What is important to know when buying a DVR

DVRs on the shelves today are vast. And their number continues to grow. Therefore, in answer to a question like "What is the DVR to choose?" Without a long and tedious lecture is not enough. Answers to the most frequently encountered issues in this regard.

What today is a normal recorder?

The real price of the registrar with good quality video - 4-5 ths. Rub. Cheaper devices usually do not demonstrate the highest build quality, relieve physical resolution is not HD or Full HD, but with interpolation, and they are not equipped with the best accessories.

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What resolution should shoot DVR? And what is "interpolation»?

The higher the resolution, the more detailed and clearer image. Optimally - Full HD (1920x1080 pixels) resolution at such small details are discernible from a distance. Non-cars, for example, can be identified with 10-15 meters.

Gradually begin to appear in the sale of recorders with shooting in kind Super Full HD (and a half times sharper than Full HD). However, such models are not at least 6-7 thousand. Rub.

Most manufacturers specify the characteristics of video recorders in «Full HD-resolution video", but "forget" to mention that there is a so-called interpolation. The latter is meant to receive the video (or photo) certain resolution and then using software algorithms to stretch the image to a large size.

One of the most popular registrars with shooting in kind Super Full HD resolution

In the case of registrars that means shooting at a resolution of 1280x720 or 800x480 pixels with an increase up to Full HD (1920x1080). It is clear that the quality has not improved one iota - the picture will simply stretched, "soap". To distinguish real Full HD-video from the interpolated easily see an example video on the big screen.

What affects the quality of the video?

The three major components that determine the quality of the video processor, optics and the matrix.

Processor. From his performance and video processing methods depends on how we get quality picture and whether a receptionist to work steadily, without delay. A striking example of the topic above inexpensive registrars - the budget processor Zoran. His power is simply not enough to conduct a "seamless" record. As a result, between recorded files lost up to 10 seconds of time. You can imagine yourself, how much can happen in 10 seconds at a speed of 80-90 km / h on the highway.

The quality models are most commonly used processors from Ambarella and Novatek, in a simple and cost - iCatech, Syntek, Allwinner or the same Zoran. Note that is not always an outdated processor type Ambarella A2 is uniquely poor quality footage. The first level of the original image is dependent on the lens (ideally - a glass) and matrix (M 2-3 instead of useless "inflated" 5 megapixel).

Optics lens. It is desirable to give preference to models with a wide angle lens - from 140 to 170 degrees diagonally. Models with a lower value of this indicator does not capture at frame or curb adjacent stripes and registrars with great value there is a strong distortion of the image - the effect of "fish-eye».

Definitely better to buy recorders with glass lens in the lens. The glass is better than plastic, transmits light, so registrars with glass optics will be better to shoot in low light. In addition, low-quality plastic lenses can turn yellow over time and from frequent temperature changes even crack. Therefore, priority is given to better models which firstly have glass optics, and secondly, special passed test of resistance to extremes of temperature. And even in the good and tested for vibration resistance: a sudden you have managed to find a not very smooth road ...

Matrix. Currently, most commonly used matrix with a resolution of 1 to 5 megapixels. However, more of them does not guarantee a good quality video. Generally, to obtain a Full HD-video (1920x1080) enough 2, 1 megapixel. The rest of megapixels if used, only for photos.

Much more important is the physical size of the matrix, which is measured in fractions of an inch - 1/3 ", 1/4", etc. What it is - that is, roughly speaking, it is better.

For example, 3 and 3 1 M matrix with a large physical size often provide the best quality night video than 5 megapixels with a smaller size. When a low-resolution and large size matrix size and color pixels themselves better than at high resolution and small size. After all, the bigger the pixel, the more light it receives. Consequently, there are more opportunities for quality video conversion from analog to digital form. That is why, all other things being equal enlarged pixels can achieve more contrast and saturation of pictures, especially in low light conditions - in bad weather, at dusk, at night.

The new 3-megapixel matrix of pixels have a larger physical size, and therefore achieve a higher quality of shooting in comparison with older 5-megapixel CMOS-sensor.

Well-proven matrix of Aptina - are used not only in the registers, but in the professional video surveillance cameras, smart phones expensive and professional video equipment. Also popular Californian matrix OmniVision. By the way, CMOS-sensor of the company used in the iPhone 4s.

Registrar Coarse matrix OmniVision 2710

Do I need a screen recorder?

The screen is required to adjust the position of registrar (so he shot what is happening in front of the car, not the blue sky or the hood of a car). It is also necessary for quick setup of DVR and demonstration video footage. IMPORTANT: Display must, auto dimming and not to distract and dazzle the driver during the trip.

Available are models with no screen recorders, which are very compact - there's even a version less than a matchbox. Such recorders easy to hide behind the rearview mirror, so as not to obstruct the road. These devices usually can connect via Wi-Fi from your smartphone or tablet - with their help will be setup, they will also be able to view the video. In particular, the compact models of this kind - without screens and Wi-Fi - known South Korean brand of high-end recorders BlackVue. However, smart phones is not at all, and the connection process can be quite difficult, so most drivers still prefer loggers with display.

Premium recorder with Wi-Fi and without screen

What size should the memory card?

For the Registrar cyclic shot will be enough 4-8 GB - enough for a couple of hours of video in Full HD-resolution (sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less).

