How to kill the liver as a vegetarian

The liver is an important organ of our body that filters blood and cleans it from all harmful substances. Very often we eat, take drugs, alcohol, smoke and do not think that all of this destroys our liver.

The main enemy of the liver – fat. The liver produces bile, which helps digest and break down fats. If the food comes a lot of the liver difficult to cope with it. Especially hard it is necessary if the person eats at night. Fats are not burned and stored, including in the liver and about it. Over time, the fat becomes more and more Islands, they are partly replaces the normal liver cells (hepatocytes). This increases the risk of atherosclerosis, diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver.

Fatty liver disease — this diagnosis hear almost every second person after 40 years, who came for a routine ultrasound. Pleasant, of course, a little, but not upset. The liver is able to properly perform their functions, even if the "form" remains only 20% of her cells. The liver is able to regenerate itself and is ready to forgive you for decades of inattention to her. Just now have to reconsider their way of life and to be her friend.

The greatest harm the liver cause fat, pork, lamb, duck, goose and other fatty meats. In the black list and broth. But even if you are a vegetarian, you also have a chance to kill the liver.

Particularly at risk peccaverunt. Oily fish is the one which includes no less than 8% body fat. This group includes herring, mackerel, sturgeon, halibut, eel, etc fish caloric content may twice to beat pork. Given the quality of the products and contamination of the seas and oceans, to consume the liver of fish need a cautiously — this body accumulates toxins.

The liver of freshwater fish are usually infected with liver Fluke (opistorchis), the Echinococcus, clonorchiasis and the other kinds of worms that live in the liver. You can catch them by eating poorly processed fish. In addition, seafood can contain mercury, which destroys the liver. It is better to abandon them, at least from those types of fish (mostly sea: tuna, swordfish) whose high mercury content.

Lactovegetarians kill the liver with butter, chocolate, cocoa, fresh pastries, fatty pastries and cakes. Carcinogens, which are produced when the oil is subjected to heat treatment, for the liver — a real torture.

Refined carbohydrates worsen the health of the liver. If you don't want to kill your liver, it is better to exclude from a diet all kinds of cleaned grain products and sugar. Limit to limit the consumption of white bread, pasta, pancakes, pies, cakes and other products made with white flour and sugar.

Vegans and raw foodists incapacitate the liver with vegetables with a sharp taste of radish, radish, garlic, garlic, and sour berries, vegetables and fruits — cranberry, kiwi, sorrel. Pickled vegetables, pickles, smoked meat, mustard, vinegar, horseradish, spicy ketchup in immoderate amounts also will not benefit. To acid and alkali, the liver is the same as the poisons. Sharp and searing meals the liver is considers toxins and trying to neutralize them. Finding them, the liver secretes a double dose of bile, in order to quickly break down these harmful substances. And the resulting excess bitter liquid quite often stagnates in the ducts of the liver where the stones are formed. Just six months, a tiny grain of sand can turn into a stone with a diameter in centimeter.

Moderate amount of herbal products with choleretic action (garlic, radish and turnips, arugula, mustard) are beneficial to a healthy liver.

Excellent hepatoprotector — spice turmeric. Good for the liver raw cucumbers, greens. In the membranes of all vegetables and fruits contains bitterness, which have choleretic effect. The bitterness is also available in orange and lemon zest. But if the three summer months in a row to lean on tomatoes, scoffing them for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, the liver may be rebel. "The tomatoes in the fall cause acute diseases of liver, gall bladder, contribute to stone formation, — says the doctor-gastroenterologist Olga Soshnikova. — So, you have to be careful with señor-tomato, especially for those who have any problems".

Many vegetarians use incompatible with other products, giving it special significance. For example, it is impossible to use in the salad cucumbers and tomatoes. Because cucumber is alkaline foods, and tomato – sour. When mixing occurs the formation of salts. If you want to keep health, do not eat at the same time protein foods (meat, eggs, fish, cottage cheese, cheese), which requires for its digestion acid enzymes and food containing carbohydrates (bread, cereals, potatoes, sugar, sweets), which require alkaline enzymes.

