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- Like a bolt from Sochi - Vladimir Putin arrived in the Olympic capital - Yesterday Russian President Vladimir Putin began close to the Olympic Games in Sochi visited leopard kittens (one of the key symbols of the Olympics), opened the session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and said that traffic jams Sochi during the Olympics and the truth does not seem to be. The details of the gorge of Krasnaya Polyana and Sochi Winter Theatre - a special correspondent of "Kommersant" Andrey Kolesnikov.
 - Seven holdings and one statuette - Taffy will be handing in a new way - Name and Taffy figurine will get a new television competition, created in November the leadership of the seven largest media conglomerates. In this case, the founders of the new award is likely to abandon a regional competition in favor of the Academy of Russian Television (ART), retains the "Taffy-region" and "Taffy-Commonwealth". The jury national Taffy will have to decide by mid-April, the same will be announced early nomination papers.
 - Gen. there was no place in the ranks - the deputy chief of the General Staff to dismiss Alexander Postnikov - As the "Y", the deputy chief of the General Staff, General Alexander Postnikov wrote a letter of resignation. Commander, was appointed to the key positions with the filing of the former head of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov will not work with the new head of its Valery Gerasimov. According to "Kommersant", the corresponding presidential decree has already been signed.
 - The capital's United Russia party will test the ability of mobilization - and will not abandon self-nominated for election to the Moscow City Duma - According to "Kommersant" primaries "United Russia" before the elections to the Moscow City Duma can pass on the model, which requires the registration of voters, final decision may be postponed to not to give an early start of the campaign. Meanwhile, taking into account the electoral statistics in last year's mayoral election, United Russia can in the weakest areas of support to put self-nominated or non-party.
 - The St. Petersburg court smell of ammonia - after moving to a new residence - In St. Petersburg, another scandal erupted around the new residence of the Municipal Court $ 3, 5 billion rubles. His leadership sued to ban the use of the complex of buildings, where the CPS found exceedances of ammonia. Sharpness lawsuit gives the beginning of another large-scale project - the construction of St. Petersburg judicial district to move the Supreme Court (SC).
 - Demonstrative disrespect to the person fit into the Administrative Code - The Ministry of Interior has prepared a new version of the article. 20.1 of the Code of Administrative Offences (CAO), clarifying the wording of "hooliganism." Now, under this concept gets a "violation of public order expressing clear disrespect for society", accompanied by foul language and damage to property. Law enforcers propose to consider "petty hooliganism" and "deliberate actions of others," expressing "a clear disrespect" not only to society but also to the individual, and not only violate the public order, but also the "tranquility of citizens».
 - Oleg Chirkunov made a choice not in favor of Russia - Yesterday, ex-governor of Perm region, Oleg Chirkunov told to Facebook, that after the resignation in April 2012. "traveled without a permanent residence, lived in many countries" and "decided to look for something more or less permanent residence. " "The choice was partly predetermined. In the next five to ten years, not Russia, "- said Mr. Chirkunov, adding that" not ready "to explain the reason.
 - Energy for change is not enough and in nature - Arkady Dvorkovich easily defended bacteria from possible reforms in the government - Meeting of the Presidium of the Presidential Council for economic modernization and innovative development of Russia held yesterday in Belgorod, chaired by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. It was found only that the attempt to define a specific agency as responsible for the development of innovative technologies in the renewable energy sector is quite capable to lead to an imbalance in the executive branch. Instructed to maintain a balance in the usual form of the profile Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich.
 - Russian history will be developed in parallel with the world - the work on the domestic textbooks attract foreign experts - historians, together with the Government of the summer should "organize the development of" renewed Russian history textbooks, which would correspond to a new cultural and historical standards. This instruction was given yesterday by President Vladimir Putin, the Russian Ministry of Education and Historical Society (RIO). In addition, the RIO should review the principle of teaching foreign history so that students have studied it in sync with the country's history. Vladimir Putin proposed to involve the "foreign teachers and researchers».
 - The fight against distortion of history has stalled in the Duma - Yesterday the head of the Duma committee on criminal legislation, Pavel Krasheninnikov said "Kommersant" that "in the plans of the committee" is not proposed by the head of the security committee Irina Spring amendments to the Criminal Code introducing liability (up to five years in prison of freedom) for "rehabilitation of Nazism" because of its project on the committee have not yet seen. It is already the third version of the amendments to the Criminal Code, which, as reported by "Kommersant", was presented by Mrs. Spring on 31 January and concerns including "spreading false information about the activities of the Soviet Union during World War II».
