The growth of Asian military power

All countries try to constantly increase its military power, and the Asian countries in this regard are no exception. The martial art is perfected in endless and minor and major clashes between Asian countries. In turn, these ongoing conflict encourage governments to pay more attention to the development of its armed forces and military industry. Most of all in this case succeeded China - its armed forces today are the largest in the entire world. Active military service in China today is 2 250 000 people (that is, the number of troops in China is almost equal to the population of a country such as Latvia). Meanwhile, China continues to increase military spending, saying that it is done solely for the purposes of national security.

1. Structure of Chinese soldiers at the Expo 2010 Shanghai China, held in May 1 to October 31, 2010 October 1. (PHILIPPE LOPEZ / AFP / Getty Images)

2.Politseyskie Tiananmen Square. During the session of the supreme legislative body of China - the National People's Congress, held every year in the House of the People in Tiananmen Square, the largest square in the world closed to the public. 11 March 2010. (FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP / Getty Images)

3. An employee of the Chinese Air Force, on the number of aircraft that is ranked third in the world, standing at his post after the end of military air show in the city of Tianjin. During the show the Chinese multi-role fighters Chengdu J-10, also called the "rapid dragons", showed the audience their flying skill. (FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP / Getty Images)

4. Before the start of the new semester at the largest University of China, Peking University, students learn fire safety measures. Beijing on August 22. (AFP / AFP / Getty Images)

5. Taiwanese CM-11 tank (it is modified specifically for Taiwan modification of an American tank Patton III) in exercises in Hukou. US supply of arms regularly to the Republic of China, better known as Taiwan. (SAM YEH / AFP / Getty Images)

6. On 1 October 2010, the day of foundation of the People's Republic of China to the Chinese Pavilion at the Expo 2010 soldiers raised the flag of China. (PHILIPPE LOPEZ / AFP / Getty Images)

7. Teachings of "special police" in Beijing. According to the Beijing authorities special police on the eve of the anniversary of the events of 2009 in Xinjiang could hold a whole group of intruders, is preparing a major terrorist attack. (STR / AFP / Getty Images)

8. Tired viewer looks at the rows of soldiers People's Liberation Army of China in the first day of the Expo 2010, May 1. During the six months the exhibition was visited by a record number of people accounted for 73 million. The biggest attendance was registered on October 16, 2010 - 1, 03 million visitors per day. (PHILIPPE LOPEZ / AFP / Getty Images)

9. Winter teachings of Chinese soldiers in a military camp in the city of Changchun, the northeastern Jilin Province multinational. (STR / AFP / Getty Images)

10. passer against the backdrop of a billboard with a photo parade People's Liberation Army of China in honor of the 60th anniversary of the reign of the Communist Party, celebrated in 2009. (FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP / Getty Images)

11. Soldiers of the People's Liberation Army to explain to visitors the world exhibition EXPO-2010, how to get the benefit of their pavilion. (PHILIPPE LOPEZ / AFP / Getty Images)

12. Soldier People's Liberation Army orders to stop shooting near the hotel where the delegates will be posted annual meeting of the world's largest ruling Communist Party of China. October 15, Beijing. (PETER PARKS / AFP / Getty Images)

13. Military parade on October 10 in honor of the millennium of Hanoi, capital of Vietnam. Soldiers march past by the mausoleum of the first president of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh at Ba Dinh Square. (HOANG DINH NAM / AFP / Getty Images)

14. On 8 March Tiananmen Square. A police officer on duty at his post. (FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP / Getty Images)

15. Soldiers of the People's Liberation Army during the rescue operation after the devastating earthquake in Yushu County, Qinghai Province. During the earthquake on 14 April 2010 in China, more than 2,000 people were killed and over 12,000 injured. (LIU JIN / AFP / Getty Images)

16. Soldiers dismantled rubble. Ancient Tibetan Yushu county Tszegu village was badly damaged during the 2010 earthquake. (LIU JIN / AFP / Getty Images)

17. President Hu Jintao inspects the progress of reconstruction work after the earthquake in one of the Chinese provinces. (LIU JIN / AFP / Getty Images)

18. Teachings of recruits People's Liberation Army in the eastern province of Anhui. China's military spending is steadily growing, and lately China is trying to pay more attention not only to the accumulation of weapons, but also the development of new technologies. (STR / AFP / Getty Images)

19. Chinese students pass drill. (STR / AFP / Getty Images)

20. During the procedure on Tiananmen Square following members of the People's Armed Police. Before the ceremony, to the changing of the guard uniforms attach special ornaments. 3 November 2009. (STR / AFP / Getty Images)

21. The Group of honor march during the welcoming ceremony before a meeting of defense ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in Hanoi on October 12. (NGUYEN HUY KHAM / AFP / Getty Images)

22. Vietnamese maritime police march past in front of the mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh. October 10 (HOANG DINH NAM / AFP / Getty Images)

23. The guard of honor People's Liberation Army of China in the welcoming ceremony in Beijing Zambian President Rupiah Banda. 25 February. (LIU JIN / AFP / Getty Images)

24. December 1st. South Korean Marines patrol the coast of the island of Yeonpyeong, in a group of disputed islands with territorial jurisdiction. This island shelled by North Korea November 23, 2010 Pau island were fired at least 200 shells. (KIM JAE-HWAN / AFP / Getty Images)

25. The duty stands guard at the House of the People at the painting depicting the Great Wall. November 16 at the House of the People held a welcoming ceremony with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. (Feng Li / Getty Images)

26. On 12 October in Hanoi. Welcome ceremony prior to the annual meeting of defense ministers of the Association of South-East Asia. Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie general goes along the guard of honor Vietnamese navy. (HOANG DINH NAM / AFP / Getty Images)

27. The monk misses the riot police on Tiananmen Square on March 2. Prior to the annual session of the Chinese parliament in the House of the People always reinforce the protection area. (Li Xin / AFP / Getty Images)

28. Teachings of the Chinese police, which took place on June 18 in a multi-ethnic autonomous region of Xinjiang. This area is often erupt national uprising of the indigenous Uighur population. (STR / AFP / Getty Images)

29. Police officers are on duty at the Chinese Pavilion at the Expo 2010 April 19. (Feng Li / Getty Images)

30. The Chinese military delegation sent to the opening ceremony of the National People's Congress. 5th of March. (Photo by Feng Li / Getty Images)



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