Abyssinian - Ethiopian beast. Hunter commander natives, loves bananas, the sun and elephants. Over time, the Abyssinian emigrated to Europe. Abyssinian different extraordinary intelligence, good manners and quick response. Abyssinian loves to be on the move and to spend time with interest, she likes to attract everybody's attention.
Abyssinian cats crave attention of the owner. If you do not want or do not have opportunities every day to give your pet at least a few hours a day or do not recommend that you start at the cat of this breed! If you, as the owner of a cat by themselves are not so active, you will probably be hard to live with such an active cat.
Be aware and be prepared: Abyssinian is very curious, she gets to these places in the apartment, which you could not think in advance.

Australian Mist. Cat lives in Australia ... with kangaroos, swimming around coral reef.
Cats breed Australian Mist have no special health problems inherent in this particular breed. In general, it is quite healthy cats with good immunity.
Cats breed Australian Mist - peace-loving cat with a great personality. These qualities are inherited from the Burmese and Abyssinian cats.
Australian Mist is very playful and mischievous cat. But it is naughty not to the extent that in the heat of the game to destroy the entire house.
These cats get along well with other animals in the house, as well as well-behaved for children.
Like all cats, the breed Australian Mist cats need love and attention of the owner. Cats like to be the owner would take her into his lap, and then pat Australian Mist would be happy to hum it back in gratitude and joy.

Asian Cat. Asian Cat breed cats - cats with great peace-loving character. These qualities are inherited from the Burmilla and Abyssinian cats.
Asian Cat is very playful and mischievous cat. These cats get along well with other animals in the house, as well as well-behaved for children.
Like all cats, cat breed Asian Cat need attention and love hozyaina.Nesmotrya that Asian Cat cat quite active in the absence of the owner the house they will be able to keep him occupied and not bored games before returning beloved master.

American haired - stiff like sandpaper,
The nature of the breed American haired cat docile. They measure playful, easily adapt to new surroundings and people. But this is active at a young age, the aging of your cat will be increasingly difficult to carry travel.

American Bobtail.
American Bobtail in size from medium to large stocky animals weighing from 3 to 8 kg.
The American Bobtail is very friendly and sociable cats. Very attached to their owners and terribly bored in their absence.
The American Bobtail is very sociable nature, they are friendly with all the pets.
Despite his heavy kind of very gentle cat, often art. Cats of this breed get along well with children and spend many hours in the games

. Balinese cat - Thai beast. Becoming increasingly popular among our sogradzhan piece of Thailand in your house, always I give you a holiday mood.
The appearance of the house other animals are likely to provoke jealousy. Also Balinese cats are wary of strangers. Those who decided to get in the house Balinese kitten, you need to explain to all members of the family rules of conduct with him, especially children. Balinese cats are not suited to the role of ragdoll. Pet immediately show his temper, and the offender will receive a scratch ukusy.Eta cat is self-sufficient, but loves to be the center of attention.

Bengal cat. By its nature, bengals trusting, sociable and very balanced creation. These cats communicate well with everyone: hosts and guests, children, adults and other pets. However, they are showing respect to others, always require a response worthy of attention to themselves.
Cat Bengal breed is absolutely fearful.

Burmese (Sacred Birman)
Burma is not suitable as a pet for those who want a shy, quiet cat who own mistress. This kitty is completely devoted to people who build a relationship with those who take care of her and love.

Burma playful cat who loves anything uchudit to entertain all. Full of positive energy and it can jump on the mezzanine, stopping to make sure that someone looks at her. If her antics no one notices, or they do not find attention, she invents a different session in order to take possession of all the attention of the owner. Burmese cat is quite stubborn and always gets his way.
Cat's claws should be cut about every two weeks.
You have to understand, the cat is very special.

Cat Havana - American beast.
Havana is very peace-loving cat that is loyal to his master. It is easy to adapt to the new environment. Undemanding of care and is very active. It is always and everywhere to show their sports training, tends to conquer the heights.

Easy uzhivёtsya with young children, because it has no tendency to aggression. Quickly find common language with them and would be happy to play and spend time with them. Also, quickly made friends with other pets, especially cats of the breed or Siamese. Most will go to sleep with them, curled up in Kalachik.
The name they received in honor of Cuban cigars.

