How gems are mined in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is known to us primarily as a country of tea. But it is grown here not so long ago, in the early 19th century. But the mining of precious stones doing here a little longer. Mining technology during this time changed several times. By the way, Edward the blue sapphire that adorns the crown of the British Empire, was found here.

Interestingly, search has engaged both private and government organizations. To buy a license for the extraction of values can anyone. You can even dig a hole on the town and start looking. However this adventure will cost 5 thousand dollars annually. As for specialized search organizations, they always act according to a structured scheme, and looking for prey in the mines. The entrance is made through the well. Its walls were fortified with palm logs.

From technologies that help to work, local use only the pump that pumps out water. At a depth of 30 meters, workers poured the clay in the buckets, bags and containers, which are then raise up to clear. Wash clay up until in the tank will not be only pebbles. Among this gravel and other stones sometimes find precious rocks. Sometimes the search lasted for several months. After that the stones give treatment, or to the market.

Often miners work solely on Commission from sales, which amount to 2%. Raw stones are very expensive, so each mine is a factory for processing of jewels. Accurate to say that each factory has its own mine.

Gold in Sri Lanka is not extracted at all. But it is very often used as chips for decorations. Jewelry stores of this region are simply overwhelmed by the varieties of precious stones. The range is simply vast. If you have such a desire. For short term, local jewelers will make you a unique masterpiece of jewels. And be sure to offer you untreated stone. You will be able to use as a mascot.


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