The Siege of Leningrad.

1. Residents of front-line villages in the construction of fortifications. July 1941

2. Soldiers Volkhov Front construct anti-tank obstacles. August 20, 1942

3. Evacuation. Of Leningrad during the landing on the ship. 1942

4. Handling of dead and wounded on the trucks on Uprising Square after another enemy shelling. 1941

5. Anti-aircraft battery on the University Embankment. 1942

6. Division Saltoksa leads small-arms fire on the enemy. Leningrad front. 1942

7. The commander of the 54th Army Major General, Hero of the Soviet Union Fedyuninsky II and Brigade Commissar Kholostov DI in the dugout for a discussion of the operational plan. Leningrad front. 1942

8. The first secretary of the Leningrad Regional and City CPSU (b) Andrei Zhdanov.

9. Division Sergeant Izenkova forces the river. Leningrad front. 1942

10. Snipers sergeant Bedash PI (Right) and Corporal Plekhov I. promoted to combat position. Leningrad front. 1942

11. The commander of the air unit Korolev (left) congratulates captain Savkina with excellent combat mission. Leningrad. 1942

12. On the basis of hydro-turbine plant Metal Plant im.Stalina drawings Kirov factory launched production of tanks "KV". 1942

13. Gunners anti-aircraft gunners are watching in one of the areas of Leningrad. 1942

14. standpipes installed at the corner of Dzerzhinsky and Zagorodny Prospekt. 05. 02.1942, the

15. Transporting gas tank at the corner of Prospect and Ligovsky Razyezzhaya street. 1943

16. Nurses for victim assistance from enemy fire. 1943

17. In the spring on the "Road of Life." Lake Ladoga. 1942

18. Soldiers are offensive in German-occupied copse. In the foreground - the wreckage of a downed German planes. Leningrad front. 1943

19. Destroyer of the Baltic Fleet "Resistant" is firing Nazi positions. Leningrad. 1943

20. The soldiers are moving through the territory Schlusselburg fortress. 1943

21. Controller Stakhanovite Baltic plant, Komsomol Valya Karasev at work. March 14, 1942

22. Stakhanovite logging Leningradka Anna Vinogradova and Tonya Sedakov sawn wood. Leningrad region. March 23, 1942

23. Stakhanovskaya team Morozova for loading wood into the wagons. Leningrad region. July 21, 1942 Mr.

24. Soldiers of the Leningrad Komsomol Regiment fire Vasilevsky Island Galina Kuritsyna and Erna Kiwi on duty. 1942

25. Girls - fighters MoEHE for clearing and cleaning of the city. March 1943

26. Leningradka for clearing the tram tracks on the Moscow highway. April 23, 1944

27. Employees of the hospital and E.Skarionova M.Bakulin the collection of cabbage. 1942

28. In the book tray on the avenue of the 25th of October. 1943

29. In anticipation of the signal. Sergeant K.P.Tyapochkin in the balloon in the park in the square Chernishova.

30. Lenin monument under cover.

31. The funeral procession on Nevsky Prospect.

32. Training lessons fire platoon Local defense on Nevsky Prospekt near the Kazan Cathedral

33. The teacher EM Demin is a lesson in the 7th year of secondary school № 10 of the Sverdlovsk region of Leningrad. In the foreground - student Olya Rural and Zoe Chubarkova.

34. Children in the shelter during a raid by enemy aircraft.

35. The consultant physician L.G.Myskova with sleeping newborn children in nurseries number 248 of the Sverdlovsk region. 1942

36. Nina Afanasiev - she was born during the siege. 1942

37. The Working bakery number 61 named AE Badaeva Emilia Ctibor puts bread in boxes to send to the store.

38. The Meeting soldiers Volkhov and Leningrad fronts near the village № 1. Leningrad region. 1943

39. Soldiers unload boxes with exhibits of the State Hermitage, returned from evacuation in Sverdlovsk. 1945

40. Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Klyukanov, commander of one of the infantry defending the besieged Leningrad.

