Erase wrinkles around eyes

The skin around the eyes is delicate and thin — here appear first age-related changes. The skin loses its freshness, there puffiness and fine lines, swelling, dark circles. Alas, it is a natural process caused by the structure of the skin in this place. There is almost no subcutaneous fat and sebaceous glands, almost no muscle supporting skin elasticity.

Collagen fibers (and in fact, they hold the structure of the skin) around the eyes resemble a mesh, which is stretched in all directions, and the soft subcutaneous tissue leads to the tendency to swelling. Of course, we can't change the structure of the skin, but we can look after it closely and carefully.

And such care will surely be able to push unwanted signs of age in the distant future. In fact, the cause of such problems as dryness, fine lines, puffiness, circles, irritation of the skin, along with natural factors may be inept, careless skin care around the eyes or a poor choice of cosmetics.



CAUSES of WRINKLES UNDER EYESWrinkles under the eyes (especially if the skin is prone to dryness) can be formed at a relatively young age. The same can be said about the crow's feet (wrinkles in the outer corners of the eye), which appear due to the increased mimic activity and structural features of the eye muscles.

If there is no hereditary predisposition, and health problems (allergies, heart disease, kidney, endocrine system), causes the premature appearance of problems in the eye area a bit: unhealthy lifestyle, lack of care, tampering with cosmetics or the use of substandard tools.

One of the reasons for the early appearance of wrinkles on the skin around the eyes may also become your work: if the work involves a lot of stress to the eye, it can affect the skin in this area. Fiber thin muscles shrink convulsively, paralyzing the metabolism and blood circulation, as a result, you start to notice fine wrinkles in the eye area.
And of course the main causes of wrinkles under your eyes include age, sun exposure, Smoking and stress.


WRINKLE FIGHTING DAILY!Prevention of wrinkles under eyes

1.Facial expressions. To prevent wrinkles should be to monitor his facial expressions. Frequent squinting leads to premature wrinkles under the eyes, because at constant load, the collagen fibers wear out much faster.
Also, not to injure the delicate skin around the eyes, it is not recommended to RUB the eyes (hard to get rid of this childlike habits!), stretch the skin of the eyelid to prop the face with his fist.

2.Food. With age, the natural collagen synthesis (collagen supports the skin structure in good condition) can not make up for his losses, especially against the background of the lack of necessary chemical substances that must be obtained from food. So complete and balanced nutrition plays an important role in maintaining the beauty and preserving youthful skin.

In order to successfully fight wrinkles, first of all change your eating habits:

  • add grated carrots to sauces, salads. Carotene contained in carrots, is an excellent nutritional source for the skin;
  • add fresh spinach leaves to the salad. Spinach contains more carotene than any salad;
  • write regularly eat fruit. The most effective in the fight against wrinkles fruits and vegetables a red color. For example, red peppers, tomatoes, grapefruit. Eat apricots, peaches, mango, papaya. Fruits contain many vitamins and minerals, and many nutrients;
  • often eat broccoli (let it be you will have even frozen), sauté it with other vegetables, add as a garnish to main dishes;
  • every day, eat fruit salads, like fresh and frozen and canned fruit. Let the fruit salad will be a good habit for you;
  • drink fruit juices that are rich in carotene. If you are tired of orange or Apple juice, go for the carrot and juices from tropical fruits (papaya, mango).
3.The sooner the better. The use of special cosmetics for skin care around the eyes it is recommended to start at age 20 — 25 years. It is especially important not to lose time, and to eliminate the incipient wrinkles, because later in the process will be profound and to stop it will be much harder. Daily care should include three basic treatments — cleansing, toning and moisturizing
To save on cosmetics for the skin around the eyes is not worth it.

4.Sunglasses. To prevent and reduce wrinkles under the eyes in the sun regardless of the time of year, it is recommended to wear sunglasses that help you to squint less. With myopia should buy glasses or contact lenses.


