1944 Leningrad / St Petersburg in 2014

Photographer and blogger Sergei Larenkov spare time has been creating collages from photos of St. Petersburg and the siege of Leningrad. On each shot with amazing precision he combines images of the same place, but with a difference of 70 years, and thus carries each of us in the terrible days of the siege of Leningrad. The effect of these images are simply stunning. Soldiers near the monument to Nicholas I

Palace Embankment

Str. Peter Lavrov, 12

Quad anti-aircraft machine gun mount "Maxim" in the Senate Square / Decembrists Square firing at enemy aircraft

Defenders of the city from the Astoria hotel

Nevsky pr., 46 1944/2010

Peterhof. Grand Palace. 1941/2011 Nazis at blazing Corps under the arms. Used photo from the collection of Bair Irincheeva.

Pushkin 1943/2011. German military cemetery in the Catherine Park

1941/2011 M / d drive to Peterhof highway. The Germans at Leningrad trams in the outskirts. 300 meters to the street Pionerstroya

Borova 26

Peterhof 1943-2011. Fountain «Oak»

Pushkin 1941-2011. Catherine Palace after the fire

Gatchina (Krasnogvardeisk) 1942-2011. Cathedral Street

Leningrad 1944-2010. Captured on Moskovsky Prospect

Leningrad / St Petersburg 1941-2011 Peterhof highway. The death of the 124th Tank Brigade

Leningrad / St Petersburg 1941-2011 Peterhof highway. The death of the 124th Tank Brigade. Padded KV-1 at the Holy Trinity St. Sergius Primorye men of the desert (in front of "tapes"). Prominent German tomb crosses - the result of the same combat

1941 Leningrad / St Petersburg, 2012. Str. Rebellion / Kovno lane. Children Blockade

1941 Leningrad / St Petersburg, 2012. Victims of fire on Glazovskaya Street (now st. Constantine Zaslonova). House number 11 is completely rebuilt, failed to bind at the next house, number 13, yellow

1941 Leningrad / St Petersburg 2012. The Kirov / Mariinsky Theatre after falling bombs September 19, 1941

Leningrad / St Petersburg, 1941-2011. Angle Zagorodny Prospekt and street Zvenigorod. Parts of the national militia go to the front, accompanied by their relatives

Leningrad / St Petersburg, 1942-2011. Zvenigorod Street. Leningradites take water from the ruined aqueduct

1941 Leningrad / St Petersburg, 2012. At the Kazan Cathedral

1941 Leningrad / St Petersburg 2012. There the Narva Gate

Peterhof 1943-2011. The Grand Palace from Upper Park

Peterhof 1944-2011. Soviet mounted patrol in the Lower Park after the liberation of Peterhof

Peterhof 1942-2011. Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. The Germans were equipped in the cathedral observation post. In Kronstadt had to cover it with fire

Leningrad, 1942 - St. Petersburg, 2013. Country Avenue. The machine-gunners on the way to the front

1943 Leningrad / St Petersburg 2013. Five Corners

Leningrad 1941 Chernyshev Lane / Saint Petersburg, 2013 University Street. Machine-gun loophole, arranged in one of the Five Corners

1941 Leningrad / St Petersburg, 2013. A poster on the arcade

Source: sergey-larenkov.livejournal.com


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