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Of all the quartz amethyst most beautiful and valuable. Name of the stone was, is believed to be from the Greek "ametistos", which means "nepyany." History amethyst indicates that it has long been known in the East, and Europe.
In ancient times it was used as an ornamental stone for small items (excluding amethyst semi-precious stone), and in Christian times it has acquired a religious significance. Amethyst was considered a symbol of humility and modesty, and adorned church utensils, clothes priests.
Catholic tradition to give the Cardinal at the ordination of a ring with this stone and priests wearing jewelry with him led to the emergence of new names - Bishop's pastoral or stone (in Catholic countries) and the bishop (particularly in Russia). From the XVIII century it became widely used as a gemstone for all kinds of ornaments, which were already secular people.

Amethyst at all times was considered magical and protect mineral. It is a symbol of purity and cleanliness. He gives people insight extinguishes mental anguish, anxiety, fills the aura of good intentions, helps to control evil thoughts.
He has a positive effect on the weak and unstable aura. Wearing products with amethyst promotes calm and relaxation. This beautiful gem is an amulet from alcoholism. In the Middle Ages gave amethyst favorite.
A gem in the heart-shaped, set in silver, considered the best gift the bride to her fiance. This talisman brings the newlyweds a blessing, happiness and peace of mind for many years. Due to the property to change its color, depending on the weather, it is preferred to travelers, sailors and fishermen. They believed that with the help of amethyst, can predict the weather.

Magical properties of amethyst are so strong that it is not recommended to wear all the time, but only from time to time, on the same night or stone decoration with him useful to put in the middle of the room to room stone imbued positive healing energy, or under the pillow.
With the latest related properties of amethyst to protect human sleep from evil thoughts and give quiet pleasant dreams. He protects the wearer from all sorts of excesses (including drunkenness), and poisoning by natural disasters, makes a person more intelligent, cheerful, and removes from the heart of anger and rage, softens the heart of interlocutors, having a useful and peaceful dialogue. < br /> More valuable and harder stone amethyst, inherited, as it is believed that he keeps the spirit of the previous owners, and jewelry stores generic strength of spirit and values ​​of all kinds.

Medicinal properties of amethyst based on its purple color - it soothes, relieves fear and anxiety banishes evil thoughts, mental pain and excessive, dangerous passion, replacing all these negative energy positive - good thoughts, humility, love, hope and understanding. Thus, amethyst cures everything connected with emotions, allowing to control them. Improve the healing and magical properties can be regularly removing his accumulated negative energy. Amethyst as a talisman hardest on Saturdays as an amulet - on Wednesdays.

Amethyst - a stone elements of air, the best mascot for Libra and Aquarius. Well suited Gemini. Also good for Sagittarius and Aries. Amethyst is contraindicated in the following signs: Capricorn, Leo, Taurus and Fish.

Prasiolite is a variety of quartz with light green and glassy luster. Can meet its other name - green amethyst. In the form in which the composition exists in prasiolite jewelry uncommon in nature.

Prasiolite has certain medicinal and magical properties. It helps with colds, develops memory, logic, imagination. Stone represents such personality traits as honesty, sincerity, peace and tranquility, brings happiness, optimism, promotes well-being.
Mineral is a perfect gift for your loved one, which will give him the energy and vitality, drive away bad thoughts and will be protected from trouble. Natural prasiolite also considered a stone that symbolizes loyalty, it helps to strengthen family ties and helps to preserve marriage for years to come.
Praziolita deposits are in Brazil and in the United States.

Ametrine stone ... interesting ... he was called by a combination of signs of minerals such as amethyst and citrine. Ametrine is a two-color variety of crystalline quartz. He is also known as two-color amethyst or bolivianit. The last name of the stone is associated with the largest deposits of this mineral in Bolivia.
In recent years, Ametrine is of interest to lovers of rare minerals and jewelry. His elaborate granite, emphasizing the uniqueness of color. Stonecutters beat a unique combination of colors, so are marketed ametryn various shapes. Due to the unusual two-tone paint mineral became popular enough jewels.
Ametrine extracted in Bolivia, washed in boiling water and separated into growths on dairy fractured areas. The stones usually are cut so that the contrast to show both colors - purple amethyst and golden yellow citrine.
In this case, the border color is perpendicular site faceted gem. The border between the two color zones remains clear. Most often, the stones are rectangular in shape and cut faces staggering. In exceptional cases, Ametrine are cut brilliant cut.
Then all the colors are mixed due to internal reflection of light from the multiple facets. In this processing, alternately appear with a different color turn mineral.

