Why movies about conspiracy theories so popular

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Even when a glimpse on movie and television screens easy to see that in a lot of movies that promote conspiracy theories — the legend of the mysterious hostile forces that build the global machinations of mankind or just stand behind everything that happens from the exchange crises to an incorrect weather forecast in Moscow in the first week of September 2014.

Three of the most famous conspiracy TV series "twin Peaks", Lost and X-Files, and so concentrated feed X-Files or x-files (two of the series every morning and evening) on our TV was not even in the 1990s, when male community is simply crazy about Gillian Anderson in the role of FBI agent Dana Scully.

Great movie a little behind series, but he is supported by the rollers. In September, on the screens the film Zulu with Orlando bloom and Forrest Whitaker, to which we gave the name "conspiracy Theory". As the way ahead. Immediately watched the movie with the original name "conspiracy Theory" — Conspiracy Theory – and found a phrase that perfectly describes and conspiracy theories, and their fans. The character Mel Gibson's character tells Julia Roberts: "They would never have allowed. Who is "they"? I don't know, that's why they are called: they are".

The popularity of conspiracy theories in contemporary Russia is more than understandable. It has long been observed that such theories possess the minds in troubled times. People rushes in search of external, especially backstage enemies. The government encourages this hobby, because it distracts people from understanding and analysis of real social problems. It is no exaggeration to say that Russia now sits on the needle of conspiracy theories.

Through different channels (where people call themselves political journalists, where, through specially made films, which says a scary voice, instantly causing you to be wary of) tell the public who and money any secret orders nasty to Russia in the XIX century, at the beginning, middle and end of XX, beginning of XXI, which international conspiracy is hurting now.

But why on the same needle setting, for example, the Americans? Because they produce most of the films and TV shows that everything on the planet someone has secretly planned and controlled.

First try to classify conspiracy theories. Opening the Internet, you will find a lot of similar classifications. All of them long, confusing, global punctuated them with a private (the most popular of the small conspiracy theories: who really killed John Kennedy, found the Americans of an alien in 1947 (Yes) if it was an Elvis Presley (not) killed any McCartney (Yes, in 1966 and has long been replaced by a DoppelgangeR), the Americans landed on the moon (there are two versions: no, it was staged, Yes, but hastily closed the lunar program, as found on our satellite threat unknown), what killed Gagarin (not, as you say, and perhaps during a failed flyby of the same moon), who blew up the twin towers on 11 September (us secret service) who was behind the death of Princess Diana).

Reliance on cinema allows this classification is extremely simplified. Once someone, and Borges authoritative proved that all the world's literature, with all its diversity, limited to four stories. Now we venture to suggest that there are many conspiracy theories are divided into just four types.

War machinery type – an actively growing conspiracy artificial intelligence vs. human. The film about terminators, killer robots from the future, which this year celebrates thirty years (two the first and best film was created by the legendary James Cameron, 1984 and 1991), at first inattentive glance it seems fun.

Actually "Terminator" and "Matrix", and "I, robot" — all in their own develop those gloomy philosophical ideas on which was based the famous film by Stanley Kubrick screenplay by Arthur C. Clarke "2001: a Space Odyssey".

It's actually about the fact that artificial intelligence can not gain the ability to self-development and self-reproduction. And when you find, you will begin to create and their ideology. It is logical to assume that he considers himself more perfect than the limited human mind. In this case, the war of machines vs people is not so fantastic.

Everywhere mesonephros type of plot, relatively speaking, Masonic: there is a secret world government that bosses and humanity. Here we a direct path to the X-Files where the subject matter is, however, slightly adjusted: in this government is part of the political elite of the major powers (including, presumably, Russia), which in this case is a long-standing collusion with the aliens, which aim the gradual colonization of the Land.

In one series the X-Files, which was revised recently, it is about the fact that even a speck smallpox vaccination is readable mark which in the days when there were no microchips, it was easy to identify, put in the database and to track down any person. It is a pity that some of the conspiracy theories of the second type have not yet filmed.

For example, the concept of the Creator of the New chronology of academician Fomenko, who argued that the history of the world adulterated in the XIX century by the rulers of Europe and it was not so and not then.

At one time this concept was actively shared by Garry Kasparov. But take off who the film is about how a researcher gets to the truth (that the government completely rewrote for their own benefit the real history of mankind), would make a Thriller better than "the Da Vinci Code", where they develop the idea that the conspiracy hides from us the truth about Christ. And very positive.

Backstage capitalistocracy type: the world is ruled by megacorporations. See "Hotel "New Rose" By Abel Ferrara. Or "quantum of solace" is the penultimate bond movie. Or "international" Tom Tykwer, in which the world behind the scenes of the bosses of a criminal clan of bankers. Or "the Truman Show" and "wag the dog", where it is shown that all seasoned media Empire.

Again: a lot of things to film. No one, for example, made paintings about the global conspiracy of pharmacists and world health organization, regularly dreaming up new and dangerous viruses and pandemics, to sell to us at exorbitant prices for unnecessary medications (about this conspiracy a lot of gossip on the Internet).

Secret siliciclastic and latest type: behind-the-scenes elite of the world community are forces that we consider to be mystical. The key here, of course, vampires with their eternal life, eternal love and eternal hatred to mankind.

The number of films and series about vampires, taken in the last twenty years, just do not count: the TV series "the vampire Diaries" and "True blood", which replaced the fashion in the 1990s "Buffy the vampire Slayer", "Blade" with sequels, "Another world" with sequels, "Twilight" sequels, numerous films of the masters: "Addiction" by Abel Ferrara And Francis Ford Coppola, "Interview with the vampire" and "Byzantium" Neil Jordan "will Survive only lovers" Jim Jarmusch "Dark shadows" Tim Burton, "Thirst" cult Korean Chan Wook-Park.

About the continuing interest of the classics of film directing from Murnau to Herzog and Coppola to the shape of the count Nosferatu-Dracula to say something too. And if werewolves in literature and cinema is usually Gopnik, vampires – what secret aristocracy of the world. Again, good character: they're all up there drinking our blood.

Here, perhaps, the main reason the world people love conspiracy theories: distrust of authorities, which develops from the masses, not only in moments of national hysteria.

Because conspiracy theories are so popular in the States. As soon as we get the official point of view on the events, the people immediately begins to suspect that it is designed to hide the dirty truth. World politics adds fuel to the fire: she is often secretive, lying cynically and openly – how not to look in her secret thoughts?


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