Once again, the benefits of DVR

Why the need for DVR and how to choose? Some buy DVR in advance, others go to an electronics store just after "thunder has burst." This paper is addressed to all the others who do not see the need to buy car DVR and confident that he could do without it.

Why is it useful to have a DVR? In the first place, because no one is safe from accidents and controversial "pressure" on the part of unscrupulous inspectors DPS.

A trivial example - collision while driving the intersection when the second party argues that went "green." In this case, by recording from the DVR can be either on the spot to convince him to change his testimony (which often happens!) Or already refute them at the inquest.
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Another example: a car a little "hooks" you into a stream and then disappears. Note the number is not always possible, but the recorder with video recording HD uniquely fix them. And certainly there will be problems with the insurance company, whose representatives will not be superfluous to show the process of obtaining entry / damage to your car.
Again, an example - someone passes backwards and hits you in the front bumper. To prove his innocence in this case, as a rule, is impossible. With the registrar, in this case, no problem.

But common variant "pressure" DPS: You traveled a pothole on the road and suddenly catches up with you and the inspector of the patrol car begins to assert that it was the intersection of two continuous, whereas you are well aware that it did not cross. In this case, a reference to a record registrar can help you safely leave - employees who thus earn "a raise", attributing nonexistent violations will not contact you.

In general, as practice shows, the use of a car DVR recordings - not only as a "witness" at the inquest, and more often in the settlement of disputes "on the spot". Show other participant accident that claim to anything what was not, and to persuade him to accept the indisputable proof in the form of records, and to reject the claims of unfair traffic police - for such cases avtoregistrator is more than helpful.
What is DVR? Let's start with a brief description. Car DVR is a compact electronic device the size of a little more than a matchbox (sometimes with a pack of cigarettes), in the case of which contains a video camera, a small display, the viewfinder and image processing module, and recording to removable media - microSD or SD-card. Avtoregistrator installed in the car in front of the windscreen, which comes with a special bracket with suction cup-holder and charger into the cigarette lighter socket to power the device.

Feature of any avtoregistratora is automatic on / off video when you start / stop the engine, and the function of "cutting" the recorded video into individual segments (tracks), which are written cyclically - when the memory card is the newest recorded track replaces the first one. Also, all avtoregistrator have the overlay on the record "stamp" the date and time of shooting.

In technical terms, modern avtoregistrator are sufficiently "advanced" device - many models are capable of recording video resolution Full HD, «flagships" have built-in or abutting GPS-receiver with a database of speed cameras, the approach to which notifies the owner.

Nevertheless, even the most simple inexpensive car video recorder with basic functionality - Auto power and loop recording video - is able to provide valuable assistance.


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