The law of donations or How to become happier

First, a little General information. Nowadays, many people have the wrong understanding of the donations: they think it means to "give and gain nothing in return." Not knowing how the law of donations, they think that nothing get in return of their victims, so they have the idea that sacrifice is useless and stupid occupation. And yet, every day, every human sacrifice, and in huge quantities, and not even realize it.

But these unconscious and "wrong" donations do not make people happier; on the contrary, he gets a different trouble. Therefore, this topic deserves careful study.

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In our world everything is interconnected, and in order to get something, you need to sacrifice something. To get the money, the man works (sacrifices his physical strength, knowledge, and time). To get attention from another, you need to pay attention to him. To gain knowledge, you need to study, that is, to sacrifice your time. And so on.

The more we give the more we receive. You cannot get more out than you put in. Can you compare it with a full glass of water: you cannot pour into him more than poured. Therefore, if we want to get something, we have to sacrifice something.

To become happier, you need to learn what and how to donate, or can not see happiness. You should understand how the law of donations and to use these valuable knowledge in my life.

Types of donations There are different types of donations, that is, in other words, we can sacrifice a variety of things:

Knowledge. We can sacrifice the mind, sharing knowledge with others. Sharing wisdom is one of the strongest types of donations, which purifies our conscience (heart, soul) and makes us a good future.

Intelligence. "The sacrifice of the mind" or mental energy, according to torsunova means to be in relationships with other good qualities of character. As in the case with the mind, less of them from this becomes. Moreover, showing their good qualities, we begin to see that other people are also starting to show his best qualities against us. It also makes our life happier.

Feelings. Creative people sacrifice their feelings to others through music, painting, singing and other art forms. What feelings do they offer and how much it can be felt listening to their music, singing, looking at paintings, etc.

Vital energy. We change money when I work.

Time. Every person donates their time. What are we sacrificing our time, what we obtain is easy to understand. If we look at the TV programs that carry a negative, we receive this negativity in your mind, which then attracts the negative in our daily lives. What we give our attention and time, and included into our life more and more.

Body. To die in the name of something – a relatively rare form of donations.

Money. The most famous type of donation but, unfortunately, many people doing it wrong – in the wrong place at the wrong time and the wrong people.

Belongings. A very favorable form of donations if we give the needy clothes, shoes, and food.

How to become happier, making a donation? According to the law of donations, people giving, always receiving. Sacrificing correctly, the person receives the benefit, his life instantly becomes happier. Sacrificing the wrong person gets suffering.

Correct reasonable donation means a donation, that is, you need to know what and how to give, otherwise we will not get the results that you expected.

Right now you are sacrificing your time in order to get knowledge on how to become happier. Others are now watching TV, gossiping, doing a thousand and one thing that can not make them happy.

What we get by studying this wisdom? Vedas say that such a sacrifice burn our bad karma and, accordingly, change our destiny for the better, bringing our life more happiness. It is easy to understand because, having studied the law of donations and properly applying it, we get the result our life begins to change right before our eyes.

Second, what do we get by studying the wisdom of, it is the ability to understand what is the ultimate happiness. Give to get is still selfishness, prudence. And even though it makes people happier (if done properly), but does not lead to higher happiness. The highest happiness in this world a person receives, making selfless donations. Unselfish giving of your time, effort, money, possessions, knowledge, etc., if it is done correctly (for the benefit of others), enables man to experience Supreme happiness. No wealth can compare to this feeling.

Having a taste of the highest happiness of man to him bound, thereby eliminating the attachment to pleasures of the lower order. So you can get rid of harmful habits or activities that do not bring true happiness, just feeling the higher taste.

There are three gunas (properties, qualities) of material nature:

  • goodness
  • passion
  • ignorance 
Donation goodness is the Supreme form of donation, when a person expects nothing in return. He gives something for the good of others, doing it correctly (right time, right place) and is devoid of selfish motives. As already mentioned, this type of donation brings the highest human happiness, which is available in society. In this giving, a man returns everything that he gave, plus he feels a happiness that is not available when donations to other modes. Furthermore, it cleared his mind, burn off bad karma and improved destiny, making life easier and happier. Sacrificing in the mode of goodness, one is freed from the painful bindings of the material that create him many problems and suffering. This contributes to spiritual progress and return to the spiritual world, which is the highest goal of human life.

