The first months of the war. Year 1941 th (99 photos + text)

We know about the counteroffensive at Moscow, about Stalingrad, Kursk and about the crossing of the Dnieper, about the "operation" Bagration "and the capture of Berlin. Victory "period of radical change" and "zavreshayuschego stage" at the hearing. But we forget one thing. There would be those wins, there would be May 9 Victory of 1945, there would be no you and me, if the summer and autumn of 1941, the Germans managed to do what is called "plan" Barbarossa ". Its successful implementation for a couple of months before the thaw and frost, it was absolutely real, if not for the heroism of our soldiers. As demonstrated by the French company thousands of tanks, guns and aircraft are useless if soldiers, tank crews, the pilots are not ready to fight to the death for their country.
But this is not France. For it turns out that during the first 8 weeks of fighting in Russia killed Wehrmacht lost as much as two years before the war. A little later it turns out that is lost or out of order half the weight of tanks and vehicles. And yet after a while it turns out that the loss of aircraft approaching the losses in the "Battle of Britain".
What is that terrible Masha rasteryasha that invaded Russia, and lost in the vastness of it as all good?
We have tried in recent years about the summer and autumn of 1941, mostly on our govnodokumentalistike and imported recent years and books with photos of the columns of Soviet prisoners of war, and the rubble-lined equipment. Chaos, defeat, flight, rout.
I decided podsobrat in different books photographs of those who these days has remained faithful to his duty, keep a clear mind and a steady hand. And a lot of that has helped the Germans to "lose." Those who fought and won back in 1941, was surrounded in boilers and made his way to her. Of those whose courage made the Reich Minister for armaments and munitions Dr. Fritz Todt November 29, 1941 the Führer said: "In the military and military-economic terms, the war has already been lost".
And in all fairness the first part of the album triumphs and trophies of 1941 it is necessary to devote "the queen of fields".

They nizassali in forty-one.

In the film "Soldiers" is a character, the classic Jewish intellectuals who gets to command a battalion in Stalingrad due to lack of officers. This is very similar to the character of the July 1941-th:

Lieutenant Colonel with submachine gun PPD. On the chest - a jubilee medal "20 years of the Red Army."

This Latvian shooter. Volunteer Veystur Zulters, worker Komsomolets from Riga.


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