The scientific world is on the verge of great discoveries: there is no us!

The universe is a hologram! This means that we do not!

There is increasing evidence that some part of the Universe can be special.

One of the cornerstones of modern astrophysics is the cosmological principle. According to him, observers on Earth see the same thing that observers from any other point of the Universe and that the laws of physics are the same everywhere.

Many observations confirm this idea. For example, the universe looks more or less equally in all directions with approximately the same distribution of galaxies on all sides.

But in recent years, some cosmologists began to doubt the correctness of this principle.

They point to data obtained during the study of supernovae of type 1, which are removed from us with increasing speed, which indicates not only that the universe is expanding, but at an increasing acceleration of the expansion.

Curiously, the acceleration is not uniform for all directions. In some ways the universe is accelerating faster than the other.


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