Caucasus: the famous secret of longevity

Caucasus. One of the largest mountain ranges on earth. Among these snowy ranges is the highest point of Russia and Europe — mount Elbrus. This record five thousand meters is the most famous symbol of the small North Caucasian Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria. Starting in 2012 in the capital, Nalchik, trying to uncover the secret of the famous Caucasian longevity.

The scientists want to find genes in a media age anomalies the key to active and healthy aging.

— Balkar people means a person celebrating a century, the term "gazelec". There is also the term for the 150th anniversary, — "castek". If there is a term, then we can conclude that in ancient times, people celebrated the 150th anniversary. Another thing is that, as a scientist, I find it hard to believe that a person can live more than 120 years, explains ethnogenetic Murat Gouvernetou.

Forty eight million eight hundred twenty eight thousand seven hundred fifty three


Fifty eight million seven hundred ninety thousand eight hundred thirty eight

Mutalif Mirzoyev, 101

Mutalif Sultanovich he is a real Highlander. The first 20 years of his life to this strapping man held high in the mountains. His ancestral village of Upper Chegem is located at an altitude of about 2000 m above sea level. The plain Mutalif Sultanovich moved in the late 30-ies of the last century. It turned out he was a talented performer of national songs. But the career of the artist the Highlander did not work — it prevented war. Mutalif Mirzoyev was assigned to a cavalry regiment.

From an Austrian pow camp Mirzoyev was released only in 1945. Prior to that, he tried three times to escape. Every time the restless Caucasian caught, beaten again and sent to hard labor. Orders in German will forever remain in the memory of Kabardino-Balkaria longevity.

On the summer terrace in the morning preparing for the feast. July 1 — a special day of family Mirzoyev. Today Mutalif Sultanovich marks 101 years.

Modern Caucasian cuisine strong in its traditions. It is based on national dishes that have not changed for centuries. In Kabardino-Balkaria calling card of any housewife burrito, hychiny. These round pies with potatoes, cheese, herbs or meat is a favorite dish of Kabardians and Balkarians. The rest of the national cuisine of these peoples differ from each other.

The elders of the region since childhood, had different power systems. In their gastronomic history, it is difficult to find a common source of longevity. But, like a hundred years ago, most of the ingredients on the table — local, organic food. A rare exception is a birthday cake from the store.

Eight million five hundred twenty three thousand six hundred eighty two


Ninety six million two hundred seventy eight thousand ninety nine

Ishaq Uzdenov, 95 years

On the same day, 100 km from Anica at the foot of mount Elbrus celebrating another Caucasian veterans. The entry in his passport says — the oldest family member Ustinovich was born on 1 Jul 1909.

Ishaq Uzdenov was born and still lives in the village of Upper Baksan Elbrus. Unlike most neighbors, he soon learned to read and write. Primary education Ishak received in the local mosque. His parents were deeply religious people. Ishaq Uzdenov worked on mountain pastures up to the seventh decade. Religious principles and traditional values defined the style of his life.

— In the life of a cigarette in the mouth is not kept. It is very harmful. Cigarettes kill human health. Vodka destroys life. Once in my wine glass, added vodka, and after that, I quit drinking... Thanks to Allah. He supports me.

This wise man, marrying his same age that lived happily married for more than 70 years. Beloved wife died in 2013. Recently the local newspaper published an article about a unique pair of centenarians. The article was called "200 years of the two."

Despite the trials, old age and the loss of a loved one, Ishaq Uzdenov is far from discouraged. Local gerontologists believe that the love of life — a characteristic feature of Caucasian centenarians. Increased resistance to stress, poise, and optimism — these qualities are present in most of the local residents who have attained hundred years of age. There is another term for their longevity. Crossing the threshold of old age, these elderly are not left alone with their problems.

Survivor in the Caucasus, as a rule, surrounded by a large family, he is not alone, and treat him as carefully as a crystal vase. Isaac of Hosuewife Uzdenova surrounded by care and respect six children, 20 grandchildren and 28 great-grandchildren.

The most important goal of our program is to confirm the age of the participants is long-lived. It turned out that to do it in the North Caucasus is not easy. Expert project genetics Murata Gouvernetou expected an immersion in the history and incredible discoveries.

Strange, but many residents of the area celebrate his birthday on the same day in early July. The fact that in the Soviet Union all centenarians who do not know the exact date of his birth, recorded in the middle of the year to 1 July.

To establish the exact age of the Kabardino-Balkar elders is a Herculean task. They were born at the beginning of the last century. As a rule, professed Islam. In mosques, the birth was not recorded. The Royal power of such figures was not interested. Over the last hundred years of the Republic of the North Caucasus experienced more than one severe shock. Revolution, Civil war, Nazi occupation, the deportation of 40 years. As a result of the archives were missing mention of the citizens of entire villages.

Age only one in Kabardino-Balkaria longevity have been documented. The investigation proved Ishaq Uzdenov 10 years younger than the stated age. This Caucasian man 95. However, according to the world health organization he is also a survivor.