Such donations should be done at the places of concentration of goodness, such as near churches, temples, Holy places. You need to donate to the needy and deserving people (priests, sages, saints) and not to anybody.

One of the strongest offerings in the goodness – wishing all happiness (possible in thought, but better out loud if no one is around). So you sacrifice your time, efforts, feelings, your mind – for the benefit of all. And it will be returned to you, life becomes happier. You can wish all happiness, from the comfort of home or on the way to work, shopping, walking, before bed, after waking up and even during operation, if the mind is not very busy. It is possible to wish happiness to a specific person, for example, to establish a relationship with him or even get something from him (but this is passion). You can also wish everyone peace and tranquility, thus gaining more peace in my life. And so on. This is the simplest (but very strong) donation of goodness, which can make almost anyone, as it does not require giving money or material things.

Giving in goodness, the man gets what he really needed: it can be a help in difficult situations, which he would not have received without making donations.

Stronger donations in goodness only sincere prayer. Prayer-gratitude (giving God his love) is much stronger in effect than the prayer request. But now it's not about that. Back to the modes.

A donation to passion means that the person expects to get something in return. He made manifest the greed, greed, he'd do something to fuck. And it works, too: he's getting what he wants, or he returns to what he sacrificed. People in passion, as a rule, desire for material things and favorable circumstances because he believes that it gives material happiness. And thanks to donations in the passion he can get what he wants. But on this principle: how many gave so much and received. How many worked and paid so much. How many gave love, and got so much in return. How much did you spend on advertising, and got so much profit.

Donations to passions can make you happier, but can bring temporary pleasure, which are sometimes regarded as happiness. Such donations can not change fate for the better, not purified from sins and does not make life easier. And do not contribute to spiritual growth. Just the exchange of material for material, extended in time.

It should be understood that in our world there is no pure goodness, pure passion and pure ignorance, as the modes are intertwined in every person, in every action, in every thought and desire. Therefore, even when a person donates with the desire to get something in return, it may be a small admixture of goodness, for example, can slip a sincere desire to help, even for a second, and it is beneficial.

Very beneficial if the people, sacrificing in the passion and wishes in return of something not material but spiritual, for example, purification of consciousness, spiritual growth and liberation. This is a clear admixture of goodness. And it works. You give something tangible in return for something spiritual. Having a taste of such exchange, the person then moves to the donations in goodness, which makes him even more happy.

Donations in ignorance implies giving something to an unworthy man, or an unclean place, or at the wrong time. And this sacrifice of anything that brings harm to others. If a person asks, you need to give, but not always what he asks. People are not always intelligent enough to ask for what really will bring him benefit. For example, you cannot give money to "one hundred grams" or "hangover".

This kind of "donations" harm and the one who gives and one who receives, so if in doubt that your victim will benefit, it is better not to sacrifice. In such cases, a person can genuinely wish happiness is always a donation of goodness, and always helpful to you and to whom I wish happiness.

Very beneficial to eat the sanctified food and feed it to other people: your family, guests and anyone asking for money for food. Sanctify your food easy, even alone, without going to the temple. Food can mentally to offer to God, read over her the prayer or the mantra, and then to eat or to donate to another person. In different religions there are rituals of consecration of the food, you can choose any one that like. You only have to remember that not any food to offer to God. For example, according to the Vedas, we cannot consecrate meat, fish, eggs, mushrooms and intoxicating substances (e.g., alcoholic beverages) as these products are harmful to spiritual development of man, and will harm.

For those who want to overcome serious difficulties in their lives: donations the strongest effect on Saturday, day of Saturn. published 


The article is written based on the lectures Torsunov "the Law of donations" from the seminar "the laws of the universe", as also other Vedic lectures.


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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