The success story of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Today I want to tell you a story of success of one of the world's most famous movie stars, whose name is always associated with the Terminator of fantastic fighters. Of course, in this post we'll discuss the Arnold Schwarzenegger and how Arnie began his career forty years ago, only a simple Austrian guy who dreams of becoming a world-famous athlete.

Schwarzenegger was born July 30, 1947 in the small town of Thal in Austria 38-year-old police chief Gustav Schwarzenegger and his wife's 23-year-old housewife Aurelia.

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Pope, held at the time of the Nazi party, was harsh and rude, making small daily Arnie ogrebayut painful and often undeserved zvezdyuley, eager to get out of Austria, and the more it will never see.

But there was a positive side: the father wanted to make him an athlete, and still do - from the early years Arnold played football, coaching, if not force, then certainly endurance.

Since at least the early years with his brother Arnie Mainhardt also rotten in the area, replacing "40 standard black boroniteley." Up to 14 years did not see the phone and the globe, did not know many ordinary household amenities. And the whole world was in the dark about what to expect.

Impressed by what he saw at the World Championships in weightlifting Russian strongman Vlasov and against the wishes of his father, 15 years, Arnold began to "swing".

And showed such fanaticism that when the gym in Graz chance are closed due to the weekend or holiday, the young Arnie naturally penetrated to sneak through the window and swung alone.

Hard to eat all sorts of things nazhoristymi guy also did not forget, so that in 17 years it was no longer skinny boy jock and mighty, able to lift the weight, which was afraid to get close even an adult coach.


"At the age of seventeen years, I have as a member of the Athletic Union Graz squeezed barbell weighing 185 pounds - applause of the audience gave me extra strength»

Here and exhaust arrived. After school, Arnie voluntarily joined the Austrian army. According to his confession to eat and sleep. In the army he was a tank driver, mechanic-driver (tanks western school, unlike the Soviet suitable for human growth 188 cm).

It is noteworthy that Schwarzenegger was only eighteen-year conscripts, who was entrusted with the course of the tank - apparently, the Austrian Oak was nowhere near as easy as it might seem all the haters "stupid bullies". However, he later admitted Arnie, he was not perfect soldier, and once drowned his tank.

Military service, which lasted only one year - from 1965 to 1966, did not prevent him to serve a disciplinary arrest for unauthorized absence - he quietly hit the road to compete in bodybuilding "Mister Europe" and was the bedrooms. ICHSKH, Arnie won the contest. And all because of that, combined with excellent feeding the army he also rocked daily homemade bars - and all this against the background of the standard, never an easy service of the brave Austrian soldiers. But willpower and perseverance helped Arnold to overcome all difficulties.

Since then, and has become a tradition. As soon as the young talent was announced at some competition bodybuilders, all arranged judge him standing ovation, and was awarded the prize. In 1967, he even became the youngest winner of the title "Mr. Universe". And all because, despite the tender age, Schwarzenegger had a stunningly massive muscles, plus hit exceptionally good physique (genetics helped). He is to compete with athletes who were six or eight years older than him, and defeated them.

A year later, in 1968, becoming a two-time "Mr. Universe" at the competition in London, Arnold ascended to heaven. Still, he was a bodybuilder's number one on this side of the ocean! However, the main center of bodybuilding and the main contenders were carried out on the other side of the Atlantic. There lived a certain Joe Weider, the founding father of all modern bodybuilding. Through its representative in London Ludwig Shustriha he offered the young Schwarzenegger move to the US and one-year contract. However, Arnie, having estimated that the bird in the hand is much better than a cockroach in the closet, the contract declined. During the year, Weider strove in vain to drag Arnold in the United States.

And at this time champion lived in Munich and led the league true lifestyle, fighting, drunk, and generally lived a pure and holy life. According to the then friends of Arnold, he was a narcissist and snooty like a turkey. Neither fight in nightclubs was not without its participation. It is reasonable that soon began some serious problems with the police. And more and more serious.

Finally, one glorious evening Arnie was in the room Shustriha with sports bag in his hand and said that he was highly desirable as soon as possible to leave Germany and he is ready to accept the offer Weider if it is still in force. Hustler has used all of its sufficiently influential connections to one day make him a US visa. And at the end of September 1968 Arnold Gustav Schwarzenegger was born in 1947, an Austrian, a non-partisan, set foot in the cradle of democracy.

