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The theme of the wrong system of voting is becoming more popular every time after every more or less important elections around the world are protesting malcontents, people go to rallies, protesting against the unfair and unjust election. But according to designer Andrew James (Andrew James), all of this could have been avoided if widely used it system called MyVote.

Its concept, aims to modernize the process of voting by means of special mobile devices, provides a network of voting machines that can be placed in a variety of locations from College campuses to community centers. With the help of these machines, each user will be able to produce all the necessary and standard steps of the voter to produce identification, to register as a voter for voting, to find out all available information about each candidate's views and campaign promises and, of course, to vote.

In addition to the machines themselves, the system also provides a special application MyVote, by which users can request a physical ballot or to pay for preferred candidate digital voice using your smartphone or tablet.

Definitely an interesting and useful concept, but it is unlikely that ever he will demand too much of such voting system lies in their deficiencies. First, it is difficult to trust the software quite frequent cases of failure, and outside interference is almost impossible to trace and to prove. In addition, such a system requires considerable investment of funds, but will be a couple of days a year or even less. In addition, not everyone is able to deal with an electronic device, which means the need for a permanent presence of consultants at each point of location of such machines, and this is an additional cost. So while, most likely, the world will do proven ways of voting and counting of votes, but in the distant future, who knows.

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