we have awakened. Most people forget them, too, but if you do not focus on the fact that they remember.

15. In our dreams no disability h2> In a study of deaf and people and patients suffering from paralysis of the lower limbs, found that limited options had no effect on dreams. For example, 80 percent of deaf participants talked and heard their dreams, while 14 of the 15 members of paralyzed movement and were physically active.

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