Amazing logic

The thinking of people in the throes of giving birth and even greater agony adopting laws are sometimes very hard to imagine. Even sometimes not. And often enough. Moreover, this applies not only to our dearly beloved deputies. This property is inherent seem to lawmakers all over the world.
Here are just now Irish MPs got the idea (which came, no one knows) that it would be necessary to enable local farmers to sit behind the wheel of the tractor in the state in which the like. Sober - please. Drunk - is not a problem.
And it became the basis for the - attention, sit down - the desire to reduce the number of suicides on the basis of depression.
Sitting here this whole killed the farmer. Sadness without restraint. It is clear that for this case can pop a good ale or whiskey. And then he wants to dispel melancholy - and walk away and not interested. A behind the wheel can not be, because there is no such law. And crept suicide. And hang out in the morning the farmer under the ceiling. Or drown from an excess of sadness.
And so - sat on the tractor, but the people in the pub to catch up on the full. And back home in raschudesny mood - through the fields so gardens, celebration of the soul continue. Well, knock someone out there, not yet dispersed with an opposite (and are to blame - not visible, the farmer goes!) Or myself, God forbid, smash. So after a fun turd die, and not dull by shit.
And it seriously considering the bill. And finger to his temple, no one turns, curiously. That's where the logic?


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