Stimulate blood circulation, lymph flow and improve the penetration of cosmetic products will help daily self-massage. It is better to do after cleansing the skin and applying the cream. All movements should be done at your closed eyelids with the pads of the third and fourth fingers strictly on the massage lines, repeating three or four times:

1.Easily glide across the skin around the eyes (finger of the right hand — right eye, left — left): from the base of the eyebrows to a fixed part of the upper eyelid in the direction of the temples, then in the opposite direction on the zygomatic arch at the border of the lower eyelid. At the temples, slow motion, pause and press lightly on the whiskey.

2.Take the eight (finger of one hand): from the outer corner to the inner eye on the lower eyelid, then through the bridge of the nose and on the upper eyelid to the outer corner of the other eye. Return to the lower eyelid to the inner corner and again make a transition through the bridge of his nose.

3.Point apply pressure with your fingers when moving around the eyes. Pressure should be easy and gently, or massage can give the opposite result.

4.Pokolachivanii fingertips alternately on the upper and lower eyelids.

5.Eyes closed, place on eyelids bent into a fist fingers. Keeping arms, try to open your eyes and simultaneously lift the eyebrows.

6.Palms press on whisky and dramatically hands.

In the presence of deep wrinkles except self-massage is recommended to do once a week, massage in a beauty salon.

The use of cosmetics

There are many cosmetic products for the eye contour creams, gels, emulsions, serums, masks, capsules . Because most often they are versatile and operate in an integrated manner, it is necessary to consider the skin type and age, not forgetting, of course, about the possible allergic reactions.

So, for Mature skin is more suitable for concentrated preparations, main ingredients of which are active substances that affect regeneration, collagen and elastin, normalizes blood lipids, and glycans (the substance that fills the space between collagen fibers). Remedies with herbal and fruit extracts and vegetable oils can only help the young skin.
Creams that help to deal with facial wrinkles, including crow's feet, to stand slightly apart from others, and they are comparatively few. Besides weakening the muscle contraction, they slow down the blood circulation in the tissues, which leads to deterioration of nutrition of cells and metabolic processes. It reminds about the two sides of the same coin. Although you can reassure yourself that the use of a moistening, nourishing, tonics smooths this effect.
Plant extracts in the form of lotions, gels and tonics to soothe and refresh the skin. The tonic contains natural ingredients used after morning and evening cleansing, helping to fight sagging and swelling of the eyelids, dark circles. The same effect can be achieved with the help of eyeliners. They look like a colorless lipstick contain a lot of nutritional and biologically active substances.
All features can be used separately or combined. The main thing — do not overdo it, forgetting that we are dealing with the most delicate and sensitive skin.

Camphor cream

Very good at helping to prevent and reduce existing wrinkles under the eyes camphor oil. Although we would recommend to not use pure camphor oil and a cream based on it. Prepare tender homemade camphor cream specifically for the skin around the eyes. Take 50 ml melted in a water bath unsalted fat (pork interior) and 50 ml of camphor oil, mix and pour into jar. Twice a week massage it into the cream before going to bed.

Correct position during sleep

Puffiness and wrinkles around the eyes are often related to incorrect head position during sleep. Too high pillow violates the venous outflow in the skin of the eyelids and leads to the appearance of bags under the eyes. Sleep "face down in the pillow" helps the appearance of deep wrinkles-rays around the eyes. Need to sleep on a flat pillow or without her, placing a neck roll. It is best to sleep on your back or side, but in any case not prone.
But not only the position during sleep influences the condition of the skin around the eyes. It was important to sleep! Lack of sleep affects not only on General health but on the skin around the eyes. It is advisable to sleep at least 8 hours a day and in a well ventilated room where there are no sources of electromagnetic radiation, television, computer.

Useful tips for youthful skin around eyes:

1.Wash with cool water, it improves blood circulation. You can apply ice cubes or special ice masks made of plastic, filled with gel. Keep them in the fridge.

