20 reasons why Australia makes the Earth a better place in the universe

Amazing country-continent of Australia will be remembered forever. Tourists waiting for the huge white beaches, impressive open spaces, ancient rocks, waterfalls, mysterious forests and grandiose metropolis. And what incredible here live animals and birds! In doing so, the Australians are hospitable and emotional.

A team Website has compiled, in which you'll get a country full of unexplored beauty. Perhaps it will come in handy when you make your unforgettable route.

Sydney Opera House (Sydney Opera House) 13,462,789

Sydney Opera House is recognized as one of the most outstanding contemporary buildings, and unique "sail" have long been the hallmark of the continent.

Harbour Bridge (Harbour Bridge)

The largest bridge in Sydney, one of the largest steel arch bridge in the world. In one of the towers of the bridge there is a museum and observation deck Pylon Lookout, which offers a magnificent view of the harbor and the city center. From this point turn out gorgeous photos.

Twelve Apostles (The Twelve Apostles) 21,173,806

Group rocks in the national park "Port Campbell" is located near the Great Ocean Road, Victoria.

Miracle Australia - horizontal waterfalls

Australia is famous for its amazing waterfalls, including the unusually beautiful Russell and multilevel Mitchell. But not everyone knows about another phenomenon - the horizontal waterfalls. This phenomenon can be observed in Gulf Talbot, where there are two mountain ranges in the distance of approximately 300 meters. A cleft between them during tide rushes a huge mass of water.

Kangaroo Island

Then happily spend time adults and children. Nature reserves and national parks occupy one-third of the island. Among the huge rocks and green spaces can be found lizards, koalas, platypus, miniature penguins, barn owls and, of course, kangaroos. And, you can admire dolphins and seals frolicking in the ocean.

Nitmiluk National Park, Katherine Gorge cruise on (Katherine Gorge)

In addition to the spectacular scenery where you can watch the stormy life of the local inhabitants: travel tents near the jump wallabies, flying foxes fly, and somewhere in the distance howling dingoes. A wonderful adventure ahead - Cruise Katherine Gorge and walk to the gorge Butterflies

. Uluru Rock (Uluru)

It's hard to believe, but scientists say that Uluru somewhere 680 million years. The orange-brown rock is located in Central Australia. Its length - 3, 6 km, a width of about 3 km, and the height - 348 meters. At the base of its many caves with ancient rock paintings. Here you can see how the natives spend rites.

Magic Hiller Lake and Mackenzie

Lake Mackenzie - a beautiful freshwater lake in Australia, one of the cleanest in the world. On its white beaches, you will spend unforgettable hours. No less famous pink Lake Hiller. At the beginning of the last century was mined salt in it for six years, but then stopped. And this year, scientists found that a shade of the water give the algae species Dunaliella saltwater during Extreme Microbiome Project project.

Beauty South Australia

The largest city in the region - Adelaide. South Australia is famous for its wonderful vineyards and colorful landscapes. Here you can relax on the sunny beach of Glenelg, taste delicious seafood and taste the wonderful wines chardonnay, cabernet, pinot noir, and others.

Relationship with Aboriginal

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Aboriginal Australia - ancient peoples of the continent, which have preserved their ethnicity. The country has 250 linguistic groups and more than 700 dialects. From the age-old local legends, you will learn about the "time of creation", which is reflected in the narratives, handicraft, dances and songs. But the most striking and important character in Aboriginal mythology -. Rainbow Serpent

Sydney Aquarium

On inspection of this grand aquarium may take 3-4 hours. Sydney Aquarium is divided into thematic areas: "Northern Rivers", "South of the river", "Great Barrier Reef" and the "Southern Ocean". It created three giant floating oceanarium, 27 large reservoirs, and 23 of the aquarium. What is just can not see! Bright fish swimming among coral, toothy sharks, saltwater crocodiles, sea turtles, seals ... As if spellbound, people look through the acrylic glass tunnel length of 150 meters.

Horseback riding on the beach in Reynbou- Beach

Nice walk through the snow-white beaches terminated wine tasting and gourmet dishes.

"Valley of the Giants", "Walpole-Nornalup┬╗ National Park

It can be an unforgettable walk among the tops of the 400-year-old trees. The trail of titanium Tree Top Walk is laid at a height of 40 meters. You will find an impressive view of the huge expanses of forest.

Golden Sands Australia, Pinnacles Desert

Pinnacles (The Pinnacles) is the highlight of the National Park "Nambang" (Western Australia). Its name is translated as "desert pinnacles." Scientists are still trying to discover their puzzle. And come to the conclusion that the poles Pinnacles - is the creation of all earthly elements: water, earth, fire and air. By the way, from August to October, here comes the time of flowering.

Blue Mountains (Blue Mountains) 98,960,726

This name of the mountain derives from the blue-blue haze that appears on evaporation of eucalyptus. The Blue Mountains are cut by deep canyons of 300-800 meters. And in the woods at the foot of the mountain there is the mysterious staircase leading to a fairy tale.

Great Ocean Road

Perhaps you have been dreaming about a wonderful trip by car along the coast of the Pacific Ocean? Well, your dream, you can perform while traveling along the Great Ocean Road. It is located in the Australian state of Victoria, and its length - 243 km. The scenic route runs mainly along the coast, but in some places there are bends inland, where you can admire the vineyards and rain forests. Incidentally, the route permitted speed of 80 km / h.

Zoos Australia

The famous old Taronga Zoo in Sydney (Taronga Zoo) is home to around 340 species of animals. You can get here from the center to the cable car. There are often funny presentation. In the country there are many other zoos: Perth Zoo, Melbourne Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary (only with Australian animals) in Victoria, Adelaide Zoo, etc. But the most interesting to watch the animals in the wild

Festival Vivid Sydney <.. br>

Light Festival Vivid Sydney is held in Sydney in early winter. By the way, you do not forget that winter in Australia begins in June? This large-scale festival covers the main attractions. The light show show at the Sydney Opera House, the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary, University of Sydney, the Royal Botanical Gardens. This year the show has become a leitmotif of the culture of the Australian natives.

Walk on camels near the Indian Ocean (Cable Beach) 64,028,340

City Broome near the beautiful Indian Ocean. Here on the pearly beaches you can ride a camel, visit the place of extraction of diamonds in Argyll and from the helicopter cabin, you can enjoy magnificent views of the King George Falls and Mitchell Plateau.

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef - it's 2900 individual coral reefs and 900 islands in the Coral Sea. The Great Barrier Reef stretches along the north-east coast of Australia on 2,500 km. It is the only large natural site in the world, formed by living organisms, which is perfectly visible from space.

Wonderful inhabitants of the continent

< br> Fauna of Australia is unique and incredibly diverse. Here live more than 200 thousand kinds of animals! Most mammals on the continent - marsupials. Do mothers have to stomach deep furrow in which tiny young grow after birth. List of all the inhabitants impossible, but even children in conversation about Australia just remember cute koalas and kangaroos playful.

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