What you can't see

Eyes highly precious to humans. Chinese medicine believes that they are the "essence of five Zang-organs and six fu-organs, like the sun and moon belong in the sky, constantly bring forth the light". Therefore, any damage to everyday life and bad habits that contribute to the dysfunction of internal organs (five Zang-organs and six fu-organs), can damage your eyes.

What you can't see:

Snow. We all know that if I stare at the snow, it may be snow blindness, so when you work in the snow should wear sunglasses. Also you can't look at the sun, the moon and the stars – this may be one of the causes of loss of vision.

Some of the colors. It turns out that the "five colors of dull sight." According to Chinese tradition, the "five colors" is green, yellow, red, white, and black. However, there is such a record in an ancient book: "All five colors hurt the eyes, only black screen, can nourish the eye". And also: "Green ears of corn, and grass may nourish the eyes."

You can damage your eyesight if you stare a long time at any one color or a long time to strain your eyes no rest. Therefore, among the prohibitions, "six long" to maintain the health there is one command — not a long look. The eyes are very closely connected with the liver. "The liver opens into the eyes", a lot of pathological changes of the liver can be a reflection of disturbances in the eyes. The liver is responsible for storing blood. If you look long enough, easily damaged blood. This means that the tension not only damages the eyes but can affect the health of the entire body.

Factors that affect vision:

To sum up the various factors in everyday life affecting the vision, then in General we can distinguish four: habits, profession, environment and nutrition. Among them the most dangerous reasons that can damage eyesight, are bad habits.

Habits. In the book "Yin Hai Jing Wei" (the Essence of the Silver sea**, XIII) among the causes of vision loss identified the following negative habits: exercising at night, reading under the moon, playing after sunset, dice and checkers without rest, over of vision, excessive sexual life, excessive crying. Among these, the first three are associated with lack of light or because when you read a book power of vision.

Why "dice and checkers" damages the eye? First, because the man day and night awake without adequate rest. Secondly, he has to concentrate, "greedy look, glaring eyes in the Board", in violation of the prohibition "not to stare".

What is the connection between "excessive sexuality" and the eyes? Chinese medicine believes that this relationship is very close. When the liver is filled with blood, the eyes can get hydration and nutrition. The connection of the liver and kidneys are not quite normal. The liver belongs to the element Wood, kidneys — Water element, the liver is Wood in need of hydration kidney-Water.

When the essence Jing of the kidneys in abundance, the blood of the liver are also in abundance, so in Chinese medicine refers to the relationship of the liver and kidneys. "When the Qi of the liver and kidneys in abundance, then in the eyes of the light; when the deficiency of Qi of the liver and kidneys — the darkness and dizziness". That is, when the functions of the liver and kidneys full of strength and energy, then the eyes are bright and clean. If excessive sex life can cause damage to the essence Jing of the kidneys. Water will not irrigate a Tree, the liver will lose moisture and nutrition. The lack of blood liver eyes become dry and rough, in the heat of the blood of the liver is inflamed and sore. Thus, maintaining the health of all internal organs is an important prerequisite for the preservation of the eye.

Excessive crying is also a common cause of damage to the eyes. People say: "From crying tears dry, eyes blind." If much to grieve, damaged the quintessence of Jing and soul, weakens the entire body. In addition, the tears should be wiped, and a frequent wiping of the eyes contributes to their direct damage. There is a popular saying: "If the eyes are not dry, they will not go blind; if the ears do not dig, they're not gonna go deaf". In this case we have in mind that rubbing and other rough movements is unbearable for delicate eyes. Besides, if to wipe away the tears with a dirty handkerchief, it can cause various eye diseases, Western medicine is called the inflammatory.

Specialty. People of certain professions is particularly strong straining my eyes. The ancients believed that the eyes are easily damaged during the "years rewriting the books, performing fine etching". You can call the many specialties in which strains vision. In all these cases it is necessary to pay attention to rest, implementation of preventative exercises to maintain eye health, to combine work and leisure, as well as to provide adequate lighting and needed a magnifying equipment.

Furnished. In books of Chinese medicine States that to eyes harmful "prolonged stay in a place with smoke and fire." It can cause redness of the eyes. Eye disease can also occur when pollution of the atmosphere, when eyes fall into toxic substances. In addition, a large threat is exposed to the eye in areas where there are sand storms. It is easy on the eye can get to the sand.

Food. In ancient books it was stated that for eyes adverse "five spicy vegetables, food and beverages with the properties of heat, immoderate consumption of wine, hot food". That is, any foods with properties of "sharpness" and "heat" and hot food can do damage to the eyes. After penetration of products with the properties of "sharpness" and "heat" to the internal organs, fever penetrates into blood, Qi, heat rises to the eyes. Sometimes some people who like onions, garlic, pepper, and alcohol, may decrease vision, sometimes there may be redness, swelling and pain of the eye. So not a lot and for a long time there are products with the properties of "sharpness" and "heat". As for hot meals, it is not necessary, only that it was scalding to comply with this rule is not difficult.

Deficiency in the diet some foods can also cause eye disease. The most classic example night blindness. The cause of this disease is lack of vitamin A. Chinese medicine believes: "it Happens that due to power lean diet reduced vision or blindness occurs. Flavored food can revive the quintessence of the I Ching. With a lack of it, reduced vision".

During the reign of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) doctors summarized the main causes of eye damage: "Excessive mood swings, excessive sex life, excessive overvoltage of view, strong crying, freezing or falling under the wind, the inability to take refuge from the sun in the summer, to protect yourself from smoke and fire, hot food and drinks".

So, avoid excessive surges of view, rest your eyes, don't work too late, eat right and have no reason to cry (except the onions)!

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