This can not see with your own eyes!

Clouds on the wings of the plane, flattened drops of rain and shrimp-murderer. All that can not see our silly eyes, but with the camera fixed lotions!

Clouds on the wings
Occupation pilot of a supersonic aircraft is dangerous not only because each decomposed at the helm could be the last game of solitaire. At some point, the risk of flight is even the air itself.


After all, after the aircraft breaks the sound barrier on their wings appear clouds - the result of condensation of water vapor. They are not as harmless as children think: cloud put pressure on the wings, significantly complicating the control of the aircraft.


Before you illustration of how the 450 kilograms of gunpowder in a millionth of a second from a solid state into a gas. The explosion, in simple terms. Notice that the explosion seemed covered with a dome. In fact, it is a shock wave that can not see with the naked eye. You can only shoot its high-speed camera, keep track every fraction of a second explosion, and then cut from the footage spectacular shot.


Curves drop
Round and falls. Thus, until recently, it seems to us the life cycle of an ordinary raindrop. But slow motion showed that all our ideas are wrong. At the beginning of the fall kap¬lya really looks like a sphere, but because of the resistance of the air quickly spreads out and becomes similar to what is already there, on the flying of the nozzle. Then the "nozzle" like a parachute, disclosed, and later, like a bubble, inflated and bursts.


Lightning contrary
If you during the storm not to hide, but stoically observe the raging elements of the window, you should know that lightning strikes from the top down. But not always. Some lightning hitting the bottom up, and their electrical charge many times more powerful than conventional lightning charge. As a rule, a similar phenomenon can be observed in mes¬tah where there are high poles, towers or buildings they are current providers of such lightning. And again, striking out in a thundercloud, lightning will generate dozens of other hitters already in the classical way - on the ground.


Costs profession
It must be the people in the photo they regret not received in his time in the theater, because they are now - the liquidators of leakage of electricity on the wires with voltage 500 thousand volts. While the helicopter with the pilot hovered a meter away from the wires, his partner tries to detect the leak.


In this atmosphere around hard workers imbued with electricity. Actually, flash decorating helicopter - are electrical discharges that are visible only to happy owners ult¬rafioletovyh cameras.


Static Zarnitsa
Consider heat lightning - a flash of light on the horizon, which lasts no more than a moment - is unrealistic. Unless, of course, do not use high-speed cameras and shoot from the air. Then it turns out that summer lightning - a cluster elekt¬richeskih discharges are lightning, illuminating the horizon and reaches a height of 30 km.


Elastic water
Skaters, or, more simply, of the family of insects suborder Hemiptera bugs are able to move around the surface of the water at a speed of 996 km / h. It seems that the creation of brisk glides through the water, using the effect of surface tension. In fact pond skater does not slip and is repelled by the surface of the water and makes a series of low jumps. The process embodied in the colored water.


Shrimp killer
Not all shrimp are the same defenseless as those that go well with beer. Some, such as shrimp-chuck, quite correctly reflects the attack of other representatives of the underwater world, using podkleshnevy material that is water. When a shrimp-Shchelkunov selected opponent, it pushes its claws, then closes its lightning speed. This movement generates a powerful jet of water that a clicking sound shoots at the enemy at the speed of 96 km / h. Because of such high speed is formed bubble and inside the bubble temperature not less than 2000 degrees. The bubble burst - and there is a powerful shock wave that can kill someone small.




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