Leningrad Vs St Petersburg - Find the differences

Leningrad - one of the largest industrial, scientific and cultural centers of the USSR, a town with a rich and glorious history.
Here he lived and worked, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin - the founder and leader of the Communist Party and the Soviet state, a brilliant thinker and revolutionary. In 1917, under the leadership of the Party of Lenin is the Great October Socialist Revolution.

Leningrad - the city-hero. He was awarded this title for his outstanding services to the country, the courage and heroism of the city workers in the struggle against the Nazi invaders. Leningrad feat immortalized in a monument in honor of the heroic defense of Leningrad in 1941-1943 and the defeat of Nazi troops near Leningrad in 1944, in the monuments of the "Green Belt of Glory", in the majestic monuments Piskaryovsky memorial cemetery and many other memorial structures.

Remarkable architectural ensembles in Leningrad, palaces and museums, parks and art galleries are known worldwide.
Leningrad - the city of physical culture and sports. There are more than three thousand playgrounds, football fields, specialized rooms, swimming pools, skating rinks, sports games Palace, the Palace of Sports "Jubilee", thirty-seven stadiums, the largest of them - Lenin and Kirov ...

The collection includes photographs of the Olympics 80 and, for comparison, pictures of the same places, but made in our time.

photo taken here in Leningrad (18 pcs)



Winter Palace

Arch of the Main Staff

St. Isaac's Cathedral (if you look closely, you can see the cross on the cathedral, set in modern times)

Bronze Horseman

Parade at the Palace Square

Building Lengorsoveta (Mariinsky Palace)

Book House

Yeliseyev Grocery Store

Palace of Sports "Jubilee»

Palace of sports «Zenit»

Sport School "Change»

Sports school "Change" the young goalkeeper

Cycling in the city center

Hotel Leningrad / St Petersburg

New city

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