Absurd conspiracy theories about the New World Order (11 photos)

Around the New World Order (or NMP) every time there is an increasing number of theories that sound plausible, but in fact are completely absurd.


10. Prediction of the ten kings

About New World Order (NWO), according to some people, there are specific predictions in the book of "Revelation." The prophecy of the ten kings - a theory according to which 10 of the world's strongest states will join together and create a new unity government. In "Revelation" it is mentioned in chapter 17, verse 12: "And the ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but they receive authority with the beast, as kings, for one hour." < br />
The concept of the NRM is the idea that the world will rule a small group of people, so it is not surprising that the quote referred to at the end of the previous paragraph, many see as a direct prediction regarding the new world order.

Some believe that the international non-governmental organization "Club of Rome" - that is the union, designed to establish the NRM, as in 1973, they published a paper in which he proposed to divide the world into 10 regions. Others firmly believe that a group of ten kings mentioned in the book "Revelations" are the leaders of the "Big Eight". Proponents of this theory believe that over time the group of G8 countries will join two other participants and then begin Armageddon and is likely to be the end of all living things.

9. population control

In order to keep the world under strict control, installers NMP have significantly reduced the population. According to conspiracy theorists, they will have to destroy a large part of the inhabitants of the planet Earth and leave for the continuation of the human race only two billion people. These chosen, of course, will be the best of the best - scientists, engineers, writers and politicians; they will go to live under the ground, where he built a city connected by a magnetic railways. In addition, they will be engaged in the creation of manned bases on the Moon.

How the installer of the New World Order will reduce the population of the planet it is a subject of great debate among conspiracy theorists. Some are convinced that the NRM would destroy most of the people with the help of a specially designed virus. Others believe that perish "unelected" humanity from the attack of the drones. The list of assumptions is not the end.

8. The muffled sound of a spread spectrum

According to one of the most common theories about the New World Order, by his installers over the mind of humanity carried out total control. Those who believe in NMP, are convinced that the time will come when world leaders will push a button and instantly make people obey them. This technology, according to many, already exists and is currently being tested in humans. Name it - muffled sound spread spectrum (PZRS), or, more simply, "the voice in his head." Conspiracy theorists believe that the US military has used this technology to Iraqi soldiers, forcing them to surrender immediately.

7. Plans, hidden in the literature

In 1928, HG Wells published a book called "The Open Conspiracy: plans for world revolution." In it the writer stated, "recipe" for a new world order that will last for generations, are under the authority of the "Atlantic" elite.

HG Wells, being an ardent socialist, believed that the creation of a single world government is inevitable and considered widespread eugenics right path for humanity.

Conspiracy theorists rather quickly speculated that Wells' book of the NRM is "required reading" for the world's elite. They see it not as a prediction, but rather as a stimulus for the emergence of the idea of ​​a New World Order.

6. Majestic 12

In the 1940s. US President Harry S. Truman ordered a secret committee of scientists and government officials to follow the UFO, which often appeared in the skies over America. Creating an organization called "Majestic-12" was held in the strictest confidence, but eventually were found several documents allegedly proving its existence.

According to conspiracy theorists, the government has come up with all this in order to confuse people and divert their attention from the real threat: the strangers among government officials. For a new world order is not human elites and extraterrestrials manage it.

5. Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove - a place of rest, situated in Sonoma County (California). It belongs to the Bohemian Club, whose members are the world's leaders, artists, musicians, captains of industry and others. Total club has several thousand participants. Each year, these people get together and ...

According to proponents of the conspiracy theory, Bohemian Grove - a sinister place where pagan rituals are conducted and devil worship, as well as originate insidious plans for a new world order. Presumably, the club members were such famous American politicians like Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Henry Kissinger.

4. Geronimo Skull

Since many members of the Bohemian Club are also members of a powerful secret society "Skull and Bones" (Yale University), we think it is worth mentioning the abduction of the skull of Geronimo, which occurred 96 years ago. According to the descendants of the legendary Apache tribal chief, who in 2009 at Yale University have filed a lawsuit, Prescott Bush (grandfather of George W. Bush) and the members of the society "Skull and Bones" tomb unearthed Geronimo and stole his skull. They put it in a glass case, which is in the secret tomb where the secret order meets.

Why do they do it? And that total is the skull of Geronimo with the New World Order? The story of the society "Skull and Bones" is quite confusing. It is believed that it originated in Germany in the 1800s. and is closely linked to the Bavarian Illuminati, which aim - to establish the NPM and establish a single world government.

As for the skull of Geronimo, the formerly Prescott Bush served as a volunteer at Fort Sill, where he was buried the great leader of the Apaches. There he heard the story that during the life of Geronimo had incredible power. Perhaps for this reason, members of a secret society decided to steal the skull out of the grave of the leader, to subsequently use it for their own purposes.

3. The total surveillance

The surveillance is carried out to control the world's population. Mass surveillance is conducted in many countries - the Soviet Union once existed a network of spies in the United States for this government created a National Security Agency and the state program PRISM, China developed a special project called "Golden Shield" and so on. D. As a rule, the stated purpose these organizations and events - the prevention of terrorism, or, for example, the fight against child pornography. However, conspiracy theorists believe that their good intentions hiding something else.

2. chemtrails or himtreyly

If you look at the sky on a clear cloudless day, you can see the intricate patterns of the thin strips of cloud-like condensation trails from aircraft. It himtreyly that "occupation government" secretly sprayed over the ground. There are several versions destination chemtrail: mind control people, testing of biological weapons, change the weather, and others.

The plot is about the management of the weather is the most common theory about himtreylah whereby chemicals are sprayed with a government aircraft, disrupt the ionosphere, so it is possible to manipulate the weather, for example, create hurricanes, cause warming and so on.

1. Posthumans and technological singularity

The inevitable goal of the new world order - the creation of the race of supermen, or posthuman. Presumably, this can occur in two ways. First - posthumans initially will be produced in a narrow circle of leaders of the New World Order. Second - Scientists create robots that are on the level of intelligence significantly surpass humanity. This will allow those who set the NMP, to control every aspect of life of the inhabitants of the planet. The lower classes will eventually be destroyed and replaced by robots with artificial intelligence, and then the time will come superhumans.


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