Amazing village of centenarians in China

The life expectancy of a person depends on many factors, from heredity, from environment, from physical and mental development, from food, from having bad habits, climate and weather conditions.

Clear as day that people living in ecologically clean mountain areas, less prone to illness and live to a ripe old age than residents of large industrial polluted cities.

And are there on our planet are places where people live without diseases to old age? Yes, such places still left on our Earth. There is such an area of Bama in Guangxi province, China, which is worldwide recognized as the land of longevity.

For every hundred thousand people living in Bama, accounting for 36 of centenarians in the age of a hundred and more years, which exceeds the global average fivefold. Moreover, centenarians don't suffer the diseases that affects many elderly people throughout the world. Even newcomers for permanent residence in Bama elderly sick people recover from a variety of ailments, their health improves, they feel fit and lead an active lifestyle.

Over the past ten years, Chinese and foreign scientists have researched the residents of BAM and came to the conclusion that the reasons for longevity is the state of the environment, special sunlight, magnetic field, unique water containing molybdenum, strontium, and potassium. The water undergoes a natural filtering in local rivers and caves, and under the influence of particular magnetic field in the water formed hexagonal — hexagonal crystals. This water cleanses and rejuvenates the cells, normalizes metabolism.

The basis of the longevity of the inhabitants of this area-clean air, containing a huge amount of negative ions. The normal concentration of negatively charged ions is from one thousand to two, and each cubic centimeter of air in the districts of BAM contains from five to twenty thousand negative ions. Negatively charged ions are beneficial to the human body, remove free radicals and protect from various chronic diseases and cancer.

The soil of this area is also recognized as unique, as it contains a lot of zinc and manganese, as well as in its structure there are copper and cadmium, have a positive impact on the life expectancy of local residents.

The centenarians of Bama area surrounded by respect, consideration, care of their children, relatives, neighbors, they're all good-natured, always in a good mood, are the right way of life, two thirds of them never drank hard liquor and never smoked.

The hundred year old men daily engaged in physical work, work in field, vegetable gardening or doing household chores, and daily trips over the drinking water on a nearby mountain is a physical strengthen the body.

Diet also plays a role in life expectancy. Residents of Bama eat twice a day — morning and evening. The main menu consists of porridge, cooked from rice, barley and wheat flour. One of everyday dishes is the soup of longevity, oil of seeds of hemp, which grows in the local mountains.

Eat pumpkin, corn, beans, potatoes, cereals, bamboo shoots. Salt used in small quantities, food prefer to cooking, and not frying.

Local people drink tea and rice yellow wine containing proteins, enzymes and Bifidok. Such a diet that contains enough protein, fat and cholesterol promotes longevity and prevents the development of diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes, cancer.

In recent years, Bama is very popular among tourists, on centenarians and their way of life come to see a lot of people. Local residents are being photographed with the tourists, tell them about your life — it gives local residents earn extra money and increase their wealth.



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