Polytechnical Museum. Australia, Sydney (75 photos)

Moscow Polytechnic Museum nervously smokes on the sidelines. A huge exhibition dedicated to the art.


At the entrance stands a huge mock steam engine at full size.

The model works.

At the beginning of exposure with engines, install explaining elementary PRINCIPLE.

Earlier in the nineteenth century and early twentieth, electric machines were not. On the whole plant or a plant, depending on the size of the plant and the level of funding was the steam engine, which rotates a shaft extending through the entire plant. And belt torque transmitted to the shaft on the machine, so each individual machine worked. The photograph on the left illustration of how it looked in the shop.

Here it is the shaft that drives the machine. As you can see everything is working.

But the interesting thing is not even that you can clearly see how it was, and even more so in action. We give it all to the application of this steam engine. In the foreground two white pipe insulation, it is served by steam. So all this is driven by the same as it was over a hundred years ago. All present, everything works, very cool.

Many models of steam engines.

But the theme of steam engines revealed no dummies, and these machines.

The museum has a lot of different steam engines.

And they all work.

This scale model cars, which stands at the entrance to the exhibition.

Locomotive. As the flywheel can see that it works too. The truth is not melted in the furnace, and it is connected to the steam system, as well as machines.

Layout marine engine.

A lot of visual exposition tells about the laws of physics. Here, for example, evacuating the air from the cylinder and pulling a vacuum can lift the weight. The principle of pneumatic installations.

There is also something to pneumatics, I can not remember the difference. These exposures are so many, they are interactive, to all that can be done.

The device is a water column, you know like in the villages.

The section on electricity.

Electrophorus machine.

The electromagnet.

The magnetic properties of various materials. For these levers can be attached to tear the material of the magnet and to feel like a magnet different materials.

Statics. Rub with this brush and acrylic balls start to come off and stick to the glass top.

With these two hefty magnets can be set in motion this engine.

Using the same magnet distorts the image by deflecting the flow of electrons.

Solar cells.


Polarizing glass.

Section dedicated to medicine.

Food industry.

In particular the production of chocolate. This form is for chocolate.

The form for the chocolate figures.

Section computing and cybernetics. One of the six demonstration models of computer parts Babbage Difference Engine, which brought his son Henry, after the death of Charles. Not a replica, real.

A computer. This is the end of the 80s somewhere. I remember those at my house had a similar machine.

Laptop computer.

Virtual reality. Devices of a disturbance in the 90s, but now about them can not hear anything strange. For now, and graphics performance and stepped far forward, now it is all to be a bomb. And the cost of such devices should be available today.


Remember clips from the network with such robots, here it is.

This industrial robot. He can play the game. Lamp lights up and your task is to amass the button colors lit bulb, and the robot has to point to it, who is faster. In general, the robot no one could beat.

This psevdomars and on it goes rover, he gave out leaves.

A huge exhibition of transport.

Transport very much. At the entrance to the museum is all a part of.

With the steam locomotive.

And cars of different classes. The third class.

The second class.

First class.

On the other hand, you can get up to the platform and look at all these cars.

The same in the third grade.


And according to the first.

Machines for transcribing separator.

Schedule of trains.

Everything can be touched to change the schedule.

Booth Manager.

Because of her excellent views of the room.

Tablet times when Australia were lbs.



The popular Australian transport bike.

Solar-powered cars.

This cake which turns the car.

Space. The first artificial Earth satellite.

The first man in space.

Participants in the program Soyuz - Apollo, Slayton, Stafford, Brand, Leonov, Kubasov.

Man on the Moon.

Devices launched to the moon.


An interesting exposition of the international station.

You can enter the unit and walk on it.

At some point, it all starts to rotate slowly and smoothly as if weightless. Gluck caught decent.

Another module does not simulate the flight of it, but everything can be viewed Soup.

But with the spacesuit they clearly screwed up.

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