This girl decided to get a tattoo on his face. The results of her experiment, shocking!

Tattoos on the face usually receive a negative assessment of the company. In people with the tattoo looked upon with suspicion, it is hard to find a job. Some tattoos are almost invisible to outsiders, but nevertheless perform a very important function for those who have them. In fact they mask very terrible flaws.

Basma Hamid from Toronto to help people who are trying to hide the scars, or severe burns. She disguises affected skin with paint of the same color. Basma believes that such tattoos are an excellent alternative to plastic surgery.

For people like 17-year-old Samir Omar method Hamid - a real salvation. The fact that the girl was attacked: she was beaten and doused with boiling water. Face and neck Samira seemed hopelessly mutilated, but Basma managed to do so that the burns and scars become almost invisible.

Incidentally, the first patient Hamid Basma was herself. At the age of two, she received severe burns boiling oil, which spoiled her face for years to come. But once she realized that she knew how to fix it. To test a new method for yourself, Hamid start helping people.

I think we should reconsider its attitude to the tattoos on his face. As you can see, it's not always a bad thing. It should be remembered that for many it is - perhaps the only chance to once again become attractive.


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