The site was chosen wisely - sunny and carefree California, and there our "iron" Arnie was the "gold" even before his acting fees overgrown six or seven zeros. Unlike most other bodybuilders who have achieved Sports Hall of Fame, but never managed to turn it into money, Schwarzenegger had a strong business acumen and subtle flair for profit. Hardly arrived in the United States, he is paired with his friend Franco Columbu pitching engaged in nothing but a supply of bricks. Then there was another accident - just one of those that led him to fame and fortune - in 1971, Los Angeles was severely damaged by the earthquake. Despite the reaction of residents to restore the city still needed some bricks that Arnold began selling in trudnoobozrimyh quantities.

But Arnie was not going to engage in a lifetime of building materials. At the same time he was actively swung in American gyms, always impressing article and heroic silushkoy. Soon high Austrian athlete noticed and his career took off. He became quite famous bodybuilder in the United States to successfully sell accessories for bodybuilding across the country - including video tapes with courses such as "How to become drischa of Apollo in one year." Accumulating a certain amount of money on bricks and vidos Schwartz put it in the delivery of goods by mail. Dough became more and more. Part of the profit from email marketing and money won at competitions, Schwarzenegger was invested in real estate. In addition, on the advice of Weider he was to invest in a variety of antique things. Even before the thirtieth anniversary (and long before the success of the movie) Arnie became a millionaire.

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Since 1970, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has already made a name for himself in bodybuilding, began to act in films, as did many of his idols like Steve Reeves and Reg Park. He has to face difficulties: difficult to pronounce the name of, a foreign accent and "too big" muscles.

Nevertheless, less than a year after his arrival, he became interested honored producer Aubrey Weisberg, who worked for a small film studio «Filmpartners» - he just had a script about a mythical strongman Hercules caught in the modern metropolis, and Aubrey felt that young Schwarzenegger fits perfectly. As for the accent - Hercules generally reticent ...

Arnold agreed to this role after a call to his friend Rego Park, who himself played Hercules in the movie - he instantly advised Arnie "disagree without talking." When the agent Arnold negotiated with the studio, he said that his client "has experience on the stage," while omitting that stage Arnold posing on bodybuilding contest and did not play Hamlet ... After the audition, the casting director came to horrified by the young athlete accent - it was hardly possible to understand. But powerful physique has done its job and now Arnold still have, deciding to spend voiceovers by another actor, normally speaking in English (and surname Schwarzenegger replaced by Strong). Many years later, Arnie sounded the same Hercules with his voice and the picture was reprinted.

Career bodybuilder also formed immediately. At first he behaved very arrogantly and haughtily, sounding, certainly reported that he twice "Mr. Universe". Soon, however, peg him podsbili - his first competition in the US, he has lost confidence Frank Zane, who was 20 pounds lighter. Anyone else would have hit in tears, but the Iron Arnie soberly analyzed the reasons for his defeat and the following year went on, "Mr. Olympia" in great shape. But his trouble in the competition participated Sergio Oliva, an icon of American bodybuilding Storm Rock and Best Legs Relief world. Proud Arnold lost again. And being furious and hurt, he publicly vowed that he would no longer be defeated and never from anyone.

He kept the oath.

One victory followed another. Schwarzenegger began to collect medals from the most prestigious competitions, becoming a real icon of bodybuilding: at the top of his career was a seven-time title of "Mr. Olympia".

Having achieved all titles in bodybuilding, which were there in 1980, Schwarzenegger finally breaks up with sports, and now he spends bodybuilding competition, being both their organizer and sponsor - Arnold Classic. Prizes are substantial - $ 100 000, the car "Hummer" and a gold watch "Rolex».

But the film, however, did not submit a long time: all the seventies along with Arnie competitions starred in the films, and the recognition did not come. On the acting talent of this tongue-tied and shackled giant critics got quite a persistent view in the soft option sounded like "tree", damn focus relentlessly pursued (by the end of it, Arnie still do not get rid of). So in the movie for a long time it was not invited

Nevertheless, the second picture in the filmography Schwarzenegger appears after seven long years, when it was behind his famous victorious series of five titles of "Mr. Olympia", and he became rich and famous.

"Stay Hungry" (1976) - drama that tells the story of a bodybuilder Joe Santo, embarked on the path of a criminal syndicate, illegally buying real estate in the area. A bit naive, but kind and sincere film shows a young Jeff Bridges and Arnold, who knocks anyone brains and smears on the wall, and is engaged in the gym, and for the soul ... playing the violin. This time the critics were more supportive - of oaks and other green areas no one thought, but on the contrary, it was noted that a bodybuilder distinguished himself as a real actor, and obviously capable of much. In the 77th Arnold received the prestigious award "Golden Globe" for this role, for some reason, in the category "Best Newcomer". Seen, "Hercules" general criticism of the film is not considered. Alas, the "Globe" and remained the only award of this level in the career of Arnold

In the late seventies, Arnold received a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Wisconsin. He always sought to develop not only the body but also the mind.


