2 Tibetan recipe for preserving youth

How to keep youth and health of the Tibetan way. Lovers of folk recipes sure sign of Tibetan youth recipe. According to the published information, he was found in the excavations of an ancient monastery somewhere in the mountains of Tibet. It is not convinced by the fact that it was recorded on clay shards. Because historians argue that the monks did not keep such recordings. For his contemporaries, no matter who the author of the elixir of youth Tibetan monks or Russian. The main thing is how he acts on the body.

What is the elixir
The basis of "Tibetan youth elixir" - a garlic tincture. Curative effect of garlic has long been known in folk medicine, studied pharmacology. Garlic is recommended by doctors to actively restore immunity after the transferred diseases, for the prevention of respiratory infections and flu, as protivoateroskleroticheskim means.

The action of the active compounds of garlic are:

essential oils,
pyruvic acid,
Vitamins B, C, D, PP,
trace elements (sodium, calcium, sulfur, potassium, magnesium, iodine).
Essential oils contain allicin. This material has a strong bactericidal effect (killing pathological microorganisms). It proved its positive effect on strains of Staphylococcus aureus resistant to antibiotics.

Types beneficial effect of garlic
Tibetan youth recipe has all the healing properties of garlic:

antimicrobial and antiparasitic action;
good antiseptic;
reduce inflammation;
mild expectorant;
lowering blood pressure;
regulation of liver function for the production of cholesterol (atherosclerotic);
stimulate urination (diuretic);
increases the potency in men;
antioxidant fighting oxidants;
stimulation of gastric juice, pancreatic, bile;
activation of intestinal motility;
slowing heart rate;
expansion of peripheral and coronary vessels.
Does Tibetan youth recipe actually delay the aging process, there is no reliable information. But the scale of the impact we can assume the general improvement that any person causes positive emotions and increased activity.

How to prepare a tincture
To prepare the elixir of the Tibetan need to clean 350 grams of garlic, chop it with a knife first, then pour in a wooden or enamel bowl and carefully rub and grind wood or ceramic mortar will not yet be allocated juice. Then you need to weigh 200 g pulverized mass from the bottom (where more juice), put it in a dark glass jar and pour undiluted strong drink 200 ml. Dishes are recommended to warm slightly.

The Bank should close tightly and push the garlic in for ten days in the fridge, but in a cool place. After squeezing through cheesecloth tincture allowed to stand for three days, and now it is ready for use.

Tips for choosing garlic
Not everyone who purchased in the store for garlic tincture.

For curative effect requires fresh garlic with large slices (for 4 months of storage properties of garlic are reduced by half, and only taste quality remain in last year's garlic).
Recommend to start making a tincture of garlic at a young month, finishing at the full moon.
Ready Tibetan tincture can be stored for a long time. It is proved that in 2 years it produced additional enzymes with anti-tumor properties and the effect is enhanced.
Indications for use of garlic tincture
According to the recommendations of traditional healers, the infusion can be used for:

treatment of atherosclerosis, headaches;
lowering blood pressure in hypertensive patients;
as anti-inflammatory, and antiparasitic (with helminthic invasion) means;
stimulation of protective forces;
recovery of potency;
treatment of prostatitis;
restore vision.
This Tibetan tips contraindicated
There are contraindications to receiving the elixir of Tibetan garlic tincture:

not recommended for children under 12 years;
during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
people suffering from epilepsy seizures;
acute gastritis, enterocolitis, pancreatitis, hepatitis;
while signs of cystitis and acute kidney disease;
when prostate cancer;
an exacerbation of hemorrhoids.
General Contraindications - idiosyncrasy garlic and strong drink

. Some features
Healers indicate that taking the elixir is accompanied by itchy skin, feeling of heat in the head, the appearance of heaviness in the right upper quadrant. This is explained by "cleansing" of the whole body, vessels and liver.

Worth the appearance of any unpleasant symptoms do not tolerate and not to wait for allergy, and stop taking and consult a doctor.

The dosage regimen of anti-aging infusion
The general scheme is not difficult to remember, but for accuracy it is possible to paint itself on the calendar numbers. Drink infusion only with a quarter cup of milk, 20 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Start the first day before breakfast with a drop in lunch - two in the dinner - three in the morning the next day - four, and so on with each reception to allow for one drop more. By the evening of the fifth day up to 15 drops. On the morning of the sixth day we start with a 15 to reduce one drop. On the eleventh day of treatment taken continuously for 25 drops three times a day until you drink all the brandy.
Repeat rejuvenation course is recommended not earlier than every two year.

Another Tibetan recipe
youth For lovers of herbal tea is recommended to try a rejuvenation with the help of medicinal plants. The herbs can be bought at a drugstore or to prepare yourself, respecting the rules of collecting and drying herbs.
This recipe uses a combination of actions composition of chamomile, St. John's wort grass, flowers immortelle and birch buds. Dry raw materials mix evenly in a glass jar (at the rate of 100 grams).

Prior to brewing a tablespoon of the collection of dry mixture of herbs need to grind in a coffee grinder. Pour better in a half-liter thermos to insist at least 20 minutes.

How to make herbal decoction
In this case, too, there is a reception scheme:

Recommended whole broth divided into 2 pieces, 1 cup in the morning to take the form of a heated half an hour before breakfast and the other as well, but before going to bed.
You can add a teaspoon of honey.
After the evening use any snacking is not allowed.
The course of treatment herbal continue until the end of the dry materials. After a week break, repeat. So continue to 3 months.
Replays are not recommended before as after 5 years.

Contraindications considered propensity to allergic reactions to grass collected in the form of itching, rash, swelling of the face. Should this occur, stop the reception.

Followers of Tibetan monks and lovers rejuvenation garlic and herbal worth remembering that any curative effect of Chinese medicine requires adherence to diet, philosophical understanding of life, meditation and exercise with a "cleansing" breath.


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