Hakspeysy gaining momentum in China. The Prime Minister visited China in Shenzhen hakspeys

Our hakspeys following the events that occur in the world, and could not pass up this article in www.makery.info , whose author is an enthusiast movement hakspeysov Mitch Altman , it promotes the creation and development of creative communities around the world.

"Hakspeysy gaining momentum in China," wrote Mitch Altman. Co-founder hakspeysa Noisebridge in San Francisco, during the decade went to China, organized a group of representatives from hakspeysov from around the world to visit Chinese universities, industries and create new hakspeysov. (Text and photo Mitch Altman) i>

Big news !: at the beginning of this year, Chinese Premier, the Prime Minister, visited the popular kitayskisy hakspeys Chaihuo in the city of Shenzhen - a large city in the south, and the largest production center for electronics. He used his visit to emphasize the role of innovation in the development of the Chinese economy. Hakspeysy China are gaining momentum!

In this picture a group of people who came to hear representatives of the international group hakspeysov,
I collected in 2013 for a trip to China i>

Since 1998, my first trip to China, where the social and political environment was quite closed - I have seen a gradual movement of China up - positive movement in economic and social areas.

Tiananmen Square, often symbolizes not open China's past. I>

Since China has sufficient resources to the creation and production of all things, I chose it for the production of my product: TV-B-Gone - universal remote control (simple key which turns off the television in public places). I chose a place where the staff are good, well-paid, provide good quality and at a price that makes my product viable. I visit its production every year since 2003, and each time traveling to China, meeting with people.

The first consoles TV-B-Gone going in China, in 2004 i>

These annual visits have given me the opportunity to watch how China is changing from year to year. As co-founder of Noisebridge hakspeysa in San Francisco, this trip also gave me an opportunity to talk with many people about the movement hakspeysov and their benefits. China needs hakspeysah! And he is ready for them. To show China that such a move hakspeysov, in 2009 I began to invite to my annual trip to China - a group of ten representatives from hakspeysov from around the world. In my first two trips (Hacker Trips) in China, we visited my production and other factories. There was not a single hakspeysa. But wherever we went, we saw at our meetings local geek. And, of course, we talked about all hakspeysah, and some enthusiasts have organized hakspeysy after our visits!

A visit to the production of 2009 i>

In 2011, we attended the first hakspeys in China - XinCheJian in Shanghai, and visited Makerspace in Beijing. We also visited the first open-hardware company: Seeed Studio . Everywhere we conducted lectures and master classes. I continued to talk about the need to develop hakspeysov in those groups who were interested in this idea.

I talked about the need for education. He spoke about the need to learn and do what you love, and not just do what you think you should do, or do things just for the sake of earnings. The more speeches I had, the more I was invited to speak. I met with the teachers (teacher). I met with officials from the education. I met with other officials. For the first time in Chinese history is the time when officials began to experiment.

report in the Panasonic Center, Beijing, 2011. I>

where our group of hackers did not come - a full house about wanting us to hear.
Here we give a presentation in Makerspace in Beijing in 2013. I>

China has a thousand-year history of tradition. Age Confucianism strengthened understanding of duty and etiquette. In more modern times, the Cultural Revolution (Великая Proletarian Cultural Revolution ) destroyed any possibility of creative search for generations. After decades of economically and creatively empty decades, open economy to fill a large part of the vacuum capitalism and consumerism.

Signs of recovery from the Cultural Revolution (Cultural Revolution) became evident in 2010, when the influx of people from the Olympics. Citizens have become more open to conversation. People began to speak openly about the pros and cons of their society. People began to talk openly about politics. Officials began to open to experimentation. The economy grew. A large number of people began to appear possible.

popular desktop from the West was released in China in 2010. It seems normal to see it in a store in Beijing now, but in 2010, "visit the West" seemed quite ironic. I>

Some moments of innovation and creativity require a world view that can be quite difficult in the context of some of the features of traditional Chinese culture. There is the fear of experimenting, as failure would be regarded as - to "lose face".

Encouraging learning and creativity workshops in soldering on Maker Carnival, Beijing, 2012. I>

In the last couple of years, officials in the upper echelons of power began to pay attention to the fact that experiments on hakspeysov development in China and other countries show that it is effective to education and the economy.

China needs to encourage people to research and creativity, innovation, try to implement it, to see what works and what does not - in order to ultimately obtain goods and services that are ideal for China. And hakspeysy perfect for this idea.

Toyhouse, first hakspeys Chinese University - opened in Tsinghua University in 2012. I>

University of Tsinghua, which is considered one of the most prestigious in China, is building a building with total area of ​​16,000 square meters, which will be the largest in the world hakspeysom. It will be used as a center of learning for all students at the university. Because of the prestige of Tsinghua University, director of the university hopes that this will spread further. To help support the idea of ​​creativity and innovation that brings the movement hakspeysov, Tsinghua University has organized an annual exhibition Tsinghua Maker's Day, the first of which was held last year.

Our group of representatives from hakspeysov made a presentation at the first annual "Tsinghua Maker's Day" conference. I>

I was invited to a meeting with the head of the College of mechanics and electricity in the city of Tianjin. They also create hakspeysy as the center of their curriculum. Other universities and schools follow suit.

Many small businesses have grown from hakspeysov. Therefore, the local economy is often receives acceleration through hakspeysy. For these and other reasons, the Chinese government is interested in helping to create more hakspeysov country.

DFRobot - the company that is engaged in robotics, got its start in hakspeyse XinCheJian in Shanghai.
Our international group of representatives from hakspeysov visited it in 2014. I>

As hardware-start-ups continue to grow and spread throughout the world, some hardware-startup companies see the benefits in the use of the fact that China has to offer. For example, HAXL8R , in which I am a mentor - the world's first hardware accelerator, the purpose of which - to stimulate entrepreneurs from around the world come to China. And as soon as assistance in the development of these start-ups will be implemented in a product or project, it is likely that the creative influence of this successful startup will be contagious to people in China. And it works, for example, several Chinese companies, for example, Makeblock, grew out HAXLR8R.

In 2014, our international team of representatives hakspeysov visited Makeblock , -
Chinese company that makes robotic kits. Her office looks like a giant hakspeys. I>

Large companies are also jumping on the bandwagon and push forward. In November 2014, a group of activists from hakspeysov that I collected for the trip to China was invited to 3nod - China's largest consumer electronics company. We met at the office of the CEO, and discussed how 3nod hakspeys can create in his company. He wants this hakspeys was available for the whole of Shenzhen.

Our group of representatives from hakspeysov was invited to the company 3nod - a major consumer electronics company i>

Things move fast in China!

During a visit to hakspeysa Chaihuo at the beginning of this year, Prime Minister Li Keqiang promised to "create a new platform for innovation and develop a" culture creators "(maker culture) in the country." It was big news in all major media resources across China. And now it seems that all the Chinese officials believe that they have to jump on the bandwagon hakspeysa.

China is a society where the changes are "top-down". That is, to create change, top officials need to push changes from the top down, to stimulate creativity, innovation, education, community, and in turn, employers will support this "bottom».

Spending very little resources to support initiatives [top] - people who want to develop hakspeysy, can create hakspeysy [to society], and it will be great and unique community. It works, and works in many places, and for very little financial investment!

This will help education. This will help stimulate creativity and innovation. This will help specific individuals. It will be good for the local economy and the Chinese economy as a whole. And, as China - a seventh of the population of the planet, I hope it will be good for the entire world - especially when in other places around the world will see these successes, while the rest of the world will follow the example of China.

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