It is dangerous for the liver eat soup or porridge yesterday's cooking, as it is not fresh food. If food is stored in a metal container, she soaked harmful to the liver compounds. Fungi, including edible, contain huge amounts of harmful substances and hard to digest, they also contribute to the destruction of the liver. Also harmful to the liver is very hot food and drinking hot tea, and sunbathing, to overheat the body in hot weather, near the stove or Martin, too warmly dressed.

Hypothermia, a sedentary lifestyle is also harmful to the liver. They say that everything starts with hemorrhoids, it is the first sign of liver problems.

A strong blow on the liver each person deals modern ecology. Hard to imagine the amount of exhaust gases, heavy metals and other harmful compounds in the air. Naturally, all these toxins get into the blood and from it – in our main filter. The liver can get sick if you inhale smoke, gasoline vapor, kerosene, paints, lacquers. If you decide to make repairs in the house, prefer eco-friendly materials.

We all know that modern foods contain food additives. Particularly harmful in this regard, fast foods. Food, labels which mark E — a powerful blow to the liver, she can carry this invasion of foreign chemicals and toxins.

The liver has the unique ability — it produces an enzyme that breaks down alcohol. But the ability to his education are not limitless. And if you lose a sense of proportion, there comes a time when the forces of the liver are exhausted. And the alcohol begins to "take over". The result is cirrhosis and other liver diseases. On the background of alcohol dependence also occurs gastritis, pancreatitis, brain damage and heart.

Men's liver can withstand a lot, at that time, as the hormonal background of women has a to diseases of the liver. Estrogen, the main female hormones, slow down the blood circulation and liver function. And for women taking oral contraceptives with estrogen, the load is even higher.

The use of prescription drugs - the surest way to quickly kill the liver. Doctors right and left discharged chemicals that are foreign to the body, without considering the individual characteristics of the patient. Passing through the main filter, the liver, they clog tiny blood vessels. And even then the problem arises — as they are out of there.

The results of the U.S. national research expensive and dangerous to use antibiotics constantly assigned to 44% of children and 51% adults for the treatment of diseases caused absolutely insensitive to antibiotics by viruses — colds viral diseases in healthy children and adults are held throughout the week with or without antibiotics.

A group of researchers of the medical Department of Harvard University came to the conclusion that about 200 out of every 1,000 hospitalized patients taking medication only to their own detriment. From 3 to 5% of all revenues of the patients in the hospitals due to side effects of drugs. Dead patients 10 times more than mistakes by surgeons. According to American scientists, from medication (not from disease!) die in a year in the United States about 200 thousand people. Mortality in the most severe manifestations of drug intolerance, such as anaphylactic shock, acute common bullous dermatitis, is from 20 to 70%. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Society (journal of the American medical society), a drug disease is the cause of various serious diseases in 2.2 million US citizens per year.

According to the world health organization, about 30% of chronic diseases are associated with taking various drugs.

Drugs such as paracetamol, papaverine, aminosalicylic acid, androgens, phenylbutazone, ibuprofen, levomycetin, penicillin, oral contraceptives, sulfonamides, tetracyclines, phenobarbital, estrogens, often cause liver damage.

Rezulin registered as a drug for diabetics, was sold in the period from 1997 to 2000. Was withdrawn from sale, after it was was 63 the death of the patient from liver disease caused by the drug.

It is dangerous to give aspirin to children under 15 years old because at this age, in combination with a viral infection it triggers Reye's syndrome – fatty liver and brain damage.

Recent studies have shown that paracetamol can cause fulminant hepatitis, which is characterized by rapid development and fatal. In England paracetamol is the cause of 52% of the cases of this fatal disease, Spain — 42%. Primarily cause the negative effects of drugs, therapeutic concentrations are close to toxic. These include gentamicin, procainamide, and tools that have the ability to accumulate in the body.

"Scientists pharmacogenetics found that 5-9% of Europeans and 1% to 3% Negroid and Mongoloid slow medicine, — says Galina Kholmogorova, senior researcher state research center for preventive medicine. That million people have very serious complications when taking usual doses of the drug: it is a long process, that in the blood occur in concentrations 10 times higher than usual. There are even more people (59% of Europeans and 55% of Negroid, 10-12% Mongoloid) in organisms which medicines are processed correctly. A huge part of the population of the bad "digest" these drugs, such as caffeine, or most of the sulfonamides, which we use for colds. That is why the treatment of the common cold so often results in numerous complications."

