St. Petersburg, then and now

Soon, anyone who has a cell phone, get a great opportunity to travel back in time. Author along with several programmers is now engaged in the creation of applications for mobile phones that allows for the imposition of an old photograph to see the two-time at the same time and thus travel back in time. Let's see what they have in the first test. St. Petersburg 1900/2013. Nevsky, 82.

Selected pictures of Karl Bulla, we went to the Nevsky Prospekt.

The application helps quite accurately find the place, and the subsequent processing and making pictures in the collage takes a minute.

In testing I had some comments that the developers promise to fix in the near future, and in the second and third versions will implement new ideas.

St. Petersburg 1900/2013. Nevsky, 26.

St. Petersburg 1900/2013. Nevsky, 82.

St. Petersburg 1890/2013. Anichkov Bridge. Here I darkened much.

St. Petersburg 1900/2013 .. Nevsky, 49.

St. Petersburg 1900/2013. Anichkov Bridge.

St. Petersburg 1900/2013. Passage.



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