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Garnet - is a large family of gemstones. The Color of Pomegranates diverse. It includes almost the entire rainbow spectrum. Although it is assumed that there is only a stone garnet red.
It's a stereotype. There are stones bright green, red, brown, pink or cherry, yellow-green, orange and other shades of colors. However, the most common and popular mineral is dark red (pyrope). In the color number is not only blue garnets.

Pomegranate has been known since ancient times. Even then, in ancient Rome, Egypt, Persia, this mineral is used in jewelry. They are also inlaid silver and gold plate.
War wore shields and belt decorated with pomegranate. He was considered a stone of war, bringing victory. Name your stone received from the Latin word «Grantus», which means grains of pomegranate.
If you look closely, they do have similarities with red garnet crystals, both in form and in color.

A favorite among demantoid garnet is. Stone with bright green, gold sparkles and brilliant shine.

Natural pearls are divided into two categories depending on environmental education: river and sea. Freshwater pearls formed in the shells of lake and river mollusks.
The distinctive trait - oblong, irregular shape. This pearl has a much less shine, it can be found in jewelry XIX - early XX century, it usually pearls extracted from the River Tay in Scotland and from the Mississippi in the United States.
Nuclear-free cultured pearls produced in the river farms in Japan, and more recently, in China, in large quantities; such pearls weigh less than conventional cultured samples, but can be custom colored them more oval shape. Once seen, they are easy to distinguish then, their cost is small.
Sea pearls are formed in the shells of marine mollusks, have a more regular shape and are valued much higher.
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Emerald - a variety of the mineral beryl saturated velvety-green, sometimes with a slight bluish tint. Pure beryl - colorless, and acquires color when in its structure there are elements that are responsible for a particular color.
Emerald green due to the presence of impurities of chromium Cr. Typical emeralds contain 0 14% of chromium Cr, 0, 12% of Fe, and 0 05% vanadium V.
Origin of name: The word "emerald" (English emerald) is derived from the Persian word, which through such modified forms of the Latin smaragdus, as esmeraude, emeraude and esmeralde, came to our times. Smaragd - Old Russian name of the mineral emerald. The main deposits of emeralds in Colombia (Muzo mine in), East Africa, Transvaal, India, Pakistan, Zimbabve (Sandvana).
Colombian emeralds on the photo ...

Emerald - like sapphires and rubies is estimated depending on its place of production. If ruby ​​"Password" is Burma, and for sapphire - Kashmir, then emerald - a Columbia, more precisely, in the Muzo mine, near Bogota, where the stones are mined most beautiful grass-green color.

Thanks to the bright shine green emerald is considered a unique and one of a kind gem. Samples of really good quality are quite rare, evenness of color often prevent inclusion. Small inclusions in no way reduce the value of the stone.
On the contrary, emerald bright deep green, even with inclusions is more valuable than the pure emerald pale green.
Emerald - mineral relatively soft (his hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale), its surface is easily abraded and scratches on the edges remain. If emerald long kept in a container with diamonds, sapphires and rubies, it can look almost opaque, devoid of luster because of permanent damage to more solid materials.
For one of these stones offered only 500 pounds, but after he polished it again, the price rose tenfold.
pictured untreated emerald from India

Morganite interesting stone or pink emerald It may seem that the mineral is not just animated, but also suffers from an excess of modesty. Otherwise, why would he hide behind different names?
Morgan vorobyevite, balzatin - these are just some of the nicknames of beryl, the will of the geological fate painted in red and purple (usually pink) colors. Mineralogical "independence" natural morganite found recently, in the early twentieth century - and before that was in practical obscurity.

Meanwhile, the mineral is not rare: Dating and the Urals, and in Asia and Africa, and the Americas. It is beautiful and in demand: in a perfect crystal faceted morganite can be estimated quite expensive, but not more expensive than similar-sized diamond.
Gem-quality stones - are not uncommon, although natural morganite often corrupted internal cavities, cracks, heterogeneous inclusions, impurities. Most of the crystals of the mineral is opaque, has expressionless gloss brown color and a variety of defects.