Grafting onto strong coffee is another powerful tool that displays the liver failure. Very bad coffee, drunk on an empty stomach. A joint drinking coffee and oily foods, such as cake, even in healthy people leads to a twofold increase in peak rates of sugar in the blood, and the overall picture of blood composition begins to resemble developed diabetes.

Caffeine for a few hours blocks of a healthy feedback between the gut and the pancreas produce insulin for the utilization of carbohydrates. Joint use of carbohydrate and fat in combination with caffeine leads to a complete inability of the body automatically reduced in the blood to normal glucose levels. The occurrence of diabetes is directly dependent on the state of the liver: toxins and toxins are not adequately filtered blood "burn" the surface of every cell of the body, regardless of its location. As a result, the cell loses its insulin receptors, and the ability to take up glucose from the blood.

The most common liver disease – hepatitis. Hepatitis a has a fecal-oral route and can be inserted into the body through food, dirty hands, utensils, etc. hepatitis b and Hepatitis C are transmitted through blood, saliva, sexual secretions and semen. You need to thoroughly wash food, utensils and hands before eating. It is important to avoid accidental contact with foreign blood and other body fluids.

Hepatitis you can get when visiting the dentist. You are assigned to injection? Keep it disposable syringe from when you opened the package.

Harmful to the liver are not only hepatitis, but many other viruses, bacteria and infections that cause intoxication of the organism.

How to protect the liver?At home it is better to do with diet. Liver cleanse is the consumption of 0.5 kg per day of raw plant foods and vegetable oils. They force the liver to give up bile, bile is saturated with essential phospholipids, which prevents the formation of gallstones and excess cholesterol. Make sure that your diet was present enough sources of fiber, which helps cleanse the entire body.

Useful for liver grown without excess fertilizers, vegetables, fruits, greens, especially cabbage (cabbage, cauliflower), carrots, beets, pumpkin, parsley, dill. The "Pets" of the liver, sweet fruits and dried fruits: bananas, figs, dried apricots, dates, raisins, prunes, and fresh fruit desserts and honey. All sorts of vegetable soups, a variety of vegetable stews, salads and vinaigrettes seasoned with any vegetable oil, is another affection of the liver. Good for the liver buckwheat and oat porridge. You can use spices, but not spicy, wholesome coriander, cilantro, cumin. Healthy, organic juices, and not their synthetic substitutes. No preservatives, better yet, homemade.

Eat foods that are sweet, bitter, knitting. The liver is vital: essential amino acids (methionine), fat soluble vitamins (D, E), carotene, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, and essential essential phospholipids (vitamin F). It is important that the diet was polyunsaturated omega-3, -6 fats. On the day you need at least 15 grams of vegetable oil.

Cleanse the liver using a variety of vegetable oils, drink them in the form of heated, sometimes acidifying with lemon juice. The liver can tolerate small quantities of fresh unfiltered sunflower oil, flax, corn, pumpkin, soy, mustard, olive, sesame oil cold pressed. Polyunsaturated fatty acids are found in nuts, seeds, legumes, eat them in moderation and not every day. You can eat sprouted grains and seeds, and traditional cakes to replace the baked goods from whole grains and bran.

It is very important not to overeat. Modern man eats in a day 2-3 times more food than you need. Overweight food that cannot be digested, strengthens the stomach, intestines, rots and poisons the body first and foremost — the liver. Besides overeating dramatically reduces energy and vitality, as much energy is spent on digesting unnecessary food. Finally, overeating leads to overweight and obese people live 10-12 years less, they are 4 times more likely to develop heart attack and the stones are formed in the gallbladder. The food restriction in old age increases life expectancy.

Smaller meals can prevent or get rid of the stagnation of bile — one of the main causes of almost all diseases of the liver. Eat 4-6 times a day in small portions.

Excessive drinking increases the secretion of bile liquefies the bile, prevents the formation of stones and helps remove toxins.


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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