41. Women are involved in shipping dragon teeth on the Moscow highway in the besieged Leningrad. November 1941

42. Soviet soldiers pass by the dragon's teeth at the International Avenue in besieged Leningrad. 1942

43. Leningrad firefighter assists his injured comrade.

44. Women work the land for a garden on the square in front of St. Isaac's Cathedral in Leningrad.

45. Leningrad consider unexploded German sappers and disarmed the bomb.

46. ​​Patient dystrophy woman lying on the bed in the besieged Leningrad. 1942

47. The first sleigh convoy sent to the besieged Leningrad on the ice of Lake Ladoga. 11/24/1941 of

48. The residents of besieged Leningrad tram moved away from the front of the house was destroyed by bombardment. October 1942

49. The anti-aircraft battery at St. Isaac's Cathedral in the besieged Leningrad. 1942

50. Snow on Uritsky Square in besieged Leningrad.

51. The destruction caused by the German bombardment of the temporary bridge across the Neva River on the lines of the field - Shlissel'burg. 1943

52. A team that has won the right to host the first train from Leningrad to the "mainland". From left to right: AA Petrov, PA Fedorov, ID Wolves. 1943

53. Column Red Army moves along the waterfront Jaures in Leningrad past moored floating base "Irtysh". Fall 1941

54. Girls-defense fighters on combat duty on the roof №4 Street Halturina in Leningrad. 05/01/1942 of

55. The commander of Soviet submarine Sch-323 Lieutenant Commander Fyodor Ivantcov on the deck of his ship in the besieged Leningrad. 1942

56. Traffic on the "Road of Life" in March 1943.

57. Victims of the German artillery bombardment in Leningrad. 12/16/1943 of

58. Soviet submarine U-2 "Star" in Leningrad. May 1942

59. Marine Scout-a decorated sailor PI Kuzmenko. Leningrad front. November 1941

60. Children of the siege of Leningrad in the beds on Mytninskaya waterfront. 1942

61. Soviet submarine "Lembit" waterfront Summer Garden in besieged Leningrad. 1942

62. The commander of Soviet submarine Sch-320 Captain 3rd Rank Makarovich Ivan Vishnevsky (1904-1942) on the deck of his ship. Leningrad. 11/22/1941 of

63. Commissar Soviet submarine Sch-323 Senior Political AF Kruglov talking with the staff in the besieged Leningrad. April-May 1942

64. Statement of the combat mission Soviet officers near the armored train "Baltiets».

65. Soviet priests who were awarded medals "For the Defense of Leningrad».

66. The Soviet tank T-26 from the 55th Army from the hands-free unit for conducting oral agitation. Leningrad front.

67. The squad leader navigational electricians Soviet submarine M-96 Petty Officer 2nd Class VA Kudryavtsev. Leningrad. May 1942

68. Sergeant group torpedoman Soviet submarine M-96 Warrant VG Glazunov examines the torpedo tube. Leningrad. May 1942

69. The Soviet submarine M-79 and u-407 in besieged Leningrad. March-May 1943

70. The Soviet submarine u-408 in besieged Leningrad.

71. VS Krasnoflotec Coachman bow 45-mm gun Soviet submarine u-407. Leningrad. 04.17.1942 g

72. Calculation of the nose 45-mm guns Soviet submarine Sch-407 during training. Leningrad. 04/17/1942 of

73. Leningrad and soldiers have orders to the troops of the Leningrad front to lift the blockade of the city. January 1944

74. A resident of besieged Leningrad lucky corpse on a hand cart.

75. The first German prisoners on Tchaikovsky Street in Leningrad. September 1941

76. Leningrad look at the first German prisoners. September 1941

77. Residents of the siege of Leningrad gaining boiling water while in the bomb shelter. 1942

78. The Red-skiers in Atlantean figures of the New Hermitage in besieged Leningrad. 1943

79. Calculations 37-mm anti-aircraft guns 61-K Ladoga Flotilla cover "lifeline." 1943

80. Assembling machines PPD on one of the Leningrad plant. 1941

81. Soviet light cruiser "Kirov" at the University Embankment in Leningrad. January 1944

82. Soviet light cruiser "Kirov" in Leningrad in the first winter of the siege.

83. Soviet women repairing tanks BT-5 at one of the Leningrad plant.

84. Production of artillery shells at one of the Leningrad plant. July 1943

85. The battery of 85-mm anti-aircraft guns 52-K on Decembrists' Square in Leningrad. April 1943

86. The bodies of the dead from hunger on the streets of Leningrad. 05/02/1942 of

87. Leningrad on Zagorodny Avenue during frost -30. January 1942

88. The evacuees from Leningrad and the corpses of the dead from hunger in the port Kobona, Leningrad region. 04/12/1942 of

89. Leningrad voluntary Sunday work on cleaning the city on Avenue Volodarskogo. 08/03/1942 of



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