 - Fiscal immobility - The White House is looking for a way to raise the tax on housing without increasing the burden on citizens - Today, First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov held a meeting on the possible consequences of introducing a new "market" property tax of individuals. The White House is looking for a way to take into account the position of the presidential administration, which had previously indicated that the marked increase in the tax burden can lead to increased social tensions. As far as "b" calculations by the Federal Tax Service for the meeting, including the preservation of all existing benefits and the introduction of non-taxable deduction of 20 square meters. m apartment and 50 square meters. m in the house for residential real estate in the average citizens have to pay twice as much for non-residential - six times more.
 - In the "factory of theses" found theft - Guide MPGU requests to test the former rector - How the "Y", the leadership of the Moscow State Pedagogical University (Moscow State Pedagogical University) sent to the Investigation Committee materials inspection activities of the former rector Viktor Matrosov and his subordinates - they are asking to initiate criminal investigation into the multi-million dollar embezzlement. Of the materials that Mr. sailors and officers of the institution for their own enrichment established two commercial institution, affiliated with the Moscow State Pedagogical University. In 2013, Viktor Matrosov was sacked as rector of the "long-term functioning of the university" factory theses "».
 - Stake in "Lighthouse" appended to the murder case - sewing association, the general director charged with fraud - Investigative Committee of Russia (MRS) filed a criminal case against the owner and CEO of one of the largest apparel associations Petersburg - JSC "Mayak" - Sergei Petrov. He is charged with theft of Company shares owned by the family of former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the "Mayak" Tahir Kazavatova killed in Dagestan more than 13 years ago. Businessman Petrov is already under arrest in Makhachkala in the framework of the murder of Mr. Kazavatova.
 - Shoot schoolboy not trust parents - Teenager arrested for two months - Moscow's Basmanny court yesterday ordered the arrest of 15-year-old student 263rd school, who the day before had shot a policeman and a teacher and wounded another guard order. Defender requested release on bail for teen parents, but the investigator reported that contact with those did not succeed, and a tenth was taken into custody for two months. Meanwhile, the capital Prosecutor's Office opened an emergency inspection protection of educational institutions, and the Department of Education has ordered to strengthen security measures.
 - "Primorsky Partisans" recognized thieves and murderers - a verdict in the case of groups, attacks on police officers - in the trial of members of the group became known as the "Primorsky Partisans", the verdict of the jury. On the main charges - murder of two policemen and four villagers Kirov, a series of attacks on law enforcement officers - the defendants were found guilty. Charges of involvement in the gang was shot with only one of the six defendants - Vadim Kovtun.
 - The investigation terminated the deal under General - Ex-CEO of LLC "VEB-Invest" is hiding in Switzerland - As the "Y", the investigating authorities issued a decision to dismiss the criminal case against former first deputy general director of investment company "VEB Capital" Gen. -leytenanta retired police Yuri Zhdanov. Indications to him under the pretrial agreement gave the ex-CEO of LLC "VEB-Invest" Shulepov Alex, who is now being sought.
 - VAZ not catch - "Kommersant" publishes list of the most popular among the hijackers cars - most stolen car brand in Moscow in 2013 became the WHA, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Toyota. This follows from the police data at the disposal of "b". In just the past year were more than 11 thousand 4. Offenses related to misappropriation of vehicles. The top 10 most popular cars in the hijackers were Land Rover and Hyundai, while the rating left the Mercedes and Kia.
 - "I was not an ordinary ambassador" - US Ambassador to Russia said "b" of the reasons for his resignation - Yesterday, US Ambassador Michael McFaul announced his imminent resignation. In an interview with "Kommersant" HELEN CHERNENKO he said that he liked in Russia, which severely hampered his work and what he had been taught Russian officials.
 - The Verkhovna Rada defended the constitution - Ukrainian opposition failed to cut the powers of President Yanukovych - In Kiev yesterday opened the fourth session of the Verkhovna Rada, the first day of the opposition who are frustrated and aggravated the political crisis in the country. Opponents of President Viktor Yanukovych tried to vote on the question of the return of the constitution in 2004, but met with resistance parliamentary majority. Party of Regions actually went from discussing this topic, proposing the establishment of constitutional reform for a special parliamentary group, but in the meantime take a package of laws to support the business and anti-corruption. Leaders of the Maidan, this approach does not categorically arranged. They are sure: no return to a parliamentary-presidential form of government crisis in the country can not be overcome. Understanding the deadlock yesterday about possible sanctions against Ukraine for the first time the German authorities said.
 - The State Department urged senators to weapons - the United States can begin to arm Syrian opposition - US Secretary of State John Kerry admitted failure mezhsiriyskih negotiations and insists on a radical change in US policy in the region - in particular, the beginning of large-scale supplies of weapons and military equipment to the Syrian opposition. This was reported by US senators who met with Mr. Kerry. The White House hastened to deny legislators, but they believe that the unexpected announcement by the head of the State Department allows to put before Congress the question of military support to the Syrian opposition.