Large crystals of the mineral mined in Madagascar, Afghanistan, and especially in Brazil and California, have considerable value in the case of their complete transparency.
Fine inclusions of impurities, giving an internal "silk" shine, further increase the value of the stone.
Morganite brilliant cut cost is calculated in the range of from 50 to 200 tons per carat. High retail price are not only large stones, but also insert size of a quarter carat.

The name of this stone opal, presumably derives from the Latin. «Opalus» or Sanskrit «upala» - gem. From a physical point of view, opals are silica hydrogels. In other words, Opal - is an amorphous silica containing from 6 to 10% water.
Some types of opals are able to absorb a certain amount of water, and dries to lose her rastreskivayas; hence their nickname - "Treskun."
Natural colored opals is very flexible - all the colors of the rainbow. There are over a hundred varieties of natural opals are of different colors, which are caused by impurities, manganese, nickel, iron and other elements.
Here are the rest of the Mexican opal sold until well clear not caught ((

Natural ruby ​​- the most expensive gemstone in the world, although relatively diamond))). Ruby perfect quality of Burma will be more expensive diamonds, with the same quality and weight.
This is because in nature are very rare rubies more committed and large sizes. But, as is the case with other natural gems, low-quality ruby ​​crystals unsuitable for cutting, cost only a few dollars per carat. Usually, it is not clear stones.
The largest amount ever paid was recorded in 2006 on February 15. The famous London jeweler Laurence Graff paid incredible, a record amount. 425,000 pounds per carat 8.62 carat ruby. For a total of 3.6 million. Rubin was framed in the ring Bulgari.

Nowadays a huge number of heat-treated rubies. This is the easiest and most affordable way to remove unwanted impurities from the crystal and make it more transparent. As a result, Ruby becomes more uniform color.
What would he have become more transparent, cracks and voids formed after heat treatment, is filled with special glass. This type of upgrading today is the most common. With this technology, people with average incomes can now afford to buy natural ruby ​​at a more affordable price.
Compare the result: Ruby, Burma, 1 carat, clarity: VVS, not ennobled - $ 5000. Or ruby, Tanzania, 1 carat, clarity - VVS, ennobled - $ 500.

Element of this stone - fire. It allows the holder to stay in complete safety, even among enemies, awards invulnerability, but this stone should be worn under clothing on the body and it is advisable never to part with it. Ruby owners need to be very careful. If you are unrestrained by nature - it is best if you're not going to touch the ruby. Good, good man this gem gives generosity and perseverance in achieving the goal, and the evil, on the contrary, port, increasing its negative traits. Rubin increases the responsibility of man and promotes leadership aspirations, saving the owner from inferiority complexes and uncertainty. He creates love and attraction to the great, be it art, science, military business and so on. In addition, this stone symbolizes passionate carnal love.

Rubin refreshes, strengthens heart, normalizes blood pressure. It also helps to restore memory, helps with epilepsy, stops bleeding, helps with wound, brain diseases, diseases of the spine, bones and joints; protects against viral and other infections.
Zodiac sign Leo ruby ​​is considered. In addition to Lviv, ruby ​​can wear Archers. It is not recommended to wear jewelry with ruby ​​Virgo and Taurus. Extremely contraindicated Cancers and emotional Scorpio.

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Sapphire - blue or dark blue corundum gem-quality stone is very valuable, we can say class. In fact it is not only a blue color.
Just when it comes to sapphire, people imagine the image of a bright, blue gem. Sapphire differs unusual strength and hardness, due to which the stone is very durable and resistant to external influences.
Natural sapphire crystal word "sapphire" is derived, probably, from Babylon, "SIPRI" - scarring, which may well be, given the hardness of this mineral. In Russia before, XIX century, sapphires called azure sapphires. Today, jewelry sapphires called corundum

Sapphire is a natural cure for heart disease (cardiac weakness, rheumatic heart disease, inflammation of the pericardium) and women's diseases, asthma and leprosy, boils and evil growths.
Cures kidney, bladder and urinary ducts, and promotes discharge of resorption of kidney stones. It helps to treat diabetes, headaches, arthritis, and middle ear, in paralysis after a stroke and chronic degression, is beneficial for eczema and other skin diseases and epilepsy.
Natural sapphire strengthens eyesight, cleanses the eye and destroys them blood stains, heals wounds, plague and rabies, have a calming effect, save us from thirst, fever, and especially melancholia.


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