Creation of Russian "matrix" First Media Forum of independent local and regional media

Igor Yakovenko

Before our eyes continue to experiment with the "Russian matrix". For two days, April 23 and 24, in St. Petersburg held the first Mediaforum independent local and regional media, which was attended by 350 representatives from all 85 regions of the Russian Federation.
Organizers of the forum of the United People's Front are faced with an unexpected problem for them: in some regions did not find any media that can be at least loosely be called independent, ie not connected with the local authorities. This unfortunate circumstance does not bother the organizers (to me at all difficult to imagine embarrassed by Stanislav Govorukhin, or Olga Timofeev), and the adjective "independent" and remains in the title now.
On the first day the organizers found out the journalists what they want to ask, or ask Putin for the second day those journalists whose questions seemed appropriate to the organizers, there was a high point: they got their moment of communication with the president. About the role of this moment in the life of the participants Mediaforum not for me to say. Apparently, the general opinion of those present expressed the journalist Elena Vostrikov from Voronezh, Putin said: "For a journalist conversation with you is an event that could change his life." End quote.
The range of issues has been very wide. Journalists from Astrakhan excited state of the human rights movement. "Who will stand for our compatriots abroad?" - He asked. And further reported that the US prison languishing Russian pilot, our tortured at Guantanamo, the Ukraine and the Baltic States, our people at risk. But human rights activists defending some muddy Khodorkovsky, "says one thing, then another, he would not understand," and "Pussy Rayot" some. "Human rights defenders must protect the interests of the Russian people abroad", - the journalist said firmly Astrakhan.
Putin stood up for human rights and explained that since human rights have historically lived on foreign grants, but now "it is difficult to break away from this nipple" and therefore "they protect the interests of other states».
A journalist from Volgograd thanked Putin for what he chased the former governor Sergei Bozhenova about whom the journalist spoke at length what he's a rascal, and also praised the President for the appointment of a new governor, Andrei Bocharov, whom the journalist is clearly able to say a lot of good, but limited to a wish him success. In general, Putin once again did everything right. But it was a seed. A main point of the treatment of the journalist was quite different. He said that the media should not be in opposition and do not want to be in opposition. And after this bold declaration directly to the president: "Vladimir Vladimirovich, let's Stalingrad shall build up!" I first heard that the journalist suggested to Putin defend Stalingrad, and I'm afraid I missed something important in the country and in the world, but then scrolled recording again (alas, had to watch the forum post) and relaxed as he realized that the journalist offers Stalingrad just rebuild.
A blogger named Victor drew the president's attention to the fact that the United States controls the Internet and asked anxiously, when the state will take the program to protect information. Putin suggested that he not use Google, and by Yandex, Yandex but have also had intractable blogger claims. Putin agreed that, by Yandex, too, all difficult and promised to investigate. I never knew who the president will deal with by Yandex, Google or directly with the United States.
But blogger Mila, unlike troubled and meticulously blogger Victor, just came to say thank you to the President.
But the majority of representatives of regional and local media, following the historical tradition of serving in the role of "walkers" to Putin denounced him to their local problems. A journalist from Omsk complained that in the villages of the region there is no water on Putin wondered why you can not "dig column».
A journalist from Murmansk concerned about the reduction of funding of the program of the Murmansk transport hub. Putin suspect it is that it fulfills the mandate of the governor. The journalist exclaimed that she is independent, but Putin she still did not believe.
Blogger "Andrey-23" from Kaliningrad interceded for Kant's house, which did not manage to make a memorial philosopher. Putin regretted Kant, saying that that was a difficult time, when he lived in this house and had to train children for sustenance of the local pastor. As for the memorial, although it was the German philosopher Kant, but for a while he was a Russian citizen, so it must be taken under protection. Here, apparently, it worked the idea of ​​the Russian world, which includes all that has been, is or will be relevant to Russia and that Putin plans to take under its protection. So Kant obviously lucky, albeit posthumously.
Overall, the event was no different from the usual press conference, but rather, it was something in between a regular press conference and has become a traditional format of straight lines nationwide. So it was a little strange to call this event a forum, because forum, whose name comes from the Roman Forum, the people talking to each other, collectively something to discuss and develop solutions to some problems, and here the journalists asked and asked about something President and no discussion had been made. With the same success can be called forum parade or building of prisoners.
At the same time, this event can not be called a meaningless ritual, carried out "for show". Through two o'clock all communication with journalists Putin permeates one thought: this is another brace, designed to strengthen the personal power of Vladimir Putin. Not even the president, namely VV Putin, who strongly encouraged to expose and attack the local authorities promising to protect journalists structures of the United People's Front, the federal media, including television and their personal support.
All of this was similar to the mobilization of the Red Guards, groups which were created in 1966 - 1967 years to deal with political opponents of Mao and that in 1967 were dispersed using the army. Or, to use the Russian historical analogies, the ONF in conjunction with local and regional media functionality has oprichnina, which incited the Terrible at the boyars, always suspected of conspiracy and treason.
Instead of fighting against corruption and abuse of local methods adopted in a normal country, that is, independent courts, political competition and free media, Putin is building a structure based on personal loyalty and faith in him, Putin's personal infallibility and omnipotence. The plot and the split of the elites, which are so afraid of Putin, such methods can be avoided if you do not, then the delay. The problem is that such a structure, similar to a pyramid resting on its top, and suddenly bombarded with a terrible roar, and the sprawling into pieces, and be sure to bury under the rubble of her top.
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