Thirty seven million eight hundred seventy two thousand five hundred three


Sixty five million six hundred eight thousand nine hundred thirty eight

Misirian Chechenova, 108 years

The ancient village of Kashkhatau is a 30-minute drive from Nalchik. The repression of the 40-ies of XX century was not spared its residents a party. Data from the NKVD archives show that the owner of this house was then 35 years old.

Misirian Bakirovna spent in exile for almost 13 years. After returning home, she never traveled outside of the Kabardino-Balkar Republic. The greater part of his life Misirian worked as a cook in a mountain farm. Retired in 1968.

In 108 years, Isirgan Bakirovna helps the relatives on the farm. Her eldest daughter recently turned 83 years old. Now in Russia there are 86 direct descendants of UAE. One of the seven great-grandchildren.

The oldest inhabitant of the village Kashkhatau looks much younger than his years. The signs of her real age — a weak ear and a slow, careful gait. A rare case of a 108-year-old woman complains of vision. She still can sew a button on a shirt. A good motor skills of hands — a sign of alertness.

Healthy centenarians is a constant object of research in gerontology. According to statistics, 10% of all the hundred years of the world's people do not know what disease. Misirian Chechenova is one of these phenomenal Champions. This delicate woman never in my life did not lie in hospital. All of her clinical findings are normal. ECG does not cause in doctors of fears.

For the highlanders physical activity is a natural condition of existence. When local centenarians were born, the daily work was a matter of survival. Caucasian elders have kept the habit of working for life.

Seventy two million seven hundred ninety six thousand five hundred five


Eighty two million nine hundred fifty three thousand three hundred thirty seven

Dana Bichegkuev, 107 years

The Caucasus is home to over 50 different ethnic groups. And each of them have their Champions-centenarians. Republic of North Ossetia — Alania is located in the heart of the Russian part of the Caucasus mountains. Their steep slopes and hills occupy almost half the territory of the Republic. As in neighboring Kabardino-Balkaria, long here there is a cult of longevity. According to statistics, in North Ossetia is now home to 93 people over hundred years old. Only 30% of them are citizens. The rest is rural.

Dana Bichegkuev was born in the ancient mountain village, located around 1700 m above sea level. In the foothills of IrAF district of the Republic, she moved at a Mature age.

This is Bichegkuev never had a birth certificate. In the archival documents mention of it has survived. To date it we were able, thanks to a rural residence. It turned out that Dana was born in 1907 and she is 107 years old.

One of the sources, which can at least indirectly confirm the date of birth or approximate age of the citizen, are household books, which were conducted by the Executive committees of village councils — the information in them is updated with a rather small period.

The household book is a unique source of information on population, age, education, and personal property of the citizens residing in the village. These annual reports of local governments is underway in Russia since 1935. In many rural administrations of old records stored so far. Village This Bichegkuev is no exception.

Like a hundred years ago, life Bichegkuev tied to housework. In the traditional Caucasian family there is a rigid division between women's and men's work. Along with raising children most of the worries in the house and the housework falls on weak half.

After retirement, Dana Bichegkuev continued to do household chores. A lot of free time, there was this woman in very old age. Today This is effortless communication with loved ones and crafts. But despite his advanced age, is Given as a real woman, watching her appearance. She loves manicures and is still doing fruit mask. And, most interestingly, forcing all women to do the same — to follow him.

Sixty three million seven hundred fifty two thousand eighty seven


Ninety one million five hundred sixty nine thousand nine hundred forty

Halimat Hazanova 100 years

On the other end of the IrAF district, near the border with Kabardino-Balkaria, lives another amazing Ossetian woman. She was born two months before the outbreak of the First world war. In 2014, Halimat Kazanova celebrated its centenary.

Spouse Halimat of Omarovna died in 1973. The last 40 years, it is actually the main man in the house Hazanovich. Her advice relatives listen until now.

The very long-lived demonstrates not only excellent health. She is a shining example of positive attitude to life Caucasian elders. The villagers called Khulimat the most cheerful person in the village.

What's the reason for the vitality and durability of this phenomenal grandmother? Their secrets of longevity it does not. The main rule of Halimat Hasanboy share most of the local old-timers: "we have to Work not to be lazy, and health will be."

The ancient village of Lesken — the final stop on our research trip to Northern Caucasus. Having studied the history of the life, habits and psychology of the age Champions, ethnogenetic Murat Gouvernetou ready to make your rating Caucasian longevity "of Course, of good heredity, but can't choose your parents. So first you would have to move to the area at least 1000 m above the sea level. Secondly, it is very important the care of loved ones. Necessity, love — all this contributes to the prolongation of life. Thirdly, you need to eat local, seasonal produce. Finally, the last rule — physical activity is essential at any age.

So, mountain climate, large family, natural food, and physical labor. Each of these elements can give extra years of life.Published 

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©




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