If you are tense, so tired LIVER

The EYES are the MIRROR of the LIVERAND if you do nothing to the liver, then you need to save money for a cornea transplant and lens.

Our mirror should always be clean and clear, especially in old age, when eye problems are particularly concerned about. Because active longevity also depends on the view. Why our eyes are "getting old"?

The reasons why there are all sorts of disturbances can be divided into 3 groups: the conduction of light, accommodation (the ability of the eye to change the focal length due to the contraction and relaxation of the eye muscles) , colour and light perception. The conductivity of the light meets the lens, cornea and vitreous body. If they have good conductivity, the vision is also good. The cornea is on the outside and can be injured from dust, any mechanical impact.

Lens less prone, since placed inside, but it is under load light on transparency. His health depends, oddly enough, from the metabolism. Therefore, one has to wonder: what am I doing to the metabolism was active? Violation of transparency of the lens is primarily in the area of malnutrition.

When a person sees halos, glare, especially at night when he's asleep but her eyes were something shining, is reduced and vision. This is the first indication that this man a long time not eating. And did not provide food for the eyes.

The second reason is accommodation. The lens has some curvature, and it is designed to focus the image of the subject that you are currently considering, and move it to the retina. If accommodation works - you see well. If the image focuses before the retina - no definition, you are short sighted if, after hyperopia. Not much: farsightedness or myopia - there is a feeling of fullness and no visual acuity.

And that's the easiest way of help, which the majority of people, - glasses, which are actually crutches for the eyes. You just added to the extra curvature of the lens diopter. And you need to train the muscles of the eye.

There are a lot of exercises.


Many experts recommend improve your eyesight below the liver to give more strength. And the connection is very simple — toychest (voltage) of the liver determines toychest the whole body, including the eye muscles. If the liver is hyperactive, then the eye muscles are in a state of tension, and this creates the effect of myopia (minus). This condition is more typical for childhood and adolescence, when the body is actively growing.

With age, our liver wither, and ocular muscles relax, therefore, the vision seeks to "plus". If the hyperactivity of the liver persists with age or even increases, then the vision remains in negative territory. Any deterioration in eyesight speaks of the troubles in the liver.

The MORE TOXINS IN the BLOOD, the HIGHER the SENSITIVITY of the SCLERA of Course, you can use contact lenses but to wear lenses, especially those who have hypersensitivity, as they irritate the eye. And the sensitivity is defined by one thing: if the liver filters the blood well, the eye is not sensitive, if it is bad – toxins, and their eyes also got. In this case there intolerance to the lenses.

The more toxins in the blood, the higher the sensitivity of the sclera. It once again reminds that our body is a system. And the body that ensures 100% nutrition and 70% of cleansing the body, needs to be in order. Here is the liver.

The color of the sclera indicates some irregularities in the liver. For example, in various forms of jaundice of the sclera turn yellow, and the hues and saturation of yellow reflect the degree of damage. Scleral icterus indicates a deep relationship between liver and spleen – pancreas. The plurality of red veins (arteriolar) on the sclera indicates venous stasis caused by impaired hepatic blood flow.

Eye disease typically caused by blood deficiency in the liver, its damage, anemia. Because the blood from the liver moistens and nourishes the eyes, and congestion of this organ of toxins prevents the flow of healthy blood through it. Chinese medicine teaches that these States are characterized at high temperature in the liver, and it is associated with inflammation.

Atherosclerosis starts exactly from here - from the eye. Eyes, in fact, the aorta, run this process. And break blood circulation in atherosclerosis of blood vessels in the eyes, and interfere with the feeding is easy. Even worse, if a person has diabetes, if sugar is not controlled or the person does not know how to do it. Then increases the level of glycosylated hemoglobin (the portion of hemoglobin associated with glucose), which is not washed out. Soaking glucose, such a "sweet" erythrocyte (blood cell), hitting a capillary, gets stuck there, it clogs the vessels and impedes blood circulation, which is suspended as much as 4 months.

Rods and cones perform their very important function. When the lens and cornea focused on the retina, they catch the light quantum. The number of rods and cones every fraction of second is the number of outbreaks that have occurred in the fundus, and the number of pulses that hit the nervous system. When the light strikes it, there is actually a flash which gives a signal to the nervous system. So the analysis of what we see: color, size, and other characteristics.

