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To that dream? This rhetorical question, the answer seems to be simple: some dream pop, someone - Getting ...
However, astrologers say that the ability to see the prophetic dreams depends ... on the signs of the zodiac! Not all people have the same gift to see the future in dreams.

Most often prophetic dreams dream representatives of the water element: Pisces, Scorpio and cancers. Typically, these dreams are very vivid and memorable.
Often members of these characters write them in a special notebook, and then looking to come true, and what is not. However, they are usually allegorical dreams and do not point directly to future events: they require interpretation.
Pisces themselves perfectly interpret dreams, no matter how they were confused. Prophetic dreams of Pisces are usually associated with children and romantic relationships. But not only! They always have a place of gambling and lotteries. After all, fish by nature such adventurers!

Crayfish - lucky! Their dreams portend travel or travel to distant countries. Many of the dreams related to religion and career, however, as in the following order of Water sign - Scorpio.

In the last prophetic dreams are scientific and educational slant. If you dream that you are taking the exam, reading a book or writing a thesis - so it has an important event, but not necessarily directly related to the subject of dreams.

Air signs - Gemini, Libra and Aquarius - should not be ignored dreams, affecting human relationships, as well as those where there are various schemes and symbols.

It is possible that the dream will prompt a decision some challenges, will rediscover America or, for example, to reinvent the wheel. This is particularly true of advanced Twins.

But Libra - true romance, they help dreams foretelling the future meeting with the lover or beloved. Lucky and Aquarius - they are able to make discoveries in a dream, and receive revelations from higher powers. Aquarius - the most "mystical" sign of the zodiac.

While Aquarians are not always able to use the information obtained in the dream, no wonder they are called Aquarius - more "grist" than acting, live more in the spiritual world than in the real.

Fire signs - Aries, Leos and Sagittarians - boast visionary, and therefore free to order whatever your heart desires. Yes, they are able to do to program your future!

As will be developed in a dream event - is the future waiting for them. As a rule, the main characters of prophetic dreams - they or some celebrities: politicians, generals, artists. Prophetic for these fiery signs are also the dreams, which featured a variety of light sources, shiny objects or flames.

Lions often dream of a beautiful but deceptive dreams. They do not trust the dream books. For Aries and Sagittarius significant dreams, where they are subject to the charms of love, travel, passionate about science and careers. Representatives of these signs are capable of giving the prophecy on a global scale, but only if they "will».

Earth signs - Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn - not too strong in the prophetic dreams and sometimes even forget what they dreamed of. But they happen revelation. Materialist Taurus is dreaming about food and clothing, at Dev - books and a variety of small items from the pragmatic Capricorn - economic structure and utensils.

All they often dream about animals, plants and the various parts of the human body. Their foresight usually relate to specific, practical cases, such as shopping, housework, or concerns the

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