What looks like this thing? (77 photos)

While you meditate and try to guess, I tell you a story.

& quot; A woman found something in the collection bequeathed to her and was going to give it to a charity shop. But her attention was attracted by the unusual handle, decorated with pale green ball. She carried this thing antiquarian named Jethro Marls (Jethro Marles), which found that it is - thing from Faberge. On the handle, in particular, remained branded with the name of the master - Mikhail Pershin. In December 2008, the discovery Marls estimated 15 thousand pounds.

Correspondent The Telegraph Marls explained that the ball on the handle is made of bouenita-like serpentine jade varieties, popular ornamental stone. It is believed that Bowen is warmer to the touch of the jade. Antique dealer added that the market found a lot of imitations of Faberge, but his client, whose name was not disclosed, has got an excellent original copy.

As a result, a woman rescued him at auction 17, 5 thousand pounds (25 thousand dollars), reports The Telegraph. Trades County Exeter conducted the auction house Bearnes Hampton and Littlewood.

It was about the umbrella, the value of which was mainly in its handle.

There were times when the umbrella was considered a status symbol: with him appearing in public could only notable person. Handles umbrellas turned from ivory, coral pink, precious wood. A decorated with carved garlands of plants, precious stones, gold-plated.

Faberge. Carved emerald diamond, gold, enamel. Master Henrik Wigstrom, St. Petersburg, about 1910.

Faberge. Quartz, Citrine, gold, enamel. Master Mikhail Pershin. St. Petersburg, about 1900

Faberge. Bowen, gold, enamel. Master Mikhail Pershin. St. Petersburg, about 1895.

Faberge. Purpurin, gold, enamel. Master Mikhail Pershin. St. Petersburg, about 1895.


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