Microwave — the phantom menace

Microwave — harm? You be the judge. What is useful in this life and what is harmful? Microwave is a useful invention, You might say. Can't argue with that. What comes to mind is the adage "Mouse eating a cactus, cried, but ate..." it is Surprising only that we don't all listen to the opinion of scientists and specialists. Perhaps the advancement of this technology not that other as the way certain companies make money?


...20 years ago William Koll managed to sum up everything that scientists say about microwave ovens. If he knew what he was taking, I think, would not have to do that. Fortunately, he didn't know all the implications, but he still had to go, changed his name. He collected all the data in the research final paper entitled "the Influence of microwave ovens on human rights". The original of this document is currently stored in the archives of the Atlantic center for higher education, which is located in Portland (Oregon). It was there from 1977 to 1979, the scientist conducted his research. The veracity of these documents, there is no doubt. Shocking that these documents convincingly prove an increasing danger to human technical rays, and it was known a few decades ago and totally ignored for the sake of profit. Starts charging document with the story..

The first microwave ovens (further MCP) created and studied by the Nazis, was used when conducting mobile operations during the invasion of the Soviet Union in world war II. The use of electronic devices, which was probably cooking in large quantities, rid of the home front from unnecessary problems. Had no problem with the supply of fuel for cooking, and greatly reduced the time of cooking.

At the end of the war, the allies had discovered the documents on these devices and medical research work. All these documents were delivered to the United States war Department, classified as secret and were hidden. Several instruments fell to the Russian experts, who began an independent investigation. Our specialists made very thorough studies of the biological effects on human MKP, and they were imposed a categorical ban on the use of microwaves. It was even published by the international warning concerning the possible environmental damage and possible biological consequences from such electronic frequency devices. The study, which began in 1957 and continue to this day.

Now the question is — is it harmful microwave, or we're hiding something? By the way, microwave ovens have been outlawed in the entire Soviet Union. In 50-ies in Germany, the issue and their use was also PROHIBITED.

The dangerous nature of microwave ovens has also been proven by studies in Switzerland in the late 80-ies. The studies were conducted excluding the data of Russian and German researchers. In 1991 (!!!) European Commissioner for food Carl van Miercom in Brussels was given a warning by ispolzovaniem. They were told that acceptance of irradiated food may have a harmful effect on the human body.

Effects of MKP on the person who installed Russian and German researchers, can be divided into three categories — a violation of the nutritional value of the food, the carcinogenic effects and the direct effects of microwave radiation on the human body. And now I would like to elaborate what scientists have discovered more than 50 years of research of MKP.

1. Lowering the QUALITY of the FOOD when using microwave ovens comes from the fact that decreases the body's ability to absorb vitamins and nutrients. In all tested food products was marked by the loss of 60-90% of the vital energy, as well as very significant (!) acceleration of structural disintegration of food. Naturally, the producers of "miracle technology" to give completely different information. But the spread of all scientific research is very active is inhibited by modern industry with the active support of the authorities and the press.

2. Forensic research group discovered the CARCINOGENIC EFFECTS of MKP on the person. Thaw frozen fruit in the microwave changes the structure of the elements of galactoside and glucoside (i.e., deviates from the norm structure of the constituent parts of which is sugar).

• There is a change in the structure of plant alkaloids (for example, a number of antibiotics), even if boiled, raw or frozen vegetables in a VERY short time exposure.

• Changes the basic nutrients (!), which cause functional disturbances in the digestive tract due to a very unstable product structure of MKP.

• Creates a binding effect in relation to atmospheric radioactivity, which causes a marked increase in saturation of the food for alpha and beta particles. There is a saturation of radioactive food particles from the air (!).

• The formation of d-nitrosodiethanolamine (a known carcinogen) in the finished meat, which is heated in the microwave.

• The formation of carcinogen protein gidrolizatami the connection of GRAINS and MILK (!).

• In milk, meat, grain, and raw root vegetables, warmed in MKP, additionally the formation of carcinogenic substances.

• In consequence of chemical changes in the products there is a disorder of the lymphatic system (!!!), this leads to the degeneration of the immune system of the human body, which protects the body from certain types of neoplasms(growths that resemble cancer).

• Eating microwaved food creates favourable to increase the number of CANCER CELLS in blood serum. Many people who actively consume these foods, the formation of tumors that resemble cancer. And in the digestive tract and stomach turning peripheral cells and tissues and a gradual breakdown of the function of the digestive system. In consequence, likely to develop cancer.

3. The DANGER of USING MICROWAVE OVENS comes from the fact that radiation is deadly (!). The device, which is mounted at chest level may damage the heart, eyes and genitals of the user. The man who to pull food out of the microwave, opens the camera, immediately expose their bodies to radiation. Microwave oven continues to emit radiation, even with single use (!!!), Even in those cases, if it was no longer used. The so — called damped radiation(decreasing the degree of radiation). That is why the allowed content only of the MCP in a closed state. And since a complete seal is absolutely technically impossible, set the limits of the possible radiation leakage. But this leak does not agreed with the portability of an individual user. The threshold is the allowable leakage of radiation is not based on any scientific research and long-term scientific observations. Currently the allowable limit of radiation leakage comes only from the ECONOMIC and TECHNICAL CONSTRAINTS of the MANUFACTURER (!!!).

Here's a not very nice to get the picture. But in the microwave, if I may say so, a whole generation. And as you know, the effect of radiation on the human body can manifest itself through the generations.

...I wonder how many people read this material, which will be able to bring to the mouth of the baby a spoonful of porridge, warmed in the microwave?


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