Sticks the retina contains rhodopsin, the main light-sensitive visual pigment, which under the action of light changes. It is partially destroyed. However, the decomposition is constantly going and the process of regeneration. This is a reversible process, but with good liver function. And this requires vitamin a, of course, assuming that he was in the food. Because the liver needs somewhere to take it.

By itself, the vitamin is useless, if the liver is not able to absorb from food. Therefore, in diseases of the eye and blurred vision you need to carefully monitor the health of your liver. After all, sticks and cones need a quick recovery. And if the blood does not work – no recovery. As a result, visual acuity fell.

Glaucoma is hypoxia (oxygen starvation) of rods and cones, and need to be treated no glaucoma, no high blood pressure. And you need to affect the microcirculation, blood circulation in the eyes. Then the situation turns in the opposite direction.

FOR EYES HARMFUL OVERWORK, POOR FOOD AND DRINK But it is equally important emotional state. The liver reacts to the anger, anger and other negative. If you for a long married life often viciously fight, do not be surprised that soon you will have glaucoma.

People in sedentary work is a violation of the venous current, - said Boris Skachko, so often get tired eyes and lost efficiency. And your performance supports single organ in the body is the liver. If the liver provides proper nutrition for the eye and brain, venous outflow contributes to the liver. She holds liquid blood and you healthy. Only the liver can not thin the blood in the process - it becomes more dense and difficult venous outflow, that is why tired brain and eyes. To get out of this state suggest light exercise.

Will your menu include dill, carrots, pumpkin, beets, apricots, sweet pepper – sources of vitamin a, blood vitamin gets into the eye.

As for the liver and for eyes harmfully poor quality drinks and poor quality food. Of course, our eyes are not defenseless, they have a barrier, that is, the control system, which protects against toxins in the blood. But this barrier, too, is not eternal, and not the most powerful – it is also likely to miss the malicious toxins.

In this case, iridocyclitis develops, that is, inflammation in the eyes, and this is an autoimmune process in which the eyes "go". Is inflammation of the iris, which is due to poor blood supply and leads to disruption of innervation (the Association of the eye with the Central nervous system). As a result, there are often a variety of complications. So you need to clean the blood.

Also cataracts. This disease is associated not with the passport and biological age. Therefore, this process can be easily controlled through proper nutrition and cleansing of the liver, a side effect of which is to improve vision.

Oriental medicine is caused by an imbalance of energy, which leads to liver dysfunction and weakening of the eyes, said: an excessive amount of food and drink, excessive consumption of sugar and alcohol, fats, refined vegetable oil, flour products, bread, pasta, and a late dinner (even a small amount of food incapacitate the liver).

Liver cleansing birch buds

It's pretty effective and accessible to all prescription. Birch buds can be bought in any pharmacy: 0.5 cups of oats and 1 tablespoon of birch kidneys to fill a thermos 0.5 liters of boiling water and leave for 6 hours. Strain and take 1 Cup before bedtime 1 glass on an empty stomach in the morning. Breakfast can be taken in 2 hours. Repeat this procedure for three consecutive days, the infusion is prepared fresh every day.

"The GREAT CROSSROADS" - TAI CHUNGChinese Medicine also bears preventive character. Therefore, when the diagnosis takes into account the human condition in a certain time of day. In diseases of the liver in the early morning of such people is exacerbated by the perception, at sunset they're restless, and in the midnight quiet. The time of maximum activity of the Meridian from 1 to 3 a.m., the minimum between 13 to 15 hours.

In accordance with the canons of traditional Chinese medicine: the main function of the liver is that it is a distributor of energy throughout the body and Keeper of the blood when we sleep. The liver is responsible for detoxification of waste and the production of bile which breaks down fats. In other words, this body is the main cleaner of our body and why it is so important the liver Meridian. If you do this on enough blood, eyes get nourishment, moisturizes and can see well, our vision is in order. If the liver gets sick, starts to fail in the work of the organs of vision — there is a dryness, pain, flashing floaters in your eyes, and in the later stages may have a serious problem is glaucoma or cataracts.

However, to help your liver with the help of a magic point tai-Chung, which means "great crossroads." It is located on the metatarsus of the foot, at the base of the big and second toes. The Chinese use it in almost all disorders of the liver and diseases of the eye: pain, swelling and redness, while cataract, glaucoma, watery eyes in the wind, decreased visual acuity, dry eyes, disruption of twilight vision. Massaging it in just 5-10 minutes.

©Boris SKACHKO, naturopath

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