World leaders in youth

1. Barack Obama, the US president.

In February 2010, doctors advised Barack Obama quit smoking. And although he seems at times uses replacement therapy nicotine addiction, but it did not give up the habit. Let's hope that he still quit, but for some reason it is a bad habit that makes it simple man, so to speak, closer to the people. How charismatic he is holding a cigarette, looking straight into the camera in her straw hat, talks about his non-trivial capable managers.

2. Gordon Brown, former British Prime Minister

In this photo Gordon Brown looks a bit silly. Wind tousled hair, tight jacket, tie and flowered slightly rumpled shirt say that this man still thinks about elegance. This may seem strange, but the tie flowered was standard at the time; his reluctance to stand out particularly noticeable because he feels uncomfortable when being photographed. Nervous hands and glance toward suggest that engaging in politics, he was guided by something more than just glamor.


3. Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president

Nobody wears a scarf as it makes the Frenchman. In this photo Nicolas Sarkozy literally exudes a carefree confidence. Long hair and unbuttoned shirt he then went more than a neat shoes and slicked hair now.


4. Silvio Berlusconi, Italy's prime minister

Italian Prime Minister, once joked that Obama's "great tan", more known for his faux pas, loving and bribery. This seems to be a picture where he looks like a refined mafia, especially well conveys this mood.


5. Angela Merkel, the German chancellor

Young smiling Angela Merkel looks very simple, sitting on the stone. While the wives of world leaders are fighting for the right to possess the title of the first ladies, German Chancellor is known for its conservative style of dress. In this photo in a long skirt and with short hair, it looks simple, pragmatic and sincere - qualities that will definitely increase its popularity in the political arena.


6. Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe

In this photo Robert Mugabe looks very innocent. It is unclear what character bears this photo, but white gloves give love for pomp and ceremonies.


7. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a former Prime Minister of Iran, now president

In this photo Iranian Prime Minister - self-portrait, both serious and kind. During his political career, he became known on the one hand his passionate speeches and confrontational attacks in the West, on the other hand - the reputation of "other people", thanks to his speeches about how to give Iranian women more power in society.


8. Vladimir Putin, Russia's prime minister

We could not find a picture of Vladimir Putin, while studying at the institute, therefore, will have to settle this here. Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once described Russia as "a riddle in the puzzle", which is now well suited to the current government. Although matured single judo champion looks lively and mysterious, as a child he was more fragile and vulnerable.


9. Kevin Rudd, Australian Prime Minister

Kevin Rudd as if born in glasses and a neatly knotted tie


10. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Spanish Prime Minister

Always helpful Sapareto is on top of the world, even in sneakers and jeans crumpled. Place one hand on her hip, freely dropping the second, he more than any other in this list is similar to the "regular guy." No wonder that being in office he has legalized gay marriage, introduced a system of quick divorce proceedings, issued decrees for the promotion of gender equality and actively fought against domestic violence, as well as to grant amnesty to undocumented workers. In general, to please everyone.



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