Precious stones and not very

That's decided to create a theme for his passion and little gesheft
that is, precious and semiprecious stones ... try to talk a little bit about them and show your stash
Let's start gradually please do not break at the end will tell.

Of all the quartz amethyst most beautiful and valuable. Name of the stone was, is believed to be from the Greek "ametistos", which means "nepyany." History amethyst indicates that it has long been known in the East, and Europe.
In ancient times it was used as an ornamental stone for small items (excluding amethyst semi-precious stone), and in Christian times it has acquired a religious significance. Amethyst was considered a symbol of humility and modesty, and adorned church utensils, clothes priests.
Catholic tradition to give the Cardinal at the ordination of a ring with this stone and priests wearing jewelry with him led to the emergence of new names - Bishop's pastoral or stone (in Catholic countries) and the bishop (particularly in Russia). From the XVIII century it became widely used as a gemstone for all kinds of ornaments, which were already secular people.

Amethyst at all times was considered magical and protect mineral. It is a symbol of purity and cleanliness. He gives people insight extinguishes mental anguish, anxiety, fills the aura of good intentions, helps to control evil thoughts.
He has a positive effect on the weak and unstable aura. Wearing products with amethyst promotes calm and relaxation. This beautiful gem is an amulet from alcoholism. In the Middle Ages gave amethyst favorite.
A gem in the heart-shaped, set in silver, considered the best gift the bride to her fiance. This talisman brings the newlyweds a blessing, happiness and peace of mind for many years. Due to the property to change its color, depending on the weather, it is preferred to travelers, sailors and fishermen. They believed that with the help of amethyst, can predict the weather.

Magical properties of amethyst are so strong that it is not recommended to wear all the time, but only from time to time, on the same night or stone decoration with him useful to put in the middle of the room to room stone imbued positive healing energy, or under the pillow.
With the latest related properties of amethyst to protect human sleep from evil thoughts and give quiet pleasant dreams. He protects the wearer from all sorts of excesses (including drunkenness), and poisoning by natural disasters, makes a person more intelligent, cheerful, and removes from the heart of anger and rage, softens the heart of interlocutors, having a useful and peaceful dialogue. < br /> More valuable and harder stone amethyst, inherited, as it is believed that he keeps the spirit of the previous owners, and jewelry stores generic strength of spirit and values โ€‹โ€‹of all kinds.

Medicinal properties of amethyst based on its purple color - it soothes, relieves fear and anxiety banishes evil thoughts, mental pain and excessive, dangerous passion, replacing all these negative energy positive - good thoughts, humility, love, hope and understanding. Thus, amethyst cures everything connected with emotions, allowing to control them. Improve the healing and magical properties can be regularly removing his accumulated negative energy. Amethyst as a talisman hardest on Saturdays as an amulet - on Wednesdays.

Amethyst - a stone elements of air, the best mascot for Libra and Aquarius. Well suited Gemini. Also good for Sagittarius and Aries. Amethyst is contraindicated in the following signs: Capricorn, Leo, Taurus and Fish.


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