2.Apply the minimum amount of cream evenly over the movable part of the eyelid point light strokes. The cream does not smear, and to drive with fingertips (preferably unmarked, as they are least developed, and therefore, will not be able to deform the skin).

3.It is important to keep in mind that most creams or gels applied in the morning. At night you can use only the funds with a lifting effect. Nourishing or moisturizing cream before bed can give a strong swelling.

4.Do not put the cream for the face (even the highest quality) to eyelids.

5.Makeup forever also apply with light movements.

6.You need to apply the creams for eye contour, containing UV filters, particularly in the period of active sun.

7.Cosmetics it is advisable to change every four months to avoid allergies and addictions.

8.During the autumn-winter period, take a good vitamin complexes.

9.More outdoors, exercise.


MASK of WRINKLES AROUND the EYESthe following is a list of masks anti wrinkle skin around the eyes. The mask is recommended to do one or two times a week:

1.Mask of white bread: put a crumb of white bread, soaked in milk for 15 minutes. Course of 1 month, through the day.

2.Infusion from the "mesh" around the eyes from fresh birch leaves: 1 Cup birch leaves, pour 1 Cup of cold water and infuse 8 hours, filter. Use as a compress.

3.Mask from the "mesh" around the eyes: melt 1 tbsp. a spoonful of honey, add 1 tbsp. spoon wheat flour (or oat flour) and whipped protein. Keep the mask until until it dries, then rinse

4.Cold broth from laxity of the eyelid skin of a mixture of chamomile, mint and sage: herbs are taken in equal amounts. You need to take 1 tbsp. l. mixture, pour a glass of boiling water and hold for 15 minutes on a steam bath. Then cool and strain. Apply to eyelids tamponchiki with the broth for 15 minutes.

5.Mask from wrinkles under the eyes of parsley: put svezheulozhennye parsley on the eye, cover it with a wet swab and leave for 15 minutes.

6.The mask of grape juice for tired eyes: it is useful to nourish the eyes with grape juice. Cut a grape and hold on the lower eyelid of the eye. The skin around the eyes gets natural food.

7.The mask of wrinkles under eyes from potatoes, flour and milk: take 2 tsp. of raw potatoes, flour and milk. Mix well and put on the eyes, covered with wet swabs. Keep the mask for 15 minutes.

8.The mask of wrinkles under eyes for self-massage: 50 ml of olive oil mixed with 10 ml of oil solution of vitamin E every night to drive a mixture with fingertips into the skin around the eyes during the massage. Then carefully remove excess oil with a paper towel.

9. Mask from wrinkles under eyes dill: sprinkle on two small piece of gauze or a wide bandage on a handful of fennel seeds, put it into hot water or milk for 1-2 minutes and let cool. Put on eyes for 10-15 minutes. Instead of fennel seeds you can use regular tea bags or dried parsley, sage, chamomile.

10.Eye mask almond: drive every night during the month in wrinkles almond oil, leave for about half an hour, then gently, without stretching the skin, remove the excess with napkins. Apply additional cream on the skin around the eyes is not necessary to avoid edema.

11.Eye compresses milk: liberally soaked in boiled milk swabs put on closed eyes, keep 5 minutes. Repeat the procedure two more times. Then wash and apply to the skin around the eye cream.

12.Eye mask blue: prepare an oil infusion from a tablespoon of flowers of cornflower blue and half Cup of olive or almond oil. Soaked in the infusion on a cotton pad, hold on eyes for 20 minutes, then gently wipe the skin water extract of cornflower (1 tablespoon of flowers in 1 Cup of boiling water).

13.The aloe Vera juice: this is a true "healer" of the skin and the source of the moisture can be applied to stubborn areas like the corners of the eyes ("crow's feet") or the cheeks and lips just before bedtime. Use actually clear juice from the leaves of aloe Vera, or buy stabilizing gel with 98% — 99% concentration of aloe Vera juice for maximum efficiency.

