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Today in Russia celebrate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi blockade of Leningrad. Worse than bombing and shelling at the time turned out to be a hunger that thousands of men mowed. The horror of those terrible days, you can read under the cut. In front of me I stood a young boy, nine years old, maybe. He was covered in some handkerchief, and then with a cotton blanket was covered, was the frozen boy. Cold. Some people left, some others have changed, but the boy did not leave. I ask this boy: "What are you do not go to get warm?" And he said: "All the same, the house is cold." I say, "What are you, one live?" - "No, with mother." - "So what, mother can not go?" - "No, can not. She's dead. " I say, "How dead ?!" - "Nurse died, sorry because of it. Now I guess. I have it now only one day put to bed, and at night I put the stove. She's still dead. And cold from it ".
"Blockade Book" Ales Adamovich, Daniel Granik

"Blockade Book" Ales Adamovich and Daniel Granik. I bought it used to be, at best, second-hand bookshops on Foundry St Petersburg. The book is not reading, but always in sight. The modest gray cover with black letters are stored under a living, scary, great document, the witnesses' memories, survived the siege of Leningrad, and the authors who have been participants in those events. Read it hard, but I'd like to do it every ...

From an interview with Danilo Granin:
& quot; - During the siege of looters shot on the spot, but also, I know, without a trial let flow into cannibals. Can we blame these maddened by hunger, lost their human face accidents, which do not dare to call people, and how often have been cases where in the absence of other food ate their own kind?
- Hunger, I tell you, restraining barriers deprive: morality disappears, leaving the moral prohibitions. Hunger - it's an incredible feeling, do not let go for a moment, but, to my surprise and Adamovich, working on this book, we realized not raschelovechilsya Leningrad, and it is a miracle! Yes, cannibalism took place ...
- ... Ate children?
- There were worse things.
- Hmm, what could be worse? Well, for example?
- I do not want to talk ... (pause). Imagine that one own child fed differently, and was something that we did not write. Nobody prohibited, but ... Can we ...
- There was some amazing survival in case of a blockade that shook you to the core?
- Yes, mother nursed the children with their blood, notching his wrists & quot ;.

"... All the apartments were dead. And we are not afraid of anything. Earlier did you go? It's frustrating when the dead ... Here we have the family died out, so they were lying. And when so removed in a barn! "(M.Ya.Babich)

"There is no fear dystrophies. At the Academy of Arts on the way down to the Neva dumped corpses. I calmly climbing over the mountain of corpses ... It would seem that the weaker a person is, the worse it, but no, the fear disappeared. What would have happened to me if it is in times of peace - would have died of terror. And now, after all: there is no light on the stairs - I'm afraid. Once people ate - there was fear "(Nina Ilinichna laksa).


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