 - The EU itself has advised Georgia to normalize relations with the Russian Federation - European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso called on the Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili to intensify negotiations with Moscow and independently solve problems with Russia, without relying on the involvement of the European Union. Georgian opposition considers this attitude a consequence of the EU "defeatist policy" pursued by the government Irakli Garibashvili.
 - Shareholders err on the ruble - Private investors flowed into foreign currency funds - Fleeing from the rapid depreciation of the national currency in January, private investors are more willing to bear all the money in mutual funds focused on investments in foreign currency assets. As a result, even those 220 million rubles., Which amounted to a net inflow in mutual funds (mutual funds) in this class, joined the total outflow of capital from the country.
 - "Russia" is waiting Renaissance - Turkish holding company invests in a tower in the "Moscow City" - Turkish Renaissance Construction has closed a deal to buy 50% of the project construction of the tower "Russia" in the business center "Moscow City". The remaining part of the future of the skyscraper will remain the co-owner of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant (MMK) Victor Rashnikov and his partner Nader Nader. "Russia" - one of the three long-term construction, due to which the building in "Moscow-City" is not to be completed by 2015, as demanded Mayor Sergei Sobyanin.
 - Russian Direct Investment Fund began felling - Foundation requests for exemptions RFP Group - New lobbyist for the Russian forest industry has suddenly become RFPI. Foundation asks the presidential administration to provide a number of benefits to enterprises operating in the Far East. Formally, we are talking about the support of all market participants. But really RFPI protects the interests of one particular company - controlled by Roman Abramovich, Alexander Abramov and Alexander Frolov Russian Forest Pruducts Group, whose share in the fund bought in 2013.
 - LLC "Simbirsktsement" - does not return from the state 442, 9 million rubles., Paid for the selected license. The company at auction to pay 500 million rubles. for a license for production of cement raw materials in the field of chalk Soldier Tashla for a period of 19 years.
 - Vnukovo Airport - got a chance to recover the amount of "success fee" paid their lawyers. After the victory in a dispute with CJSC "Commercial Agency of Domodedovo airport," relate to debts of the bankrupt alliance AirUnion, Vnukovo claim compensation 9, 6 million rubles court costs, including 4 million rubles. fee lawyers for a positive outcome ("success fee"), with whom he had a problem.
 - Audit Chamber - has revealed the illegal sale of 3, 5 million square feet. m of land in Lenin and Odintsovo districts of Moscow region.
 - "Rosneft" - confirmed the "b" that the parameters of the deal for the purchase of oil and gas assets, ALROSA may be revised.
 - "Uralsib" losing bonus - "Aeroflot" can close co-branding project with the bank - the Bank "Uralsib" may be deprived of one of the most popular on the market co-branded products - cards "Aeroflot Bonus". The airline intends to cease cooperation with the bank. Formally, the reason was the low turnover on the cards "Uralsib". However, experts do not rule out that this is only the first step to reduce the number of banking partners of the company.
 - Energy prefer tariff market - GenCos not ready to get rid of the "forced" capacity - Many generation companies are not willing to part with unprofitable TPP, it became clear during the discussion of new proposals for decommissioning too expensive generation. Get rid of inefficient capacities through auction only willing to foreign investors. Russian generators are asking the Ministry of Energy partially retain the existing mechanisms to qualify for CHP unprofitable overvalued "forced" rate.
 - MTS - a generous soul - operator to increase payments to shareholders - Income mobile operators will now grow at best by 3%, primarily due to the mobile Internet. In this situation, companies are reviewing the dividend policy: Vimpelcom forced to drastically reduce the amount of dividends, MTS, on the contrary, promises in the coming years to pay to shareholders by 10 billion rubles. more than expected.
 - "My Bank" auknulos in Bashkiria - His crash shattered remnants of the group - Following the "My Bank" problems with the performance of obligations began and associated Bashkir "My Bank. Mortgage Payment. Precedents save some banks in the group of licenses when withdrawing them from other extremely rare. But, to repeat them, the bank can count only on themselves, experts say.
 - Control by Russian standards - Financial market will get a reprieve from IFRS - The Bank of Russia is going to initiate a legislative amendment that would delay the publication of statements by international standards for management and clearing companies. Mandatory publication of such reports in the current year, as provided by law, which passed its first reading, could be a problem for a few hundred management companies. The State Duma supported the initiative of the Central Bank.
 - Suppliers do not agree to freeze - RZD has not made discounts from procurers - JSC Russian Railways is still not possible to significantly reduce their costs, as required by the government.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


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