Best Photos of Russia 2011 - People

"Best Photos of Russia" - an unprecedented scale photographic project, covering all regions of the country. The project can take part in any Russian citizen, enjoys photography as a recognized photographer, and amateur photographer.

The only condition - the photos must be taken in Russia in the period from September 2010 to October 2011. The objective of the project - reliably capture a year in the life of Russia's 365 most striking and unusual photos created by its residents. We offer you a selection of photos - the winners in the category "PeopleĀ».

THIRST. Vladimir Semenov / Tyumen.

In meters. Alexei Bolshakov / Moscow.

LOOK OLD MAN ... Andrew Krovlin / Slav.

Orphanage ... Andrew Krovlin / Slav.

ON THE day holiday reindeer herders. Sergey Anisimov / Salekhard.

Desperate Housewives. Alexander Roschin / St. Petersburg.

Josef Koudelka. Valera Markozov / Moscow.

COACH. Maxim Bukin / Moscow.

Close to the edge. Artem Zagidulin / Moscow.

Lelka. Olesya Kuchukbaeva / Perm.

THREE SISTERS. Valery Reshetnikov / Moscow.

Bodybuilding. Anton Muhametchin / Novosibirsk.

Lyubof. Xenia Maytama / Barrow.

Ā«First guy in the village." Oleg Kudachkin / Moscow.

YARD. Michael Ioanidi / Novorossiysk.

Description At Trinity-St. Peter Lovygin / Moscow.

The gray-haired MAE. Gagik Mkhitaryan / Kemerovo.

Gypsy happiness. Dmitry War / Maikop.

Malchish. Natalia Zhukova / Naro-Fominsk.

FEARLESS. Marat Dupri / Moscow.

Under the wing. Ramil Sitdikov / Moscow.

Portrait of a Girl. Vladimir Kovalchuk / Ufa.

SABRINA. Lizaveta Chetverikova / Sergiev Posad.

SECURITY. Konstantin Timofeev / Moscow.

ARINA. Julia Summer / Krasnodar.

LEADER. Andrew Yukhin / Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

WELL sit! Alexander Lysenko / Moscow.

Models. Andrew Sheremet'ev / St. Petersburg.

EVOLUTION. Olga Bobkov / Mytishchi.

BodyFitness. Oleg lifestyle / Barnaul.

GIRLS. Herman Shane / Moscow.

UNTITLED. Andrew Klemeshov / St. Petersburg.

RAIN. Constantine Klyushev / St. Petersburg.

FOREST BROTHERS. Alexander Savvina / Novocherkassk.

SHEPHERD. Michael Ioanidi / Novorossiysk.

FLIGHT. Paul Burchenko / Moscow.

Mother and son. Yuri Nesterenko / Penza.

VIEW. Anna Topoeva / Krasnoyarsk.

WAITING fellow soldiers. Alexander Zemlyanichenko / Moscow.

NO PLACE. Dmitry Ternovskiy / Moscow.

CONVERSATION WITH players. Alexey Zaytsev / Moscow.

LAST attachment. Olga Shiropaeva / Moscow.

One against all. George Shpikalov / Moscow.

FROM Photostories "QUEEN BENZOKLONKI." Eugene Schemilin / Norilsk.

ACCA! Gennady Victorov / Makhachkala.

Heaven with us. Alexander Bichaeva / Moscow.

MEN tenderness. Svetlana Remontova / Ivanteyevka.

Prevailed. Vladimir Prikhodko / Bryansk.



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