For fans of extreme sensations: 56 most terrifying films in the history of cinema.

Do you like movies that ordinary people disgust and horror? And you do not even dream of nightmares after them? You refer to those strange individuals with nerves of steel, which is not enough conventional horror films, to how to tickle your nerves? Well, then this list is for you. It's 56 most terrifying films in the history of cinema. I do not consider myself to people, which are easy to scare off, but even I have after watching some of these horror sweat appeared on his forehead. From these crazy masterpieces not what goosebumps, and the blood run cold! I warn you, it's not a sight for the faint hearted. If you are ready - beris for this listing now!

1. Peel
2. Case №39
3. Mirrors
4. The House of Fear
5. Eden Lake
6. Omen
7. Wrong Turn
8. The Amityville Horror
9. Orphan
10. Gothic
11. Drag Me to Hell
12. 13 ghosts
13. The House of the Dead 1000
14. Shelter
15. Necro
16. A girl in front
17. Collector
18. Inside
19. Whisper
20. Harvest
21. Take my soul
22. Curse
23. 13 hours
24. Piranha
25. Jaws
26. Yulia
27. Psycho
28. I Spit on Your Grave
29. Nightmare on Elm Street
30. Solstice
31. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
32. Kennel
33. Creek
34. Call
35. My Bloody Valentine
36. Echo
37. Astral
38. Tamara Deathwalker
39. Taste of Night
40. Mist
41. Pathology
42. The Book of Blood
43. Uninvited
44. Let me
45. Paranormal
46. ​​Splinter
47. Asylum
48. Monsters
49. Chimera
50. Jennifer's Body
51. Alien forest
52. The House of Wax
53. 1408
54. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
55. Report
56. Silent Hill

Psychologists have long puzzled over a paradox: why the genre of the movie, which causes negative emotions, so many fans? Answer is not found. Many people look even like these movies. If you do not see a little, save yourself this list and share it with fans of extreme sensations! Also, you can see a selection of the most interesting films noncash 2014 and blockbusters that will transform your consciousness. We may have missed some of the worst horror movies - write about them in the comments.

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