Don Sphynx Sfinks.Donskoy can have all kinds of colors.
Don Sphynx is very energetic, sociable, friendly with a strong nervous system, are able to quickly adapt to everything, extremely affectionate. A more friendly and sociable loving creation is very difficult to find among cats. The positive, inquisitive and mobile sphinxes are very fond of the game with the ball, nut, "mouse».
The nature and habits of them as unusual, as well as appearance. Females of this species are very attached and loyal to his master, strive all the time to spend with him
Sphynx selection earwax raise, so they need to clean the ears often.

Celtic koshka.Oni bit imposing and put themselves on a level with the man. That is why deal with such cats should be carefully and respectfully. They are fairly easy to tolerate solitude, so that will suit a family or a person who is often delayed at work. Celtic cat will love you with all my heart, but he will not show it completely. And only from the height of his character periodically to show their feelings.

Russian Blue. Russian blue cats are very friendly towards children, and they get along well with other pets. They celebrated a wonderful combination of sociability and unobtrusive, and the extraordinary kindness.
If for something offended cat owner, it can be a couple of hours completely ignore it, but never allow himself to take revenge, it will not attack and will not do harm. Cats of this breed may be small and medium-sized, with a well balanced muscles, the body is very graceful and expressive.

Norwegian lesnaya.Otlichitelnaya feature of Norwegian forest cats - a strong constitution and a large enough size. But despite this factor cats have a mild temper and good manners, these cats are very difficult to provoke bad behavior. Norwegian forest cat and it is a wonderful combination of love and tolerance, even to many naughty children, and even that is not unimportant to sobakam.Koshkam do not like to sit on your lap, but they would be happy to sit side by side, curled up. They also do not like when they hug or kiss. These cats like to be petted, especially when scratched (what is important when choosing a cat).

Koshka.Okras Siberian Siberian cats have varied. Usually, this breed can be all colors except chocolate, lilac. Cats of this breed is affectionate, agile, easy to adapt to any conditions. Siberian capricious, and may not always be affectionate and playful. This breed is very easy to teach to the toilet and she is not afraid of water.
These animals are sleeping on your back with raised or folded forepaws that by ironed very unusual. Well-adapted to the climate and temperate mid-latitudes. Siberian cats are very proud to have self-esteem, they are affectionate and sensitive to the mood of the owner. They will never interfere with the landlord if he is not available, but will be able to comfort in difficult situations and help him if he is sick.

Scottish Fold Koshka.- mileyshee creation with a unique view of character, it is able to adapt quickly to new environments and people. This is a very loyal cat and usually they choose one member of the family, which was vdalneyshem will walk from room to room. These cats need attention, care and affection from hozyaina.Koshki these are not too active, but very obedient, no problems with the behavior.

Siamese - one more guardian temples.
These cats are crooked and independent. They are excellent hunters. Cats are different from Europe (more peaceful) cats. They have explosive hot temper, sometimes stubborn and dangerous to humans, but this is nothing more than prejudice. In fact, they love their masters and strongly attached to them, the only thing this breed can not tolerate, because it is enforced imprisonment. If in relation to the Siamese to be caring and affectionate, they will certainly repay you in kind.

Toyger (Just Tiger) Toyger - large, tightly folded muscular cat which can not be called sophisticated. Weight cat an average of 10 kg, 7 kg cat.
Do not pay attention to the color Toyger quite terrible - like a real tiger, but in miniature. By the nature of Toyger does not like a tiger - a copy of which its outer tried to make breeders. Toyger Cat - plush tiger. This cat friendly and a great docile nature. These cats love children and playing with them. Toyger - active cats they like to run. Males breed Toyger may well live in an apartment or a house - they do not require special conditions of detention. Conflicts with other pets you probably will not be, that is to have the cat kind, accommodating and peaceful character. Cats are not jealous and do not seek to occupy a leading position among all the pets.

Ural Reks.Vpervye of curly cats and cats found on the territory of the Urals settlements are mark-40s dating to the 30th years of the last century .. They love people, but not intrusive. Ural Rex nose straight and broad, not long. Cheeks are low, cheeks full. Muzzle small razmerov.Podushechki noticeable mustache. The chin is not acting, powerful, skruglennyy.nadeleny excellent health. The cat gives birth to an average of 2-4 kittens and well take care of kittens. Cats breed Ural Rex is a great appetite and they are not picky about food.



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