The largest emerald in the world

Emerald weighing 11.5 kg was put up for auction and estimated at 1.15 million dollars. Green mineral the size of a small watermelon, which has 57 700 carats, to be auctioned on 28 January 2012 at Western Star Auctions auction weekly held in British Columbia. The stone, named Teodora (Teodora), was mined in Brazil and cut in India. Its owner was the buyer of precious stones, Reagan Rainey, who emphasizes that it is not a pure emerald.


"This is emerald, but the exact number contained in it emerald it is impossible to determine," says gemologist Jeff Necka, who studied the jewel. "The stone is the heterogeneity of color, and therefore, at least a quarter of its volume may consist of white beryl is a mineral which is the predecessor of the emerald, — he said. — The surface of the stone is very well painted, but I doubt that the green color extends to the full depth. In my estimation, in this case, it is advisable to talk about General stone, how about jewels, but the emerald interlayer with a thickness of 3-5 cm."

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