This old lady 109 years ... But what she told about the secret of his longevity, was the most surprising!

The oldest resident of Scotland, who recently knocked 109 years, revealed the secret of his longevity. As she confesses her secret to eternal youth is simple: eat porridge and avoid men. Hundred Jesse Galland, who never married, spent her childhood in distress, but as they say, not offended. Jesse lived in a small rustic little house with five sisters and a brother. All the children in the family is almost shared one mattress.

The old woman said as she can remember, she tried all his life to keep away from men. According to Jesse, they are just a lot of troubles. Also record holder noticed that she was still a young «physical activity every morning to pamper yourself a delicious plate of porridge and never tied the knot». I>

Being the oldest man in Scotland Gullane is not the oldest person in the world. This honor was awarded a Japanese Misao Okawa, which in March celebrated its 116th anniversary. Misao now '84 is a widow (her husband died in 1931) - it can be assumed that it also shared the views of plaid Jesse about the place of man in a woman's life.

Recent studies show that one of the factors that affect the life expectancy is the amount of time we spend with family and friends, as well as how hard we are engaged in sports.

It is difficult to say what is the real secret of longevity, but it is clear that, whatever it was, and life deserves to love and be loved, even if it negatively affects the length of our lives. It is important is not the number of years lived, and their quality. In a life without love has no meaning. What do you think? Share this article with your friends.

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