Waste sorting (11 photos)

Most of the wastes that we throw in the trash can be given a second life.

01. The collected waste from the company dumpsters get to the station and sent to the sorting process up the conveyor line.

02. At the first stage by means of special magnets removed from the trash all the metal flow. In general, the metal on the company gets not much. As a general rule it in advance of the dumpsters removed homeless.

03. In the next step of the garbage removed all biodegradable waste. If you use a separate collection of waste, this process step is skipped.

04. Under the separate collection of wet storage is understood the biological materials in a container, and glass, metal, cardboard, plastic in another. Tariffs for garbage separation of garbage at Spetstrans lower than for the general. If your yard is equipped with appropriate containers may require the management company recalculate the receipt.


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