Personal life

About six months after moving to the United States, Arnold met a young schoolteacher Barbara Baker, and lived with her for five years. Arnold himself so says the reason for their parting: "It was a calm and balanced, and wanted to live a normal, measured life. I was very unbalanced, and hated the very idea of ​​"Being like everyone else". But memories of Baker: "He was a cheerful, incredibly charismatic and adventurous guy, but in the end was just unbearable - the whole world had revolved around his precious person. In life, never met such a complete egoist. " Arnold cheated on her right and left. In 2006 Baker published a book of memoirs about their life with Arnold, calling her austere: "In the Shadow of the Austrian Oak". Against expectations, Arnold did not protest, and even ... wrote the foreword to this book!

In the 77th Arnold began to meet with Sue Moray, a hairdresser, and at about the same time began his relationship with the journalist Maria Shriver (niece of John F. Kennedy), whom he met at a tennis tournament named after Robert Kennedy.

About a year he quietly met with them at the same time until the Seas, finally broke up with him. Moreover, at the same time Arnold, rumored to have been also an affair with Brigitte Nielsen!

But the main woman in his life was finally Mary (although he is mature before marriage already nine years). In 1986, they married.

The couple have four children: daughters Katherine and Christina and sons Patrick and Christopher.

Alas, just recently erupted scandal that ended with Mary, after a quarter century of marriage, filed for divorce and moved out of their huge home in Brentwood after a couple of weeks after the silver wedding ...

Blame - Arnold himself - or rather, his infidelity. Opened a sensational fact: it turns out that Arnie has an illegitimate son of Joseph, the same age as Christopher, born to the maid, who worked at the mansion the couple Schwarzenegger in the second half of the nineties! And this boy was dear Arnold, he saw him, and always found a way to keep in touch. Ironically, the very man to the scandal and had no idea that he was the son of Schwarzenegger and learning was in shock.

Whatever it was, to Mary the news turned out to be the last straw - and she was gone. However, bought a house in the neighborhood - to see more of the children, so that the offspring now run between mansions father and mother.



Only in the 82 th came to him a real success in the movies. The first film with Arnold Schwarzenegger starring in a series of blockbusters that made the actor a superstar - a film adaptation of the famous stories of writer Robert E. Howard on Hayboriyskoy era, written in the fantasy genre back in the thirties. These stories tell of a mighty and agile warrior-barbarian named Conan capable alone to deal with hundreds of enemies and breaking all sorts of evil spirits.

The film company «Universal Pictures» allocated impressive by the standards of the early eighties budget of 20 million dollars, and instantly Arnold was among the favorites for the role of Conan (among other things, it recommended that the producers Steven Spielberg, whose phenomenal flair for good image).

And this was the long-awaited success, which he dreamed Arnie: "Conan the Barbarian" (1982) became an overnight hit, hitting the audience to the depths of his savage romance, self-staging, brutal and brilliant soundtrack Poledurisa. Interesting fact: Schwarzenegger ordered to reduce the amount of muscle mass - his muscles were so large that the stunt with swordsmanship could not get him right movements ... he lost weight to one hundred pounds (immediately after the shooting typing all 120). Critics were quick to break out catty articles about the game of the actor, "a little better than the game of his horse," and that for "Barbara" Arnold received his first nomination for the "Golden Raspberry" in the category of "worst actor". Later he will be nominated more than once ...

In an effort to strike while the iron is hot, immediately removed the continuation of "Conan the Destroyer" (1984).

But which took place in the director's chair of the talented John Milius Richard Fleischer could not be compared to its predecessor, so that sufficient slack painting never repeated triumph "barbarians."

But there was a movie that once beyond the clouds lift Schwarzenegger, whose popularity, and so rather big for his role as Conan grows at times.

"Terminator" (1984) - a milestone in the history of fantastic fighters, divided the genre into "before" and "after", as was the case with fiction with the arrival of "Star Wars" Lucas. To say anything new about the film James Cameron's impossible - everything has been said numerous variations and most colorful epithets. Now in the filmography of Arnold came true masterpiece, and it instantly turned supervostrebovannym type so that it could now choose from several scenarios.

It seems to Schwarzenegger fell in love with the story of the barbarian, as the author of "Conan the Destroyer" Fleischer had acquired it in a new movie based on the universe of Hyboria.

Initially, the project was considered as the third series of stories about Conan, but then decided to make a completely original story, and was named the character Kalidorom (from Conan it almost indistinguishable.) Alas, the venture ended in failure - despite the familiar aesthetics and stunning Brigitte Nielsen "



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