Why Muscovites need baby-boxes for animals

The initiative is set in the capital of baby-boxes for animals has generated a lot of applications, and often very contradictory.The problem of homeless Pets has always been one of the most pressing and debated. So when animal rights activists proposed to establish in the capital of the baby-boxes, through which owners will be able to anonymously convey a pet to the shelter, at various venues, a lively debate ensued. And, as often happens, a loud statement started to make ordinary people that never dealt seriously with this problem, and even some experts. For at least a little to stop the wave of baseless discontent and questionable arguments, consider these points in more detail.


The first thesis"the Money nowhere to go? Better PSAs that do not dispose of animals and surrender them to a shelter".

This argument is based on some kind of idealistic picture. Of course, we must strive to ensure that everyone was aware of the full responsibility for their Pets and their offspring. But wait, in the modern reality of a miracle is not necessary. Many tormented by conscience, and so they can't even themselves to carry the animal to the shelter. With pet boxes (from the English. pet — pet) this will happen anonymously. Why people are not condemning animals to disease, danger and death, you send them to a shelter where they have the opportunity to survive and find new owners, and will not be thrown out into the street.

Thesis № 2.Programme Manager International Fund for animal welfare Anna Filippova said in the "Regnum" that the installation in Moscow of the "baby boxes" for the animals to fill the shelters: "the Number of dogs and cats in shelters is enormous.

They are filled with. But the funding is not as we would like. There is no proper veterinary control. Between dogs still interbreed, and are born new. The volunteers beat the last effort, walk with them and so on. But it's all pure enthusiasm. Therefore, to Fund more shelters including dogs and cats — it will simply be completely wrong. On the contrary, need to pick up from shelters as many dogs and cats. I believe that it will not be right. People should be responsible and know when he gets his pet. It's still kind of a fad, and not the circumstance of a higher power. This is not what you are forced to take the dog. Even if forced, you can go and do the surgery for free even"

Of course, not everyone is aware of the legislation. Therefore, it is necessary to remind that under the law, an animal stranded on the street, and so should otlavlivatsya and go to a shelter, where he receives a range of services for vaccination, and chipping, sterilization. Just these measures are not always implemented, as the city, first, throw away Pets more than you have time to catch. And second of all, the animals multiply in the street. Necessarily also presence of veterinary control in shelters. But often it is not due to lack of funding, but because of the dishonesty of those responsible. This topic was just discussed at the round table in the Public chamber of the Russian Federation. Of course, it is necessary to increase funding for shelters, as well as the number of such establishments. Then with the help of this set of measures this problem, although very difficult, can be brought under control. Now unwanted animals from irresponsible owners just fall into the street, and often there are hurt, uncontrollably multiply and die.

Thesis No. 3"It will only trigger that could easily and painlessly get rid of the animals...".

Whatever it was, but it is much more ideal situation than to throw the animal into a dumpster in the package. This will, at least, if not emotionally, but physically painless for the animal. Moreover, compared to caught on the street and had lived there for some time, the animals that fall into the baby box, will be relatively healthy and clean. And this definitely increases their chances to find new owners and reduces their suffering.

Thesis No. 4."Animal rights activists propose to establish in Moscow the baby boxes, where evil people can leave unwanted animals instead of having to find them new owners through Facebook".

This argument was put forward by the Poster. The city in its public. Although they themselves have described in the post all the problems of the existing "tradition" of abandonment of animals. First, Facebook and indeed the Internet, is not at all. What can we say about the active use of social. networks to help animals. Secondly, anyone who tried to attach a homeless animal through SOC. network, faced with lots of difficulties. Thousands of the announcement, and even purebred animals, it becomes difficult to attach. Moreover, it is another fertile ground for scammers who post fake ads with premium numbers for calls. Including in recent times the credibility of the search and pristroystvo animals via the Internet is very reduced.

Thesis No. 5"Animals, it is the people of nature and they do not need to technocrati!".

This statement causes the most confusion. In fact it is in this whole issue is not about wild animals wandered into the city, and about home, ie those who for centuries have adapted to symbiosis with humans. Such animals are often just unable to survive without human help.

Cats, for example, die within a few days if not more or less secure shelter or those who will to feed them. In the winter the chances of survival drop even more. Because of such dangers as cars, hunters or bullies, illness, from which they are not vaccinated, other animals, and added more hypothermia. So before you criticize the initiative of animal rights activists with Peta-boxes, can be, still should not jump to conclusions and to look into the matter deeper.

After all, animals are just thrown out on the street, are reproducing out of control, doomed to the same fate even more individuals. Forget all the reason about the unsanitary and a danger to residents, which carry with them the street dogs. But the attacks on people now and then flashed in the news. I hope that these arguments will persuade at least some of the skeptics to useful and necessary initiatives are not nipped in the Bud only because of someone's dissatisfaction in the Network. published


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