14.Nourishing mask against deep wrinkles under the eyes: 1 tbsp of oil solution of vitamin E mix with 1 tbsp of cocoa butter and sea buckthorn oil. Apply sufficiently intense layer to the upper and lower eyelid. 10-15 min wet cloth. Wrinkles are significantly reduced. Possible use of up to 3 times a week. Apply at least 1.5-2 hours before bedtime.

15.For moistening and prevention of occurrence of wrinkles due to dry skin use jojoba oil, castor or olive oil. Apply around the eye clockwise.

16.To prevent the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes it is recommended to use apricot oil (100% oil from seeds of apricot), made by cold pressing. Contains triglycerides, natural wax, stearine, vitamin F. it Has high biological activity, slows the aging process, prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Well absorbed and assimilated by the skin, penetrating deeply and nourishing the skin of the eyelids to the deepest layers.

17.To prevent the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes also it is recommended to use peach oil (100% oil from seeds of peach), obtained by cold pressing. Contains glycerides of palmitic, oleic and linoleic acids. Due to the content of vitamin B15, which has high biological activity, stimulates the metabolism and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

18.Herbal oil for eyelids from wrinkles: take 1 teaspoon of dried herbs: burdock, calendula, spearmint. The mixture of herbs pour 50-100 gr. olive oil. Infuse herbs in oil for 7 days in a dark place. Strain finished with herb butter. Lubricate this oil ever 2-3 hours before bedtime. Keep 5-10 minutes, then dry with a cloth any excess oil.

19.A means to prevent wrinkles around the eyes: olive oil and a few drops of lemon, gently RUB into the skin of the eyelid. 5-10 min to remove excess cloth.

20.Lotion wrinkle cream for the skin with active refreshing effect: in 100 g of boiling water to brew the herbs (peppermint, Melissa, sage and fennel in equal proportions) — 2 tbsp. Add 2 crushed standard tablets of glucose. After cooling, add 1 tablet of activated charcoal and 5-7 drops of glycerin. Carefully drain. Use up to 3 times during the day for area treatment age. Store in the refrigerator 7-10 days.

21.Mask of potatoes and parsley from wrinkles under the eyes: steamed, half a grated boiled potato decoction of parsley, and a little drop of vegetable oil, spread it all on pieces of gauze and put the mask on your eyes for half an hour before bedtime.

22.Tibetan mask from wrinkles under the eyes: to prepare the cream — whip 1 crude protein with 10 oz. olive oil and 1 teaspoon of decoction of Bay leaves. For this 2-3 leaves pour 100 grams. of boiling water over medium heat and cook for 10 minutes. Add 3-3,5 gr. burnt alum (sold in the pharmacy). Thoroughly mix the entire composition to obtain a homogeneous mass. From a piece of flannel cut the crescents for the area under the eyes. Cooked cream soak the prepared cloth. Put the mask on the skin and leave overnight. If wrinkles are located locally (for example, "crow's feet" around the eyes), you can make a mask just for these sites.

23.Fake infusion for shallow wrinkles in the eye area: pour 1-2 teaspoons dried Linden flower 1 Cup of boiling water for 10-15 minutes, then strain. This infusion is recommended to wash the eyes. Instead of washing, you can make lotions: moisten in warm infusion of gauze or bandage, gently squeeze and apply on eyes for 3-5 minutes. Procedure relieves swelling of the eyelids, eye fatigue, is used to smooth shallow wrinkles around the eyes.

24.Chamomile compress: sewn from soft fabric pouches to pour a bit of dry chamomile blossoms, place them in a bowl with boiling water and leave for 5-10 minutes. Then, while the bags are still warm, put them on both eyes. This poultice is applied with highly inflamed eyes and eyelids raised, tender; in addition, with regular use (2-3 times a week) it protects from the early appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. published


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