The 20 wise laws of life make us think everyone! The sobering truth is ...

Every day you're trying to understand the family, to help them in everything, keep them near you or aggressively to prove something. But, oddly enough, happier yourself from it do not feel. And what if this and not worth doing? Renowned psychologist Natalia Grace practices in his famous book "The Laws of Grace" tried to formulate the basic wisdom of life and point out the most important mistake made by each. It's amazing how she did the right

1. Law zero. B>
When you come home from work, like a squeezed lemon; last weekend was in the last month, but still at home waiting for a mountain of household duties, do not be surprised if you can not remember what day it is or what you ate for breakfast. And all because the brain can not work equally effectively 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He, like the body, needs rest and the "reset". Do not worry though sometimes reset your mind, purifying it from an overabundance of information from the outside!

2. Law fairness of detail. B>
No wonder it is considered that the details often decide everything. Look closely at the man carefully - it manifests itself in small things, and so it really is. You can promise a lot of things and talk, but actions and any details often speak for themselves.

3. Law of false kindness. B>
And though all religions support the neighbor is considered one of the main dogmas of kindness and obedience, practice, unfortunately, shows the opposite - solving other people's problems, we are not helping people. Moreover, only all the worse. If a person did not come to any decision himself, and was forced to "far-fetched" a good heart, a special effect of this should not wait. Most often, the one who helped, not with all gratefully take to good deeds, and returns to the usual. Hence the conclusion: let every man solves his problems CAM - this he is growing and developing as a person.

4. Better under- than re -. B>
Try to apply this rule on a daily basis! You go to visit - just a little before you start asking about the owners of the house. You see the collapse in the relationship - do not wait until the partner will take measures to make it first.

5. Law of total teams. B>
All known scientific fact: each of the horses can pull of 3 tons, but two horses in harness - not 6, and all 15 tons. So, what are taken more than two people to be more effective (with the correct allocation of responsibilities!) Than alone. No wonder there is a saying: one head - well, while two - better.

6. Law embryos. B>
Like all living things, from events and actions also have their embryos, which, oddly enough, also have the ability to reproduce. One thrown on the floor socks entail mountains of dirty clothes, a glass of vodka, and even then only on holidays, often resulting in prolonged incurable alcoholism. One conclusion: absolutely all adverse events, and events need to be able to recognize in the bud and not let them grow into something bigger.

7. The law of influence. B>
Whatever anyone says, and the environment affects the very human, so look closely to those around. Society can help reveal how the man and all his "crush", because, like it or not, most of the environment affects you, and you're not on it.

8. Law magic word. B>
Forget about the fact that magic word - "Please." Practice shows that in our time the most necessary skill - just say "no." You can avoid many problems, if you learn the right to refuse people. Do not spend time in unnecessary wasting of "an old friend." Do not torture, living with unloved man, but "the sort already used." An amazing phenomenon: when a person rejects arguments, it raises self-esteem ... automatically! Are you afraid to refuse, because I do not like it, because I do not want to offend anyone, because you will feel guilty? But all is not pleased! So do not be afraid to tell the truth and deny, if you really have a reason for it.

9. The law proposal. B>
Carefully observe everything that happens to you and take all the offers - they are made with an ulterior motive. So life often takes care of us!

10. Law "Do not your peopleĀ». B>
No matter how hard you try, sooner or later your people still go away from you. Just accept this fact.

11. Once an established law. B>
The adjusted once, usually carries a trail of good events in the future.

12. Law falsity ideal conditions. B>
Remember this: all the ideal conditions will never happen. Therefore, we must learn to accept all the conditions in which you are now, as the most common at the moment. And act without waiting for "better times", but right now. Otherwise, do not have time!

13. The law of compensation. B>
In nature, the law of great satisfaction. It is known that when a person is deprived of some sense, then, as a rule, it is given more abundant. It's the same with people. If any area man has achieved significant success, in something else he is usually a shortage. But we love others not for the absence of defects, and for the presence and quantity of advantages.

14. The law of the cross. B>
If you think you can not stand all the tests that you are destined to, remember one simple rule: the heavens give everyone as much as he can endure. No more and no less.

15. Law polar reactions talent. B>
If you are talented in something, you will not be able to be noticed. Talent either admire or hate it. But not ignore. Petty people will always envy you, though, because the talent you have, rather than at them. Do not worry, you - not a hundred dollar bill to please everybody.

16. Law of shared memory. B>
What we love their friends and acquaintances? That's right - primarily the presence of the common good memories. It is this thread that can bind people for many years, namely that "a peck of salt", which is not a sin to recall many years later. Leave only good memories!

17. The law binding the thoughts of one's neighbor. B>
A person who violates your personal space, somehow makes you think about yourself. Therefore, always think well before fend someone "too close" - then you will not expel.

18. Act right thing. B>
If a man knows where he is going and doing the right thing, his life every day is getting better and better!

19. Law inevitability of loss. B>
Zaruba yourself properly on the nose: losses are inevitable! But correctly say: no mistakes only one who does nothing. On the way, in any case will be setbacks and losses, and this fact should simply accept.

20. Law halves. B>
In our world, so it has developed, everything is made up of halves. And only if you put them together, a complete picture emerges. It's like the start and end points, which in the end have to piece together. And they separated - only partial components of a larger whole. Here is an example: when the artist goes on stage, he has clear goals and expectations of the public - it's the first half. And with all his strength, he makes it so that the audience applauds him as a result of standing - the second half, the final destination. Asking a starting point, and the second half of the success is sure to come!

Surely these laws will force you today in another look at their behavior, and the world around. Do not be afraid to admit to his mistakes made, because the only way to achieve absolute happiness! Share these truly wise advice from his friends, let him become happy now.

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