Map of the events of 1941-1945 in Leningrad

By the 66th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, published map of the events of 1941-1945 in Leningrad, the most expressive talking about that time.

Stone Island Avenue, 26-28 (home Benoit). The birth of music time.

The famous Seventh Symphony of Shostakovich, later called "Leningrad", was composed in 1941-1942. The first three parts were written in the house on Kamennoostrovsky Benoit Avenue. Work on them Shostakovich completed in August 1941 and 8 September, began the siege of Leningrad.
"With pain and pride I looked at the beloved city. And he stood, singed by fires, battle-hardened, experienced profound suffering soldier, and was even more beautiful in its bleak greatness. It was not like this city, erected Peter, not to tell the whole world about its glory, about courage of its defenders ... My weapon was music, "- said Shostakovich later.

The finale of the symphony the composer is already finishing in Kuibyshev, where the Theatre of Opera and Ballet, and it was first performed on March 5, 1942. Blockade Leningrad heard cult product August 9, 1942. Along with medicines and other valuable cargo score brought the special plane from Kuibyshev broke the blockade ring.

He performed a symphony Symphony Orchestra of the Leningrad Radio Committee, in which, after the first severe winter blockade remains only 15 survivors weakened musicians. To fill the missing numbers orchestra musicians were sent to the front.

In spite of the bombing and air strikes in the Leningrad Philharmonic during a performance of the symphony were all lit chandeliers. All 80 minutes while the musicians played, the enemy guns were silent: the gunners defending the city were ordered: in whatever was to suppress the fire of the German guns.

During the execution of the symphony was broadcast on radio and over loudspeakers city network. She heard not only city residents but also besieged Leningrad by German troops. Much later, two tourists from the GDR, spotted conductor Karl Eliasberg, confessed to him: "Then, on August 9, 1942, we realized that we lost the war. We felt your strength, ability to overcome hunger, fear and even death ... »

"There were loudspeakers, the Germans heard it all. As it said, all Germans were mad when it heard. They somehow thought that the city of the dead "- says Galina Lelyukhin flutist.

Italian street, 19. The only theater in the world, opened in the besieged city.

October 18, 1942 in besieged Leningrad - an unprecedented event in the history of the world! - Opened a new "city", the theater, the troupe of performers who have made the Radio and Drama Theatre. Pushkin. Later the company has replenished the actors of the New Youth Theatre and agitvzvoda Red Army House.
The theater opened play by K. Simonov, "Russian people". "Raise the curtain. On the stage - the Russian people. They - in the crowded auditorium - in coats, sailor's jackets in working overalls and quilted jackets. Leningradites perceive the play "Russian people" Simonov as a living profit, as a story about their own thoughts and feelings ", - the newspaper" Izvestia ».

The performances in the city theater began at 17 o'clock, the audience had time to get home before curfew. When the shelling started, everything down to the shelter and then returned to their seats, and the play continued. If the light is quenched, viewers sent their flashlights on the scene - and under this light was the performance.

During the siege there were performances of "Russian people" and "Wait for me," Konstantin Simonov, "Front" A. Korneichuk, "Invasion" Leonov, "The Marriage Belugina" Ostrovsky, "Oleko Dundich" Rzheshevsky and M . Katz.

In autumn 1944 the theater was renamed Leningrad dramatic, and since 1959 - a theater named Komissarzhevskaya Faith Fedorovna - in memory of the actress, who opened a theater in the same building on the Italian and led them in 1904-1906.


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