How to raise a child leader: strategies 8

We all want our children to become leaders. About how to achieve it, says a Forbes columnist and expert on emotional intelligence, Travis Bradberry.

Wherever our children may work in the future, we want them to be brave, enthusiastic, sincere. We want to inspire other people to the best that they have learned from their life more value and meaning than seems possible.

And their path to leadership in our hands.

We can ask them a sample and teach them skills that will allow them to lead themselves and others in this hypersecretion the world, but it might well be that they will become victims of passive thinking, a compulsion to accept the status quo. It is a huge responsibility — like everything parenting related. And the beauty is that the nature of children is those little things that we do every day. Focus on the following eight paragraphs, and you will be able to raise leadership qualities in his children, and himself.

  1. Ask samples of emotional intelligenceEmotional intelligence is something intangible; it affects the way we manage their behavior, react to social complexity around us and make important personal decisions. Children learn emotional intelligence from their parents. Your children are watching you every day and absorb your behavior like sponges. They especially feel your response to strong emotions and your reaction to their emotions.

Emotional intelligence is one of the main drivers of success in leadership positions. Company TalentSmart has tested more than a million people and found that the results of the leader at 58% dependent on emotional intelligence. And 90% highly effective leaders have high emotional intelligence.

Most people are very few that take to improve your emotional intelligence. Only 36% of the tested were able to accurately identify the emotions experienced. Children who develop a high level of emotional intelligence, carry this skill into adulthood, and he becomes their support in life and in leadership.

2. Don't be obsessed with achievements, Many parents are obsessed with the subject of achievements, because they believe that their children should become highly effective. But this fixation gives children a variety of problems. Especially in terms of leadership: focus on individual accomplishments inspire children the wrong idea about how to actually achieve a result.

If to speak simply, the strongest leaders surround themselves with good people and great professionals, because they know that they will not be able to handle alone. Children obsessed with achievements, so focused on winning and results, that are unable fully to recognize this. All they see is players who are awarded prizes, and the famous CEO who make the news. They think that this is the consequence of individual actions. And when they find out how it really works, it becomes a severe shock.

3. Don't praise too muchthe Children need praise to develop in them a healthy self-confidence. Unfortunately, better does not mean more confidence. Children need to believe in themselves to become successful leaders, but if you stand up in applause every time they take a pencil or kicking the ball, it creates confusion and false confidence. Always show the kids how proud you are of their dedication and their efforts, but do not expose them superstars, when this is clearly not the case.

4. Allow them to experience risk, and defeatthe Success in business and in life is based on risk. When parents go to protect their children, they do not give them a chance and reap the consequences of that risk. When you do not allow to be defeated, you do not understand the risk. The leader is not able to take adequate risk until you know the bitter taste of defeat that comes when you put everything on the line and lose.

The road to success is littered with failures. When you are trying to protect kids from failure to boost their self-esteem, it is difficult to accept the defeats, which are necessary to succeed as a leader. And not be overly tense when they have something did not happen. At this moment children need your support. They need to know that you care about them. They need to know that you realize how painful it is to suffer defeat. Your support allows them to take this experience and realize that they will cope with it. But this is a serious process of working on his character, which is essential to future leaders.

5. Say "no"When we too indulge children, it is guaranteed limiting the development of their leadership qualities. To become a successful leader, people should be able to postpone gratification and to work hard for something really important. Children need to develop is patience. They need to set goals and experience the joy that comes through diligent promotion to them. The answer is "no" will upset your children now, but they'll get over it. But spoiled they can't overcome.

6. Let kids solve their own problems, Leadership requires a certain self-sufficiency. When you command, you should be able to be the last and to clean up all resulting debris. When parents decide for their children problems, children will never develop the critical ability to stand firmly on his feet. Children, to which all the time someone rushes to clean up after them, waiting for the rest of their lives. The leaders act. They take leadership. They are responsible and accountable. Your children should be the same.

7. Match his wordsTrue leaders transparent and open. They are not perfect but they win the respect of people, matching what they say. Your children can develop this quality naturally, but only if they see that you show the same thing. You must be honest in all things, not just what you say and do, but in who you are. Your words and actions should be appropriate for what you call yourself. Your children will see that and want to do the same.

8. Demonstrate that you are human toono matter How naughty and provocative nor were your children at one time or another, you are still their hero, their model for the future. This realization may encourage you to hide your past mistakes out of fear that the children will have a desire to repeat them. But the opposite is true: when you did not demonstrate your vulnerability, your children develop a strong wine about every failure, because they believe that only they commit such a terrible mistake.

To develop leadership skills children need to know that the people they look up to, is also faulty. Leaders must be able to comprehend their mistakes, learn from them and become better. Children are not capable of it when their stun wine. They need someone — a real, vulnerable person, who will teach them to think about their mistakes and learn from them. When you show them how you have passed it in the past, you can help them. published

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