When buying a memory card, make sure the class (always indicated on the package) meets the requirements of the registrar. It often happens that people are buying cheap to expensive DVR card (below grade 4, for example), and the recorder will not record video on it. As a result, we have to buy another card. By the way, the card manufacturer in this case does not play almost any role. In one class, depending on the price can only minor differences in the rate of recording and reading information, but in any case they will be guaranteed to fall within the scope of the requirements of a particular class.

Do I need a registrar battery?

Yes, we need - at least 15 minutes of battery video. Otherwise, damage to the electrical vehicle during an accident, you instantly run out of video recording (can not be maintained any current or even previous files).

And out of the car with a camera in hand is sometimes not more than - to remove the conversation from the traffic police, other drivers or fix the situation and damage to vehicles.

Why do we need a long wire to connect to the cigarette lighter?

Too short wire into the cigarette lighter will hang like a stretched string across the windshield, blocking the driver's view and irritating. A long wire can be accurately navigate around the windscreen (even under the skin). Usually, the longest cables (under 4 m) are included with expensive registrars like "Karki QS3».

What types of fastening better?

It is desirable to complete with the registrar came and "Velcro", based on 3M adhesive tape, and a vacuum holder (sucker): each option has its pros and cons.

In cold weather, keep the vacuum attachment is usually not as reliable as in the warm. But they can be removed from the glass and then again mount any number of times, while the 3M-fixing after a pair of performances not hold securely.

Important: The registrar must be easily and quickly installed in the bracket (not screwed every time 30 seconds). Mounting should rotate freely both vertically and horizontally (there are models that provide turn the camera vertically only - it is inconvenient).

The top South Korean logger: the most comfortable setting with a swivel bracket

What are the functions of the DVR is important, and what - are secondary?

Let's start with the most important:
Autostart entries in the establishment of the engine and automatic shut-off when you turn off the engine (the driver does not need to be distracted by the on-off registrar).
Time and date stamps on the video (the driver easier to find videos for a specific time, in addition, if necessary, the driver can show a video in court).
Shooting video fragments lasting 1-3 minutes (it will be easier to find the right moment, not long hours flipping through the file), and there are no gaps, that is, the loss of several seconds between the video clips (this happens in cheap registrar that are simply not enough resources for simultaneous capture and save Video).
Loop recording (when the memory card driver does not have to delete anything - the new video will be automatically overwrite the old ones) and ability to protect the selected video directly from overwriting during shooting.

Now for the less important:
GPS - allows you to record the vehicle speed and route, then the computer can be viewed simultaneously with the movement of your video card. In rare cases, in high-end recorders used hybrid receivers GLONASS / GPS. This ensures the most stable signal reception in challenging environments such as high-rise buildings in urban areas. ***** In the same it is necessary to Registrar could always find their way in a timely manner and prevent based on the built-in database of approaching a speed camera.
G-Sensor - "shock sensor" automatically protects the current video from being overwritten by shock, emergency braking and abrupt maneuvers. It is important to be able to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor, or "emergency" files will be stored on each mound and eventually fill the entire memory card - will have to delete them manually.
IR and LED-backlight. Only useful when shooting at night outside the car. When shooting from the car recorder with backlight will be "blind" himself bouncing from windshield light.
"Parking Mode" (shot during the stay). An interesting feature, but its usefulness is questionable, if your car get stolen, then certainly with the registrar. If the car vskroyut, then pull out not only the radio, but the registrar. So in the end captured during video when parking "bad scenario" would not watch you. In addition, left in a parked car DVR (especially the model with a large body and a large mount, very noticeable from the outside) can provoke criminals to break the glass and take the expensive device.

Registrars hybrids. What are the pros and cons?

Generally speaking, the universal tool of professionalism is always inferior to specialized. On sale there are several models that combine, for example, in the same housing opportunities and DVR radar detector.

Popular in Russia and hybrid DVR radar detector

First of all the benefits of buying the model of "two in one" expressed in monetary benefits. Generally, hybrids cost at 1, 5-2 ths. Rub. cheaper buying similar in DVR capabilities and radar detector individual. The second important advantage of hybrids: they take up less space on the windshield than two gadgets. Finally, the third advantage: the hybrid takes only one cigarette lighter socket, whereas for the connection of two separate devices may have to buy a splitter.

Disadvantages, of course, too. Two separate gadget even more convenient to use because a failure of radar detector you do not run out of video recording (and vice versa), while the failed you and will deprive a hybrid of both.

In the case of hybrid employs one slot instead of two, plus, in some cases, you can get a USB-connector for charging smartphones, tablets, navigation

How to set the DVR?

Registrar desirable "range" on the centerline of the car, so he rented a place right in front of the machine. Normally device hung in the middle of the windshield, often behind the rear view mirror - so it will not obstruct the review of the road.

The first time you set the exact time and date, and configure their display over the video - it might be important for inclusion in the footage as evidence in court. Turn on the GPS-module. Make sure that the record is before you start driving. Even at speeds up to 20 km / h in your own backyard, you can get into an accident or other contingency.

Leaving the car, remove the glass not only the registrar and the bracket - otherwise the car can open, thinking that an expensive "toy" is hidden in the glove compartment.

And finally, four short tips for those who are going to buy a recorder.

 - Do not "bite" too nice price tags.
 - Choose a more or less well-known brands: experiments with skilled newcomers leave.
 - Baby Model, read the reviews online. It is desirable to evaluate at the same examples as in the original video.
 - Before buying a jog on the material once more from the beginning - will not be worse.

Bon voyage. And never let the DVR you do not need!

Author: Marina Rozhkova, Michael Kolodochkin.


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